Friday, February 24, 2012

Yuki's closet sale #2!

So I'm officially back in Perth! And I've spent the whole day taking photos of my clothes that I'm letting go! Only worn them once, no more than twice! Most of them are floral pieces because I have wayyy too many >___< Kinda went through a crazy floral phase in the past year so I'm going to let go of a lot of these floral items!

I'll add all the unsold items to my closet sale page later! (See tabs beneath the blog banner)

If you buy more than one item then price may be negotiated!

I'm sending these via Aus Post!

Selling worldwide!

Payment method: Australia Bank deposit, Paypal (+3% fee)

Email me at or leave a comment with your email address! Priority given to those who pay first!

I didn't adjust the colours of these photos so the colours displayed are pretty much the same as what the items look like in real life!

Descriptions are above the images!

Floral Dress #1 - SOLD
Point: Cute bow at the front of the dress, removable!
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize (Material stretches)

Floral Dress #2 - SOLD
Point: Liz Lisa inspired dress, very pretty floral pattern!
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize, elastic at the back (Material stretches)

Floral Dress #3 - SOLD

Floral Dress #4 - SOLD

Bohemian Dress - SOLD

Floral Top #2 - SOLD
This was in my last sale post but here are some modelling shots ^__^
Point: Cute straps!
Condition: Worn once
Size: Freesize (Material stretches)

Brown layered chiffon skirt - SOLD
Point: Very vintage feel
Condition: Worn once or twice
Size: Freesize, elastic waist

White Skirt - SOLD
Point: Bohemian skirt
Condition: I don't really remember wearing this skirt, could be brand new haha!
Size: Freesize, elastic waist

Waisted floral skirt - SOLD
Point: Love the denim waist!
Condition: Brand New!
Size: Freesize

Grey fur top - SOLD

Pink top - SOLD

Brown Layered Skirt - SOLD

Liz Lisa Floral Top - SOLD


  1. Hi, I'm interested in the grey fur top!

  2. Ooops, forgot the email. mail me at and I'll pay right away!

  3. Yuki. I have to say I'm sad you're selling these. YOU LOOK SO CUTE IN EVERY SINGLE PIECE!!! Omg if I were smaller I would have to buy your whole closet @___@ Good luck selling everything! It shouldn't be too hard though, everything is super duper pretty and cute and cheap!! :O Guhhh wish I was smaller and skinnier, so jealous you look so lovely <333

    1. awww hahaha thanks katie!! But as u can see I have wayyy too many floral items =(=( That's only half of my floral stuff... so I really need to get rid of them since I cant take them to sg with me and I can wear them to work, I'm afraid by the time I return to Perth I would be too old to wear them... I mean 25-26 would be pretty old to still pull off these cutesy clothes right? >___< So yah gona try and get rid of them while I still can!! hehehe

  4. You're Kawaii !~ I love every single piece (-^.^-)/ I'm so tall .. and a lil bit chubby in my legs loool too bad (.u_u)p

    1. hehehe thank u =) aww im sure some stuff still will look good on u ^__^ Tallness cancel out the chubby legs ;-)

    2. aww yeah maybe you're right !~ thanks for being kind (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  5. lovely outfits & I like all :O :)

  6. Beautiful floral dresses are really cute! :)


  7. These are all adorable and you make it look even more tempting to buy because of your cuteness!

  8. Hmmmm i really want to buy something but i dont know how many aud is in $.. can you please email me how much the brown layered skirt cost in $? if you can do that , that would be really awesomee n___n

    thankyouu :D

  9. Hi, do you still have Floral Dress #3 & Bohemian Dress? and how much will shipping cost to Singapore?

    Thank you! :)