Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Like everyone else out there Insta stalking celebrities is our guilty pleasure too! Apart from their fashion choices and travel diaries, we have totally been crushing over some edgy and trendy eye makeup we spotted this week. From emerald green to popping purple, these starlets aren’t afraid to make a bold statement with their eye looks!
Read more to see which looks we loved and how you can get them!

Janhvi Kapoor’s emerald eyes

Janhvi was recently spotted at the launch of Louis Vuitton’s Ready to wear collection. Apart from her dramatic sleeved pale yellow blouse, we simply loved her bold green smokey eyes. She let her eyes do the talking and kept the rest of her makeup very simple and minimalistic. Filled in brows, well contoured cheeks and some nude lipstick!

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Sonakshi Sinha’s blue eyes

@AsliSona is one of our favourite celebs to check out every time we want some dramatic eye makeup inspiration. She never shy’s away from trying out new eye makeup to accentuate her beautiful almond eyes. She added a touch of color to her dramatic double wing liner with the lovely aqua blue eye shadow. Beach waves and bare lips complimented her eyes perfectly.
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Yami Gautam’s Bronze Glitter Lids

Yami Gautam stepped out sporting these bronze glitter lids that had us drooling at the first sight. Simple to do yet so high on glamour; these lids totally got us in the weekend mood. Certainly one of our favourite eye makeup looks from the week that was.


We are constantly imagining new and interesting ways to push you just a little out of your comfort zone, so you try out new trends and have fun with makeup! We bring you the fresh-est and the fun-est of eye makeup trends so you can switch up your look this holiday season.
Minimal effort, maximum effect... which one would you want to try?

Neon lights

Go all out dramatic with this bold look with a neon colour eyeshadow, extend it outwards to form a cat eye.

Blue goddess

Tightline your lower lash line with a striking blue liner for this gorgeous effect.

Purple haze

Pat Vaseline Jelly on your upper eye lid and then dab purple eyeshadow on top. The Vaseline will make the eyeshadow look glossy for this sublime look.

Pop of pink

Dab a little highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes to really open up your eyes and give you a wide-eyed look. You can experiment with coloured highlighters for interesting takes on this look.

Lady in red

Take a glittery red pencil (you could use a lip pencil as well!) and line you upper and lower lash lines for this glamorous look.
Image courtesy: Pinterest

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[Sponsored Review] Crystal Vivian, Dizoneye Grey, Geo Starmish

Lensvillage has sponsored me three pairs of lenses to review!

Life Span : 1 Year
Diameter : 16.5mm
BC : 8.6mm 
Water Content : 38-42%

I absolutely adore these lenses! They are so comfortable and natural looking! I am super happy with this pair!

This is the most comfortable pair out of the three by far! I can wear them all day and no irritation at all! I am so impressed!

I really like the design. It looks quite natural and make the eyes look very watery. I was actually hoping that these lenses will make my eye colour look as light as the promo pictures but I think that can only be achieved under bright lighting.

I like the enlargement effect! 

Life Span : 1 Year
Diameter : 14.5mm
BC : 8.6mm 
Origin: South Korea

The first time I wore these lenses they weren't very comfortable. My eyes felt dry and I had to constantly use eyedrops. The next couple times I wore these lenses, they weren't as bad.

I have been wanting to try these lenses for a long time because Leah Dizon makes them look really good! Unfortunately, they look very normal and natural on the eyes.

At 14.5mm, it is one of the smaller, natural sized lenses on the market

Life Span : 1 Year
Diameter : 15mm
BC : 8.7mm 
Manufacturer: Geo Medical

I don't know if it is because I received a faulty pair of lenses or what, but one of the lenses was so uncomfortable! I could only wear these lenses for around one hour to take these photos and when I took them off, one of my eyes was very uncomfortable and red! I found this very strange because I have had no problem with all the other Princess Mimi lenses and they are actually the brand I use the most! 

Natural looking brown lenses. A lighter brown version of the chocolate coloured version.

The enlargement effect is quite nice, a very good size for lenses

I hope you found this review useful! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Marinda Leigh's Giveaway from Japan

I'm hosting a big Giveaway from Japan on my collaboration blog - Marindaleigh.com

Everything here is a personal favourite. There are three sets of prizes and three winners to be picked for this giveaway! 

3rd prize - winner to be drawn on 12th June 2013

This prize includes a lot of snacks from Japan and also a cute box filled with cookies from the Maid Cafe in Akihabara!

Runner up prize - winner to be drawn on the 12th July 2013

This prize includes the following:

I'm really into natural looking false lashes lately and these lashes are incredibly natural looking, soft and easy to apply. 5 pairs will also last you a while!

I swear by Dolly Wink and Candy Doll products. You can't go wrong with this neutral brown colour palette. It's the best selling Dolly Wink eyeshadow palette! It's so popular that Tsubasa made two other variations - 02 Pink brown and 03 Smoky brown.

Cotton Pad Dispenser
I am in love with this dispenser! It's a cute addition to any bathroom and I think it's a must have for every girl!

Pure Smile mask - Chocolate
I fell in love with these Pure Smile masks during this Japan trip. They have a variety of flavours and I kinda went crazy and bought almost every single one! 

BVLGARI Jasmin Noir L'essence Eau de Parfum 1.5ml
Bvlgari's new sensual and uniquely intimate jasmine perfume. You can slip this little bottle into your wallet and carry it around with you, hassle free! Perfect for date night.

EMODA make up bag
And last but not least for the runner up prize is this is useful make up bag by EMODA for when you're travelling! There's a stand up mirror, slots for your brushes, a handy pouch for eyeliners and mascaras, and a big zip up pouch for powders and eyeshadows and really whatever else you want to put in there!

Grand prize - winner to be drawn on the 12th August 2013.

Within this prize includes:

This totally cool bag can fit so much in it. It's handy for day wear and easily transitions into an overnight stay bag if you need it to.

JILL STUART Floral Hand Cream
I am in love with the scent of this hand cream. I also bought the perfume which carries the same scent and it is divine, subtle and sweet! Did I mention that I'm a HUGE Jill Stuart fan? Their princess-like packaging is irresistible! I'll also be including a Jill Stuart day care essence sample!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Hands down one of the best eye lash curlers out there! Do a search on Google if you don't believe me!

Love Liner - Eyeliner and Mascara (black)
This is the most raved about eyeliner in all the Gyaru magazines. You can achieve amazingly sharp lines and it doesn't smudge easily!

These lashes are natural with a little kick. Great for parties. Diamond lashes are soft and easy to apply. 5 pairs will last you a while.

Hello Kitty Lip Treatment
Who doesn't love Hello Kitty? The flavour is juicy apple and it contains SPF10+. Personally, it was the cute packaging that I fell in love with!

Pure smile mask - Chocolate
This mask which was included in the runner up prize is also included in the grand prize. How exciting!

PINKY GIRLS Sweater with the latest Pinky Girls Catalogue
I love Pinky Girls! I went crazy the last time I went to Japan at Pinky Girls in Shibuya 109 and I did it again this time. Their cute feminine sweaters and coats are to die for! This coral cardigan is soft and smooth and looks great on for a casual day out or even to wear to work.

This giveaway is open internationally. Find out how to enter here.

    Winners will be drawn via the random number generator!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    Saturday, May 4, 2013

    [Sponsored Review] Royal Vision Bella Brown and MagicMagic False lashes

    Eye Candy kindly sponsored me a pair of lenses and a box of false lashes to review. This is a super belated review and I am so grateful for Eye Candy's kind patience!

    - 100% handmade
    - The softest, silkiest fibres that feel as natural as your own
    - Thin, flexible band
    - Lightweight, comfortable

    I am a huge fan of false lashes so I was really happy when Eye Candy sponsored me not only contact lenses but lashes as well. I love the cute packaging these lashes came in! There are 8 pairs in one box.

    They are very soft and delicate so please take care when putting these lashes on. I think they look very natural as you can see from the photos below:

    I think they look very natural and very comfortable! I really recommend them! The price is affordable, especially since Eye Candy offers free worldwide shipping!

    Life Span : 6 months
    Diameter : 14.5mm
    BC : 8.6mm 
    Water Content : 42%
    Manufacturer : Vassen OEM

    Every pair of lenses come with a free lenses case.

    What the lenses look like indoors

    And under natural light..

    This was the main pair of lenses I  have worn in the past couple of months. I worn them for the majority of my 2 week holiday in Japan. They are very comfortable and doesn't dry up even after  I have worn them for a whole day. I have also worn them to a smoky club in Japan with no problem!

    These lenses look very very natural! I especially like what they look like in natural lighting. You can't go wrong with natural lenses, they look nice with natural make up and at the same time they look great with heavy make up too!

    Great enlargement effect. These lenses make your eyes look really big!

    Overall I am really happy with these lenses and eyelashes! I hope you found this review useful! Please use the coupon code "YUKI109" for a free surprise gift with your order.