Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rome in a day~Pic Heavy!!

Ooops I haven't blogged for more than a week! >.< I will make it up by this super long pic heavy post about Roma~

If you ever decide to visit Rome, one day is definitely not enough but if one day is all the time you can allocate to Rome then here is how you can make the most of your day!

We arrived in Rome super early at around 9am! Just outside the train station there are booths that sell tickets for those hop on hope off tour buses that goes around Rome. 

If you only have one day then you must see the following three famous places/landmarks in Rome

1. Vatican City - St Peter's Basilica
2. Trevi Fountain
3. Colosseum

And that's exactly what I did in that order as well!

Colosseum is closest to the train station and therefore we decided to visit it last so if we run out of time at least we can rush back to the train station without the fear of being late due to traffic.

Here are some snaps I took of Rome from the tour bus while we headed towards our first destination - Vatican city where the St Peter's Basilica is located 

Once again we were super lucky for the gorgeous weather and blue sky~~

On top of the tour bus!

Love this picture!

Mini colosseum (not the real thing)

And then we finally arrived at Vatican city which is on the other side of Rome

St Peter's Basilica is the biggest church in the world! It's a must see place if you ever visit Rome.

Look at the massive line!! But it moved really fast because there was no entrance fees to the Basilica!

Can't wait to enter the biggest church in the entire world!!

My bf and his god sister were also very excited because they didn't get to go inside the Basilica when they visited Rome before!

There's even a dress code to enter the Basilica!

Look at all the people at the St Peter's square!

Look at the intricate carvings on the ceiling, walls, everywhere!! Not going to caption much because I feel the photos just speak for themselves haha or it's just an excuse for my laziness =P

Even though there were a lot of people inside the basilica but we were super lucky because we managed to take a lot of photos where it looked like there wasn't many people inside the Basilica hahaha!

It was sooo worth it to go inside the Basilica and we even got a glimpse of Pope Benedict XVI.

Fountain at the St Peter's square

The water looks soo pretty in the photo!

Then we hopped back onto the tour bus and stopped off at the Trevi Fountain!!

Making a wish at the fountain ^__^ Hope it will come true =D

I thought the Trevi Fountain was a round fountain ike this, didn't realise it was a wall mounted fountain >.<

Not sure what building this it but this was one of my fav pics I took in Rome hahaha

Ok, last stop!! The Colosseum!

Colosseum super close up!!

Inside of the Colosseum makes me think of the epic Gladiator movie!

The underground of the Colosseum where animals or gladiators are kept in cages before the fight commences

Different view of the Colosseum

Really love this angle of the Colosseum because you can see the original walls which is super pretty!!

We still had some time so we decided to walk to the National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II which is the first king of Italy. 

On our way there we passed some people giving away free apples because I think there was some kind of food fair going on!!!

Look at my apple!!! It's the first time I've seen/eaten an apple so red and pretty!!! I thought they only exist in fairy tales (Snow White) or commercials lol!!

The building was already closed so we took some photos at the gate lol! Happily eating our free apples hehehe!

 And one last shot of the Colosseum before we left Rome!

I think we really made the most of our day in Rome! We were super efficient and even went inside the St Peter's Basilica and Colosseum!! I felt so lucky that we didn't spend too long waiting in line! I think Rome is definitely one of my favourite cities to visit!! I felt like the whole city was a HUGE theme park like Disneyland and then you just get off at certain landmarks that you want to visit etc.! XP~

Also I can't believe a lot of places don't ask for an entry fee (except the Colosseum of course)! This goes for everywhere else in Italy as well! So I think it's actually quite affordable to visit Rome/Italy not considering airplane fares and hotel costs lol

Hope you enjoyed my Rome post!!! Venice is next!!!


  1. amazing photos.. you really make me want to go on an OE. I love all the sights you visited.. truly a city of the past ^___^

  2. @Jen thanks ^__^ great city to visit!!

    @aMz88 glad you enjoyed the photos =D

  3. Ahhhh ~ !! Your pictures are all so beautiful!
    Look like you guys had a great time! I hope I can travel there some day ^___^

  4. I visited the three famous places you're talking about ! I stayed in Roma three days but it was also too short ^^' And I also thought the Trevi fountain was a round one lol !