Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sakura, Tokyo, 2013!

I've been wanting to visit Japan during cherry blossom season since 2003! And this year, my dream will finally be realised!

Yes, that's right! I will be visiting Tokyo for the first two weeks of April for the cherry blossom season! Soon I will be taking photos like below with my own camera!!

Here are some of the things on the agenda for this trip:

Host Club
Maid Cafe
Butler Cafe
Cat Cafe
Ghibli Museum
Odaiba - Rainbow Bridge
Hot Springs
Sky Tree
Tokyo Tower
Do my hair and nails and spa!
Shopping shopping and more shopping - Emoda, Murua, Gyda, Resexxy, Lip Service, F&V and moreee!! Yeh, I will be living in Shibuya109! hahaha
Party and clubbing :)

Hmm.. I think I can fit them all in two weeks.. ^__^ and yes yes I will be blogging about EVERYTHING! And hosting a HUGE giveaway when I return! Please give me some idea for giveaway prizes, I will be buying them all in Tokyo :)

Giveaway will be hosted on my new collaboration blog, as well as most of my posts about this trip >>> MARINDALEIGH.COM

So please follow marindaleigh.com! I will be posting a lot of updates on my Marinda Leigh Facebook and Instagram  during my trip so please follow and stay in tuned!

*skips off excitedly*


  1. I wish I can go back to Japan again! There's so much stuff I never got to do and see the last trip I went :(

    1. i know! it's like a crazy addiction! The more you go, the more u want to go back again!!

  2. i reeeaalllyy want to see sakura too....too bad i when i went to japan, it was autumn... T.T


    1. awww! yes, must must go back there for sakura!!

  3. Have lots of fun and a safe trip :) Looking forward to your pictures!


  4. awww LUCKYY!
    the soonest I can visit Japan is when I finish university, and that's like 3 years more :/

    but have a wonderful vacation there! :)

    1. I know!! that's why i have been waiting to go for 10 years and it's finally happening yayyy! ^__^

  5. Visiting Japan during cherry blosson season is also my dream! Especially since my birthday is on the 10th of April and i would love if one day i could go there on my birthday.. It would be an amazing birthday present ^-^
    Can wait to read your future posts!
    For the giveaway why don't you buy some Dolly Wink/Candy Doll products? They're so popular, i think everybody would love that :)

    1. Oh wow! you are the 3rd person i know with birthday on 10th of April! That would really be an amazing bday present!

      yes i will definitely be buying a lot of gyaru cosmetics and lashes for the giveaway! I think candy doll and dolly wink and easily accessible at sasa

      I might buy some harder to source japanese cosmetic goodies instead ^_^

  6. Oh wow that sounds so exiting.
    Cherry blossoms :33
    Hope you have a great holiday ^^

  7. OMG lucky! I wish I could go back! Odaiba, hot springs and Ghibli museum are a must! I LOVE THOSE PLACES SO MUCH xD

  8. I am SO envious! I have the same dream to visit Japan in the spring during cherry blossoms ! I hope you have a great trip, and post many many photos please ^_<

  9. Wow! So pretty! I love to go there sometime! <3 <3 <3 I want to go to a butler cafe too!

  10. aaaah Japan!! would love to go there one day! really enjoyed all your photos!

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  12. Ohh I am jalours, girl ♥ Sakura Season would be my favourite time to go!

  13. Hi!!I like very much your blog ^^
    Woooow! and u are very lucky! *___* it's beautiful!!!

  14. Cant wait to see all of your photos! Take the best ones you can~~がんばろう~!!


  15. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Really enjoyed this post <3