Friday, March 9, 2012

LL Floral Accordion

Liz Lisa Floral Accordion Dress

Colours available: White
Garment Length: 105-108cm

From the 2012 Spring Collection Love Pasterine!


  1. Do you have mensurations? =$

  2. it's pretty much free size but total garment length is 105-108 =)

  3. Do you know the bust and waist size? =X

  4. please email me at and I will answer all your questions there, it's easier =) Most liz lisa apparel items are freesize, so if your bust size is 90cm or less should be no problem

  5. If you are size 8 in Australia then should fit, they don't provide accurate bust or waist size >__< Lots of styles have elastic backs etc. So unless your bust is very big like D or double D then should have no problem with all liz lisa apparel =)