Saturday, September 8, 2012

About myself


I'm Tan KhorLi, 18 this year. I was born and raised in Singapore, the eldest of three. I grew up in a house where education was held in high regard. I developed an interest in books since young and nurtured this interest even until today. I studied in West View Primary School for 6 years and went on to Kranji Secondary School. I graduated 4 years later and am currently taking Accountancy in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.This would be 2.5 years in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

I grew up aiming to study forensic science and until today, that dream has not died down. However, that does not mean I am not interested in my current course of study. After studying accountancy for nearly 2.5 years, I have developed interest in finance, accounting and auditing. I guess, as I grow older, I would follow my mum's footsteps and be an accountant or auditor.

Unlike most ace students, I do not have much achievements. I used to be the typical Poly student, who just aimed to pass all my modules and move on. That was before I had an interest in Accountancy. Ever since I met a lecturer who made accounting easier for me to understand, I made up my mind to give my best. From that day, I have been working towards a spot in the university.

I also took up Japanese Language when I entered Polytechnic. I had always wanted to learn Japanese but never found a suitable time and course. I just finished the 3rd module which leaves me with 3 more to complete the whole program. At the end of the 6 modules, I would have a certificate since this is part of the Diploma Plus Program.

I was also offered another Diploma Plus Program to increase my pool of knowledge. I had to complete a course with additional mathematics, microeconomics and writing. I had completed the additional mathematics and will continue with microeconomics when school reopens.

Currently, I am actively involved in 2 CCAs; Hearing Impaired Club and BA Care. I am a member of the committee of BA Care and I specialize in the admin department. As for Hearing Impaired Club, I am a member and was part of the committee who organized the Closing Ceremony which just ended in August.

I am more of the shy type but will speak up after knowing people for a longer period of time. I believe that the 9 days trip will be a very short period of time for me to open up to everyone but I will try my best to get to know as many people as possible. On a whole, people would describe me as a kind and helpful person who will lend a helping hand when needed. My friends usually look for me when they are troubled even though they know I would not be able to provide a solution to all their problems. I am also rather reliable so they can depend on me, not just for projects. I will do my best in everything so that I will not become an additional burden to others.

I have been working part time in The Body Shop for 1.5 years as a sales advisor. This job helps me to learn more about the retail industry and increase my knowledge of the marketing industry. Previously, I was with Tiong Nam Logistics as an admin staff before I entered Poly. Since it was an office job, I had to quit that job as the working hours would clash with my studies. As I am working in the retail industry now, my working hours are more flexible and I would work whenever I do not have night lessons or CCAs.

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