Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yuki's closet sale #3

Sorry for all these sale posts >__< Please just take these posts as fashion posts or OOTD posts =D=D

Since my sales are going pretty well, I'm getting kinda addicted and want to sell more items from my closet! I have wayy too many clothes that I only worn once and will probably not wear anymore >__<

Please check out my closet sale page for the other items that are still available for sale!

In this batch I have two brand new items and an authentic Liz Lisa piece!

All purchases from my closet sale will receive a free gift! Please check out my closet sale page for more info on that! 

I'm sending these via Aus Post!

Selling worldwide!

Payment method: Australia Bank deposit, Paypal (+3% fee)

Email me at or leave a comment with your email address! Priority given to those who pay first!

Polka Dot Jumpsuit - 30aud
Point: Elastic at the waist, two front pockets, zip at the back, the front part is detachable *see photo*
Condition: BRAND NEW
Size: Australia Size 6/ Europe 34

Polka dot dress - 25aud
Point: Cute colours, bow at the waist, very flowy piece and perfect for Summer!
Condition: Brand New!
Size: Freesize

Cream Jumpsuit - 20aud
Point: Can be tightened at the waist, very comfortable!
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize

Pink Dress - 25aud
Point: Really cute pink colour, it's the dress I worn in my blog banner hehe! And that's the only time I worn this piece lol!
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize (Top part is elastic)

Authentic Liz Lisa Dress - SOLD

This piece is 100% genuine Liz Lisa, it's from Autumn 2011 collection. I bought this piece on my Feb 2011 HK trip. I'm still unsure about whether I want to let this piece go or not but I just feel I will probably not have many occasions to wear this piece to. 

I haven't decided the price I want to sell this for so I decided to do it by highest bidder wins method. I bought this piece for 100+ aud and only worn this once. Please email me at and let me know the highest price you are willing to pay for this dress. I will sell it to the buyer that offers the highest price.

Point: Cute sleeves, sexy low V neck, great quality
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize (Material stretches)

Finishing off this post with two camwhore shots of me wearing the Liz Lisa dress so you can look at how pretty the sleeves are? XP


  1. The Cream Jumpsuit es very beautiful, I love it!

  2. wow the last dress is so beautiful

  3. All dresses are beautiful! : D : D

  4. oh wow! that pink dress looks AMAZING on you!

  5. Cute cute cute!!
    I'm following you now:) I hope you can follow me back!