About Me

Currently following Mode fashion. Really into Emoda, Gyda and Murua at the moment!

Still love Tsubasa Masuwaka and all of her products - Dollywink, Candy doll, Bambi series etc etc..

The obsession started in July 2010 when I bought some Popteen magazine and Dollywink eyelashes in Hong Kong and I've been pretty much obsessed with Gyaru Fashion ever since!

I'm hoping to share with you all my loves and obsessions throughout my blogging and pass on this gyaru power to all the girls out there ^__^

Some simple facts about me!

Location: Perth, Australia
Loves..going on holiday! Fav Place = Japan, Tokyo, 2nd Fav = Hong Kong

My camera: Olympus Pen EPL-2

Fav Brands..

Luxury Brands: Chanel, Lady Dior, Balenciaga, YSL, Alexander McQueen

Clothes: Emoda, Gyda, Murua

Make up: Dolly Wink and Candy doll cosmetics and lashes!

Fashion and make up inspiration:

Ena Matsumoto - Producer of Emoda

Sayoko Ozaki - Happie Nuts Model

Tsubasa Masuwaka - Producer of Dolly Wink and Candy Doll

Fav mag: Blenda, Happie nuts, Jelly, ViVi

Thank you for reading my blog ^__^