Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bad experience with EMODA!!

Hi all! It's such a shame that my first proper post of 2013 will be a negative post, but I feel like I must speak up about my horrible first (indirect) experience with Emoda!

My friend was visiting Tokyo at the beginning of Jan and picked up some Emoda stuff for me from the Shibuya109 store. It was during the 5 days Shibuya sale so it was utter pandemonium inside the store. He managed to grab the last sizes of two pairs of shoes and a coat for me. I'm so disappointed at Emoda at this point,  I don't even want to post pictures of the other Emoda items I got.

Below are some photos he sent me from Tokyo and I was sooo happy and excited!! My first Emoda items from the Shibua109 store!

A week later he came back and passed them to me and guess what I discovered?!?!

The black pumps I bought, one of the shoe was a size S and the other shoe was a size M! 

I was sooo mad! How can the SA make a mistake like that? It doesn't matter how busy they were!

I asked my friend in Tokyo to call the Emoda store for me. They were waiting for my call. They said I had to courier the shoes back with the receipt for an exchange! 

Well there was no way I'm going to pay for courier for the shoes to go back and forth! Luckily my best friend could fit the S size and she was happy to buy the shoes. So I asked my friend in Tokyo to go buy the other S and M pair from Emoda.

Now.. this is the the part that made me soo angry and disappointed at the Emoda service...

My friend tried to ask for a discount. The SA apparently gave a sincere apology but refused to give ANY discount! I had to pay FULL price for the second pair even though I'm buying another pair of shoes because of their mistake!!!

I even got the original pair for 10% off since it was bought during the Shibuya 109 sale! And these shoes are not cheap!! The price is 11,860yen (~135AUD)! I mean, the least they could've offered was a novelty item or something! And on top of that, I had to pay 4000yen (~50aud) to courier the shoes to Australia!

I tried to send a message via the Emoda website and I left the following message on Ena Matsumoto's blog and tried to send her a message too.

I basically told her my story and how disappointed I was at the Emoda service.

  • エナさんへ、
    販売員:02456 白樫 良太
    販売日: 13年1月二日 20:09:08

    And it was ignored!!!!
    I mean.. I really have nothing against the brand - the quality of the items were great and of course I love their style so so much. But I am thoroughly disappointed at the service! I've always loved shopping in Japan because the Japanese customer service is always impeccable! But this is just shocking!! Even the service in Australia isn't this bad! If they made such a big mistake like this, I am pretty sure I would be offered some kind of compensation! 
    I just don't think I can feel the same love for Emoda any more after this horrible experience. I was really looking forward to buying a LOT of Emoda when I visit Tokyo next month.. but now I'm starting to look into other Japanese brands such as Gyda, MURUA and Rienda. It's hard to respect a brand that cares that little about their customers. 
    I am in such a dilemma though, because I still love their clothes so much. My Japanese friends that heard this story were all so shocked and angry! They are all sworn off Emoda now =/


  1. I'd be angry too if I were you, it's a shame that they treat their customers like that..

  2. Oh my... I'd be angry too, so bad for Emoda -.-

  3. Wow That's horrible and at a price like that!!
    Do they expect you to wear a S and M ?
    That's ridiculous cannot believe they would be like that, especially EMODA!

    But think on the bright side, maybe now you can give one pair to someone for their birthday!!

  4.  hi i'm kousuke japanese.
    i'm a fan of your blog.
    i surprized at this your article.
    this is an improbable event in japan.
    emoda is too bad.
    i'm going to protest against emoda.

  5. So sorry to hear about your experience! But I also experienced what I like to call 'lazy' customer service IN STORE! During my last visit to Japan, the staff didn't really want to help find any sizes/colours and just paced around the shop... =[ I absolutely love the items from Emoda but it's so sad that the let down is customer service..

  6. That's terrible to hear! I've heard amazing things from EMODA but, like any stores, there is always the bad side of it. I think that's one downside of a "popular" brand is that the SAs aren't as willing to help as much because they know other customers will return to that brand. I just keep thinking of the comparison between a local store to a high end store, for example.

  7. Knowing how popular and famous EMODA is, I'm really shocked at how they treated you. Just because their brand is quite established does not mean that they have the rights to mistreat their customers! This is just plain ridiculous, not to mention it's a mistake from their side.

  8. Too bad about the shoes, I can undertand how you felt, it really gets me so mad that kind oof things too, Cmon stores! SOmeitmes it's even more important how the service is, than the brand itself

  9. That totally sucks about the shoes. I hate it when stores offer poor customer service and it's even worse when it doesn't even exist!

  10. Cool shoes! :)


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    Much love,
    "Loved this blog post <3