Sunday, September 9, 2012


There is always a purpose for everything. As for this trip, the objectives are to:
  1. Understand the working culture in China. By understanding the working culture, we could then compare with the working culture in Singapore. Furthermore, it would provide us with an opportunity to venture overseas to expand our businesses since we have a deeper understanding of the working culture.
  2. Have an idea of the financial sectors. Since finance firms usually operate in a standardized manner, it would allow us to better understand the financial sectors so that we would be more prepared for the corporate world and the financial sector. As we know, such firms are usually more confidential and uptight about their guests so it would really help us to gain some insights of the working environment.
  3. Increase our pool of knowledge from our current textbook knowledge. As a student, we are usually confined to only the textbook concepts which usually cause us to think within the box. Therefore, by witnessing the things that we have studied, we can put together the concepts and the reality to increase our thinking ability.

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