Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dolly Wink no. 10


Dolly Wink no. 10 Sweet Cat

Tsubasa wanted to graduate from the artificial or fake looking makeup style but she cannot let go of the kawaii (cute) style. So this new series of lashes was created to focus  on the ‘Otona-kawaii’ (Cute Adult) style.

♥  Lashes are handmade accurately and the lashes are interwoven together by hand.
♥  Koji lashes are made to be very durable. These lashes are durable enough to be used repeatedly for over a month.
♥  The lashes are made to blend in well with the natural lashes. One by one the tip of the hair have been shaved thin.
♥  Koji has been making beauty products from over 80 years so they understood and catered to Tsubasa’s ideas.

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