Sunday, April 22, 2012

EOS New Adult Brown Sponsored Review

My review of the EOS New Adult Brown contact lenses 
Kindly sponsored by Lens Village

Diameter : 14.5 mm

Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year

You might have noticed that I'm an avid user of Tsubasa's Bambi Series lenses. They are my daily go-to lense. But I thought I would try out a slightly different style, I wanted to try something that doesn't scream out cute!

I chose these lenses because I'm really into the mode-kei style now! I am absolutely in love with Murua and Momoko Ogihara. I really wanted to recreate that look so I was excited to try out these lenses!

Below are two mode looks I created with these lenses!

Look 1: Murua - Sexy Mode

Eye Make up - very dark eyeshadow and thick top and bottom lashes.

I stacked two lashes from Decolog Who's Rich for the top lashes. The bottom lashes are Diamond Lash Natural eye from the purple tray.

The dark eye make up look makes these contact lenses stand out that extra bit more ^__- 

Kept my eyebrows light and lips nude to balance out the heavy eye make up!

Heavy contouring on nose and cheeks which turns out great in photos ^__^

I chose Candy Doll's carrot orange for my cheek colour, which I think works really well with this look!

Murua Tassel earrings X Murua 3 way shirt in White from Sakura Dreams

Look 2: Emoda - Elegant Mode

This is a similar look but I didn't contour as heavily as before.
The key difference here is the hair style which for this look is all about the soft curls. 

Even though the eye make up is almost the same as Look 1, for some reason the photos turned out looking cute... hahahah =__=

Murua necklace X Emoda Pearl Shirt in White from Sakura Dreams

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/5

These lenses were definitely not the most comfortable pair I've ever worn in my life.

 They didn't irritate my eyes or anything, but there were moments where they were a little bit dry or uncomfortable.
But generally, no issues on comfort!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/5
These lenses are definitely not natural looking lenses for everyday wear but they are perfect for achieving the sexy mode look!


❤ ❤ ❤/5

The enlargement effect is not pronounced with these lenses but I like it that way. Too much enlargement effect tends to make you look more cute, rather than the sexy mature look I was going for today ^__^

Overall I am very happy with these lenses, and highly recommend these lenses if you want to achieve the mode look! Love the colour pigmentation and how it lightens up your eye colour, especially if you originally have dark eye colour like mine!

Lens Village was also kind enough to sponsor me two pairs of lenses to give away so don't forget to join!

Hope you all found the review useful! What do you think of my new look? I'm in the process of changing my entire wardrobe and I can't wait to show you guys my new OOTDs =)


  1. Love the looks! Didnt know u could create such a look by layering already dramatic looking lashes~ you look hot!

    1. awww thanks babe ^__^ glad you liked the look~ yah was trying something new.. wanted to make my eyes look as dark as possible!!

  2. Love how they look like on you (^_^)

  3. oh my god I love the first look! so hot!

  4. You look so good!!! And I loved these lenses, they never disappoint me ^^

  5. oh gawsh I love the makeup! It's so sexy xD love these lenses on you!

    1. awww thank u! its a new look im going for... but the lenses help a LOT!

  6. woooow! you look so sexyyy! i promess!
    beautiful lenses! cutieeee

  7. I love the Emoda-Elegant Mode on you!! Much love!

  8. Ah, finally I found the name of these lenses.
    I really like the EOS series. But I love how the color looks in this, it's very radiant and bright!

  9. oh my those lenses look so pretty on you =) noture if they suit me as well cause I'm blonde but they seem to be quite nice. I've seen so many reviews lately I totally need lenses ;D
    nice blog :3

  10. These lenses look so pretty :D
    I think they look better on darker eyecolors, so they won't look good on my green eyes :(

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    I just found it!!!

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  12. Wahhh so cute on you!

  13. wowww you eyes look like their glowing!!! You look gorgeous!

  14. omg! *-* your eyes are soo big and soo amazing *-* you look so lovely -- really lovely blog


  15. You're cute! I like your eyes makeup!

  16. Your new look is really classy I think :)

  17. the lenses look so nice ^.^ I´ve been waiting for my first pair to arrive :)

    check out my small giveaway if you like ;)

  18. Wow, look gorgeous on you! I like both looks, especially the elegant look! Glad to hear you're happy with the comfort and design etc.

  19. i think the color looks really great on you doll, especially with your skin tone and hair color! i would love to try out a color like this as well, and even better if they are also comfortable!

    <3 rae

    stop by if you have a moment, dear!

  20. U are sooooo beautiful damn gorgeous (-*___*-)/
    and kawaii of course :3