Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 7 - Ping An Investment

Following that, we had a conference talk with Ping An Investment Firm in a hotel hall. The representative turned up late due to a jam and he kept apologizing for being late. Frankly speaking, I think we were all rather thankful that he turned up late since it meant that we could have a few more minutes of rest since conquering the Great Wall.

From the speaker, we learned that Ping An Investment firm was a well-known investment firm in China which provided a wide variety of financial services. He even provided us with his email so that we could contact him should we have an queries regarding any of the financial services or products they provided.


The presentation lasted for an hour. This was another of the last minute arrangement since the previous company gave us a last min rejection. But I think the presentation was rather well prepared and the speaker seemed to be a rather experienced speaker. He was quite engaging which helped us to understand finance better since we did not major in finance.

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