Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 6 - Hyundai Motor Factory

After lunch, we went too the Hyundai Motor to understand the manufacturing process. In costing, Ms Lee GL would always show us video clips of the manufacturing process of cars. However, it was still very difficult to understand through the clips and this trip would definitely allow me to understand the processes better.

We started the tour by watching a mini video of Hyundai as one of the leading car manufacturers in China. The video clip was an introduction of Hyundai. but to me, it felt more like an advertisement. After which, we were each given a listening device before entering the factory.

the video clip

When we entered, I was surprised. It was so different from the other manufacturing plants that we had visited. Car parts were everywhere--above us, to our left and right. Unlike the diary production plants, a lot more manpower was required to manufacture each car. There were more processes, and each process require at least 4 people. There were workers inserting the doors to the car bodies, some were fixing the seats into positions. At the end of the manufacturing line, quality checks were done, cars were driven to test for safety. Compared to the Yakult Co or Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd, Hyundai manufacturing process appear more complex and more fast paced. Since the cars were transported on belts, the workers had to be accurate yet quick in their work. Definitely not an easy task.

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