Friday, January 20, 2012

EOS King size in Sweet Blue Sponsored Review

I'll be reviewing the EOS Barbie King size in Sweet Blue sponsored by Lens Village!

EOS G202 CandyDoll / Barbie King / Sweet Blue
Power Available : 0.00 to -10.00  
Life Span : 1 Year
B.C : 8.6mm
Diameter : 14.5 mm
Origin: South Korea

Since Lens Village is based in Malaysia, I received my lenses super fast! They were really nice to send me the lens before my trip so I can wear it during my trip and therefore I got a lot of photos with these lenses and can have a more thorough review ^__^

The lenses came with cute frog case!

I have been interested in the EOS King size series for a long time but never got around to using any so I was really excited to try them! I've heard a lot of good things about the EOS brand!

I loved these lenses so much that I wore them during 90% of my trip!

I really love the deep blue colour

With natural make up~

What the lenses look like under direct day light!

I love how the lenses make the iris look kind of sparkly like a crystal ball. Does that make sense?

No photoshop done to the iris at all!

I love it how the blue turns out to look so natural on asian eyes!! Hehehe! And it turns into a natural looking deep blue/navy colour under low lighting ^__^

I think these lashes are perfect for achieving the cute/sweet gyaru look!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/5
They were so comfortable and doesn't dry your eyes at all! I worn them to clubbing TWICE in China. Both times the clubs was super smokey but my eyes didn't dry up at all or felt irritated! I was sooo pleased! I pretty much worn them on a consistent level for a month and didn't have any irritation problems with them!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/5
Perfect for dolly eyes! No wonder these lenses is one of the top rated contact lenses amongst the Popteen models especially Kumicky! I want to get this in brown as well now >__< 

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/5
 I really like the enlargement effect on these lenses! Although it says 14.5mm in the description but these lenses felt bigger, maybe 15mm? I thought the size is perfect! Not too big but not too small!

I rarely wear blue lenses because it might look funny on asians but these lenses look really good for asian eyes! Totally recommend these for girls that want to step out of box but scare to go too crazy with the colours!

I know it might sound like I'm being a bit over the top with praise on these lenses but I promise you it's all 100% genuine and not because this is a sponsored review! I worn these lenses for a whole month and therefore had a decent period to properly review these lenses!

I brought my new Dueba puffy 3 tone in green on my holiday and omg they were terrible!! It was only my second time wearing them and they were irritating my eyes so bad after a few hours that I had to take them off in the middle of the streets! Then when I examined my eyes, there was something on my eyeballs which I tried to scrape it off with a cotton bud but it didn't work. Luckily it came off eventually maybe the next day?

If those were the lenses I was suppose to review I would've been honest and wrote about how terribly uncomfortable they are!

Anyway, hope my review was useful ^__^ What do you guys think of the EOS King size in Sweet blue?


  1. I like them! Ive always been interested in these oo since they are also so popular with the gyaru models :p and they dont look too big on you either, I think you look good in them ^^


  2. You suit blue lenses Yuki! :) It's nice that they're comfortable!

  3. OmG! Your looks so cute!
    god Bless you!
    Nice lenses really beautiful!

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  4. @THT Christina Yepp totally recommend them! Def at least get a brown one if u not into the vivid colours =)

    @marion @Sakuranko Thanks ^__^

  5. Really love the lenses on you! <3

  6. Awwww, a post from you, that's nice!
    And they really look so nice! ♥
    Maybe I will participate the giveaway soon ^__^~
    I can't believe how bright blue they are looking, amazing! o:

  7. they look so animated but pretty <3

  8. Yuki you really look like a doll! ♥ really really pretty! ^^

  9. Awww thanks every1 for ur lovely comments ^___^

    Yes Nat! hope you join in d giveaway ^__^

  10. Looks like your eyes are sparkling~! So pretty~! ^o^

  11. I love these, their so opaque and a deep blue :)

  12. omg you are so adorable, those lens make you look like a really cute doll XD
    Come check out my blog and follow back if you like it :)

  13. You look soo adorable-dolly!
    Color and effect of the lenses are so sweety, I love it!
    Want blue circles>o<!!

  14. they look so enlarging! looooove~~ but i find that with their barbie lenses it dries my eyes out (i've tried the green ones) .. maybe it's the colour choice? T^T they look so good on you, even with minimal make up!

  15. Wow you're eyes are so blue!
    What I don't like about having dark brown eyes is that sometimes colors don't show up as light as I want them to be. But these look really good!
    King sized :o
    I couldn't pull that off, but you look like a doll <3

  16. Very Beautifullllllll <333333333333333

  17. They look very lovely on you. I've seen some blue that look awkward on people without natural light eyes, but those look amazing. They really make your eyes stand out.

    The little case is super adorable! That is one reason I can't wait to try lenses, the cute cases ^.^

  18. You're really cute <3

    I tried blue lenses from EOS (New Adult) but they were not really comfortable. My eyes felt very irritated after having wearing these lenses for 10 hours >.< I'm surprised that two products of the same brand can be so different !

    1. ooo wow really? But these are really comfy, even more comfy than the princess mimi lenses and easier to put on!