Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 3 - Tianjin to Beijing

It was finally time to head back to Beijing. We proceeded to the train station to board the bullet train. The train station's atmosphere was very much like an airport. There were people everywhere; on the chairs, on the floor. We had the privilege to board the train first and make ourselves comfortable. Unlike the bus ride to Tianjin, the journey back to Beijing only took about 30 min. It was so peaceful I managed to catch up on my sleep.
Waiting for our tickets
Train arriving
Everyone rushing up the train
Comfy seats

Upon arrival of Beijing, the tour guide brought us to the famous Wang Fu Jing street. It was similar to the Bu Xing Jie we went to in Tianjin, where vehicles where not allowed on the streets, yet, it was so different. The buildings were more modern, the streets bigger and the crowd larger. In some ways, it was nothing like the Bu Xing Jie we went in Tianjin. The streets along Wa Fu Jing where all straight, we just needed to keep walking forward.
Wang Fu Jing Street

Almost towards the end of the streets stood the famous bookshop. It was nothing like any bookshop I had seen. It was enormous! There were 5 levels, each for a different category. On the 4th level, they sold all the English books; Harry Porter, Twilight, etc. I spent almost an hour in the bookshop looking and reading through the books. I finally contemplated and bought a book on finance.

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