Monday, October 3, 2011

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic eyeliner review + LOTD

Omg I can't believe it's October already! I was suppose to review this eyeliner before my giveaway ended because it was one of the prizes in my giveaway but never got around to doing so til now! So sorry about that!  This is one of my holy grail eyeliners and you can probably tell that by the fact that I have this eyeliner in 5 different colours >__<;; Crazy me =__=;;

My other favourite liquid eyeliner is of course the Dolly Wink black eyeliner but I haven't reviewed that yet.

I'm a huge fan of liquid eyeliners and I prefer them over pencil because they don't smudge as easily. I love to use them to line the bottom of my eyes because I don't get panda eyes from them!

I think this is the 3rd generation of the Majolica (I've been spelling it as majorlica this whole time =__=) Majorca liquid liners

I don't have photos of me wearing the liner on my eyes so hope the below picture makes up for that >__<;

I think the packaging is really unique and awesome!

When I first opened up the eyeliner I was like OMG It's broken!

But actually you are suppose to take off the pink clip, close the lid tight

And open the lid again! Tada~ There's the brush~ Remove the sticker so you can turn the back for the ink to come out

The first time you have to turn it a lot of times til you see ink starting to come out

And ta-da ready to use <3

The colours are all pretty dark
I thought the copper black would be more green but it's more black than green

The black pearl was actually bought by mistake thinking it was black =.=; So advice to all: be very careful when picking the colours! The code for black is BK999!

After rubbing at it more than 10 times
No smudging! No colour came off!

Running it under the water to test its waterproof ability!

Wow no colour washed off at all!

Patting dry with a towel
You can see a little bit of colour has came off, esp the white but no smudging! Definitely a good eyeliner to wear to the pool or beach

Rubbed at it again pretty hard this time and you can see my arm turned kinda red! More colour came off but its staying power is still pretty awesome after all that rubbing and water!

Now I removed the black line by rubbing at it gently with makeup remover

The good
  • Great staying power and doesn't smudge! I love to use this eyeliner to line the bottom of my eyes because it doesn't smudge and stays on for ages!! 
  • I love the soft brush applicator! It's so easy to apply fast precise strokes with the soft brush applicator! I always amaze my bestie when she watch me put on eyeliner with the perfect automatic eyeliner because I can do it so fast! My definite go to eyeliner when I'm applying makeup in a rush! 
  • The twist cap at the end allows you to control just the right amount of product you need for each application. Due to this function, this eyeliner won't dry out if you forgot to put the cap back on. This happened to my Dolly Wink eyeliner! I forgot to put the cap back on and then it totally dried out and I was so upset! With this eyeliner you won't have that problem because you can just twist the end and more ink comes out =D
The bad
  • Hard to draw very thin lines. If I want to apply very thin lines I go to my Dolly Wink eyeliner because it's really difficult to draw thin lines because the brush is soft and not firm like the Dolly Wink liner. 
  • Takes a long time to dry! I think this is the most frustrating thing about this eyeliner! It takes so long to dry and if you open your eyes too fast and it gets onto your eyelid then your perfect eyeshadow is ruined =___= So even though I like to use this eyeliner when I'm in a rush, at the same time because I'm in a rush I end up smudging it onto my lids because I didn't wait long enough for it to dry!! My tip is to use your fingers to touch the eyeliner to make sure it's fully dry before opening your eyes properly.

In conclusion...
Love this eyeliner! It's affordable! It's around RM40 at Watsons or 12-15AUD in HK and Taiwan. I think the cheapest (excluding Japan of course) I've seen this eyeliner is in Taiwan so I bought like 2-3 as stash and ended up buying the wrong colour fml -__- It last freakin ages but I think it's because I have like 7-8 different liquid liners so I never finish them... so bad =___=

If you are looking for a good smudge proof and waterproof eyeliner I definitely recommend this one! Majolica Majorca products are all pretty good quality! I've used their blush, eyeshadows, mascaras and makeup base. I think their products are better than other Japanese drugstore brands like Kate, Fasio, etc. And their packaging is really cute!

Ok here's a LOTD. Haven't done one in a while! I'm really into bright eyeshadow colours lately! This is a yellow pink eyeshadow look using the soft yellow from the Shu Uemura eyeshadow pallet  and the pink in the Dolly Wink 02 pallet.

Top Eyelash: Melliesh 02
Bottom Eyelash: Dolly Wink 08
Contact Lenses: Hyper Puffy in Pink (Cosme Eyes)
Eyeliner: Dolly Wink pencil eyeliner in Brown 02 & Perfect Automatic eyeliner in amber black
Lip Gloss: Jill Stuart Lip Jewel
Concealer: Shu Uemura Pro gel concealer in Medium Beige
Foundation: SKII cellumination essence-in foundation 420 Clear Beige
Blush: Jill Stuart Blush Blossom in 02 Sweet mum
Brows: Kate Eyebrow Colour LB-2
Nose Contour: Kate designing eyebrow
Face Contour: NARS Laguna Bronzer
Highlighter: Candy Doll High lighter Marshmallow Purple

Let me know in comments if there's any makeup you want me to review or you are curious about and I'll reply u in the comments section ^__^

Going to end this post with some camwhore photos incase you all forget about me while I'm away *excuse to post camwhore photos* =P

I dunno why there's this white haze on top of my head, maybe it's the angle of the lighting or something

You can really see the blush colour in this pic~ it's a very natural pink flush ^__^ I should use the Jill Stuart blush more!

I'm not taking my laptop on my trip but I'll try to make short blog posts from my phone because I just downloaded the new Blogger app so I'll be blogging from that. Til next time xx



  1. wow thanks for such an indepth review! :) looks great on you!

  2. You are so pretty, so I love your camwhore photos, ehehe! :D
    Nice review, thank you so much! :D

  3. heya what contacts do u wear? and do u know what size they are in mm? because they are usually 14mm but i want to know how many yours are

  4. Looks amazing <3 I love the colors it comes in. Just annoying that i takes a long time to dry. Got zero patience ><

  5. It really looks amazing O_O the staying power was awesome. I need a new liquid eyeliner soon..

  6. Wow, I've always seen the MM eyeliners in Watsons but never really tested them. I should take a closer look next time. XD Thanks for the review, and you look gorgeous as always! :)

  7. lovely review and i love the packaging of the liners, makes me wanna get them now~

  8. @Yuna Glad you found the review useful ^__^

    @Natalie Awww thanks babe u r so sweet! xx

    @Sam Ram The contacts I'm wearing in this post is the one I reviewed here

    Hyper Puffy in Pink by

    The diameter is 19mm super large but I think they still look quite natural so I like it =)

    @Marie May Hahaha Yeh I think it also depends how much ink you dispense when you turn the end cos if you dispense a lot then yeh takes ages to dry >.< So there's some tricks to using this eyeliner but overall it's a great eyeliner ^_^

    @Ceci Yepp great staying power at an affordable price! Definitely worth checking out =)

    @LauraLeia OoO yeh def go and play around with the testers next time you go to Watsons! Thanks babe xx

    @Lissy Super cool packaging~ Should try them out! ^__^

  9. cool, im thinking of getting this eyeliner now.
    you're so cute! ^___^

  10. You look so pretty! Omg, you've tempted me.. I want all the colours in this eyeliner range now! :O It looks awesome.. and that's a really smart concept.. I'd totally think it was broken too.. Love the LOTD! You look great ^^

  11. You're sooo cute Yuki! Wow I want to try them all!


  12. My friend also use the eye liner .she said good .love ur eyes brow . can u do the tutorial . which pencil eye brow u use?

  13. So pretty~!!! THat eyeliner looks good~!! and I love your lens!!! So cute! Which lens are they? Your hair is cute and your bangs and the color!! Wahhhh I love your everything~~ <33

  14. you look so cute <3 and thanks for the useful review :)

  15. Very cute make up ^^ I've always wanted to try those eyeliners too haha, thank you for the review!

  16. Hi Sweetie Beautiful Makeu!
    Cool products..
    Beautiful Blog!!

    Sakuranko Blog
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    God Bless you...

  17. @aMz88 I think pencil liner is better for white if you are using it to line your waterline

    @rose thanks babe ^__^

    @Jen aww thank you babe u r so sweet! xx

    @Emy You are so gorgeous too Emy I love ur blog!!

    @Wintergurl thanks babe! It's actually tattooed but I use bibo eye pencil and kate eyebrow mascara + kate designing eyebrow

    @Tifuani Awww thank you babe so sweet!! The contacts I'm wearing in this post is the one I reviewed here

Hyper Puffy in Pink by

    @Dunia aww thank you

    @Jelly Anna Yepp def try them out! You will love them!!

    @Sakuranko Aww thank babe! God bless u too! xx

  18. I've always wanted to get dollywink liquid eyeliner too xD~ btw u look so cute on the first pic, luv your smile :D

  19. Thanks for this eyeliner review !!! It seems really good, maybe I'll try it someday ! However, it is not always convenient when it has a so great staying power because it's such a pain to remove it at the end of the day >.< lol

    1. if you use a good makeup remover it's very easy to remove ^__^