Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shopping haul from Italia~ ❤

Ooops can't believe it's been a week already since I last blogged. Wow time goes by fast haha! I don't really have an excuse~ I've just been really lazy this week lol

Anyway here is my shopping haul from Italy~~

Dior travel make up and brush set and SKII facial cleanser is from the duty free shop at Singapore airport. Their SKII products are damn cheap!!! I forgot to take a close up photo of the SKII cleanser but it's not very exciting anyway haha

Souvenir from Roma~ 3D glass thingy of the St Peter's Basilica, Colosseum and Trevi foundation. It's really pretty and since I went to all three places in Rome I thought it was a great souvenir to buy =) Rome post coming up next!!

Souvenir from Venice! Famous venetian masks!! Purple one is for my bestie because her favourite colour is purple!! I'm glad I brought this back in one piece! There was sooo many gorgeous masks it was so hard to make my final decision!! Wore the masks on my Gondola rides and a lot of tourists took photos of me LOL

Was so scared the feathers will get squashed in the bags >.<

10 euros each =D Feel like going to a masquerade ball now to show off my pretty mask =P

Was so happy I found this! I wanted to buy a charm as a souvenir but didn't think I would find any! Venice is famous for their murano glass so I bought this gorgeous murano glass and a charm in the shape of Italy for my pandora bracelet. Only cost 35 euros altogether! My murano pandora charm I bought in Australia was 39aud and it's not even as pretty as this one!

Bought three more charms for my bracelet in Como from Amore & baci. Pandora don't make bling charms and these charms are sooo pretty and made my bracelet look really pretty!! They are made in Italy with Swarovski crystals. Apparently the Pandora charms are made in Thailand and now I realise they are super overpriced!!!

The big white one was around 70 euros and the small ones was 30-40 euros. So much cheaper and prettier than Pandora charms omg!

Taken with more lighting to see the bling

Adding my new charms to my Pandora bracelet

So pretty with the new bling charms~~❤❤

Loveeee my new charms!! Yay my bracelet is almost full and so pretty~Took this photo with the pop art filter and the colours really popped haha

Close up of my Dior makeup palette from the collection voyage

What I love about this travel set is that you can remove the palette and use the Dior case by itself as a wallet or whatever

It's soooo worth the price because it comes with two brushes, mascara, 6 eyeshadows, 4 lip colours and a high lighter, blush and powder!! How crazy is that??? I'm not going to reveal the price of this because I bought the same set for my good friend as a birthday present =P But damn it's sooo worth the price!!! 

Love Singapore duty free shops >.<

Dior brush travel set also from collection voyage

Love how there's that little flap of material so the makeup from the brushes don't dirty the mirror! Super thoughtful

The brushes are omggg soooo soft and good quality and the design is just sooo pretty! How can you resist?! Not the mention the price - 67SGD awesome right? ^__^

Comes with a foundation brush, blush/powder brush, eyeshadow brush and a lip brush which I guess can also be used as a eyeliner brush if you clean it properly

Loveeee the zip >.<

Promise will do a full review on these soon =D

Ok and finally my BEST purchase of the trip.....


My Lady Dior in medium lambskin with gold hardware!!!


Bought this baby in Milan~ I mean you HAVE to buy a branded bag when you visit Europe because you save soooo much money!! *ahem women logic lol*

I mean you get freakkin 12% tax back and that's huge!!! The more expensive the bag the more you save. *women logic again lol* 

It was so hard for me to decide what colour and what leather to buy (patent or lambskin)

I really liked the red and gray one too but too bad they don't come in gold hardware >.<

With flash~

Love the Dior charm! 

Without the long strap

Gorgeous zip~~

In a kind of crazy Dior phase lately! I recently also bought the Dior Ondine sunglasses in black which I will post about in another haul post

Here is a photo of ALL our shopping including my bf's mum's.

We bought a lot of Baccio chocolate because they don't sell them in Malaysia. Also bought a lot of Italian coffee (they are the best!) but forgot to include them in the photos. 

Bf is in Italy again atm with his dad for work again so going to get him to buy more coffee and chocolates back kekekeke

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'm leaving for Kuala Lumpur in 6 hours. Need to go to bed asap! Then going to Melaka and Johor Bahru again for work. So most probably not going to blog again for a while >___< Sorry about that!! 

So until next time 




  1. *O* Whoa! I love the masks! There so pretty! & I hope you have a great trip!

  2. Omg! Yukiiii~ *__* SO many beautiful things!! And so many branded things! Wasn't it sooo expensive?? The masks are so beautiful! ♥ Awww~ Now I will look at the pictures again, amazing!

  3. Wow so much chocolate!
    I really love the masks. They're beautiful!

  4. the masks are so nice, great find :D

  5. The doir bag is so elegant! Everything is so pretty!

  6. The masks are really pretty! And OMG your Dior bag is to die for! :O

  7. great haul! Seeing your charm bracelet makes me want to start one *o* it's so pretty and you get to customize it. Your dior bag is awesome, gold and beige are great colors

  8. Love the haul! <3 ahhh.. your pandora bracelet looks so awesome *___* Mine only has one turtle charm haha~

  9. Ooooh I just got back from Italy, too. I went to Venice and Rome. Twas my second time, but Venice is still as magical as I remembered it. Love your haul. I didn't do much shopping, tbh, just some little cheesy souvenirs hehe

  10. Fair warning to everyone who shops at SASA.COM

    Saw a blogpost about a customer from asia getting duped at her price... =_=

  11. Haha. DUH! Women logic is ALWAYS right!!

  12. Looks like you had sooo much fun! Sooo jealous take me with you! ♥

  13. oh myyy.. I love your haul from Italy!! especially the DIOR bag and makeup palette!!! :D and yay on the chocolates! ♥

  14. we have the same Gucci bag and I bought it from Florence near Piazza della Signoria!!

  15. Oh your bracelet is so lovely. I have kind of and I've just posted about it :)

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  17. Amazing purchases!!!! Especially the bag by Dior and the Italian masks)))))