Sunday, December 11, 2011

Monaco - Cannes & Monte Carlo Part 2

Safely landed in Hong Kong few hours ago! I feel liked I need to at least finish part 2 before becoming inactive for like 4 weeks >__< Not going to write much because not really used to my mum's laptop and also it's almost 1am and I have to wake up early tomorrow to shop my ass off hehehehe

So here are the photos taken after lunch in Monte Carlo~

I think this is a church of some sort? Too lazy to search this up but it's suppose to be a tourist attraction haha

Look at all the yachts!

This is pretty much the same photo but we caught a yacht in action so I decide to put it up here haha

Used pinhole filter on my camera and I really love this photo because it looks like a painting!

Check out my sexy black Bentley! hehehe

We were on a mountain so the views from there was breathtaking from every angle!! Taken with the popart filter!

This was the hop on hop off tour bus we took to get around Monte Carlo

Then we headed back to the casinos to play some more!

Red Birkin in Togo >___< *Gasp*

Next day before leaving Cannes

Gorgeous window display!

Had breakfast at a bakery in Cannes

Fresh out of the oven!!!

My coffee eclaire mmmm

Day snaps of Cannes

Ok gotta sleep!!! G'nite!!!


  1. Nice post. May I ask what camera you are using? I'm thinking of getting a new camera and I really like your photos. Thank youuuuu =)

  2. super super beautiful! :O I really love this scenery, definitely a place to see in the future for me ^^ I hope you have a fun trip in HK! See you when you get back :D

  3. all the buildings look soo amazing, and the scenery is beautiful! you're so lucky :)

  4. Nice photoes! Just looking at them makes me wanna go there, you're so lucky^^

  5. Monte Carlo looks like such a beautiful city! I love your photos ^^

  6. gorgeous photos! looks like so much fun!

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  8. Really nice pictures- awesome! and you look very stylish!

  9. I admire you so much and I envy that you travel so much! I would love to visit monte carlo one day!


  10. wow Europe is so pretty I wish I could go there too :)

    Love, Amelia

  11. Wow so pretty~
    And the bakery :O every looked totally good!!
    I hope in the future I could take a trip like this~ :D

  12. the pictures are so beautiful. thank you for sharing .. hope i get to make it Cannes one day =)
    new follower, love all the recent dolly wink reviews x