Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 4 - PwC

We started the day by going to PwC (PriceWaterHouse Coopers), one of the big four accounting firms.
Entrance of PwC firm

The talk was very interesting but a little hard to understand since it was in Mandarin. It was not my strongest language so I was rather thankful for the English translation on the slides. The 2 speakers who introduced PwC to us where from the tax department. As tax consultants, they also went into detail about taxes in China. We were then able to compare the differences in taxes between China and Singapore.
Our speakers for the day
Introduction of PwC

Talking about taxes

Another speaker, Irene. a partner of PwC was introduced to us in the middle of the presentation. She was working in Singapore for many years before joining PwC. She had been with PwC for 14 years and is currently a partner of PwC. She answered all our questions and shared with us her experiences and views of PwC. She also made a comparison between China's corporate tax rates and Singapore tax rates.

Working with PwC

A token of appreciation

Picture of the speakers with Ms Karen
It was a good opportunity for us to learn more about the firm and their day-to-day operations. PwC was not just a mere accounting firm like what I had thought it to be, rather, it was more like a firm that provided numerous services ranging from accounting to IPO services. It was then that I started having the thought that maybe most, or even all big companies cater to more than one industry.
As an Accountancy student, I have benefited greatly from the trip to PwC. It provided a valuable insight to an accounting firm and also what to expect should I continue to work as accountant. The speakers also heightened our knowledge of accounting and tax. For me, it was more like a talk introducing us to the corporate world, to open our eyes to the accounting industry.

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