Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leaning Tower of Pisa~

Before going to Pisa I came across this photo on the internet and I was like...

"Lolll they look hilarious! I'm going to Pisa to take photos of people making these poses!!"

The guy with the bent knee is hilarious lol

Will continue this story later on...

There's pretty much only one stop in Pisa and that's at the famous Leaning tower of Pisa! I'm surprised you didn't have to pay any entry fee because the whole area was gated off. You had to pay if you wanted to go into the tower though.

I think that's one of the great things about Italy. Most of the famous buildings, cathedrals etc was all free!! So there was no silly entrance prices unless you actually want to go up tall towers to get nice views. 

Ahh the gorgeous blue sky~

So the leaning tower is actually quite small!

 Forgot to bring my sunnies and couldn't even open my eyes because I was facing the sun =(

Although the tower was small but it looked sooo gorgeous and white! Why does all the architecture in Italy look like this? So pretty and new looking but it look so fake in a good way of course.

The Cathedral square

 Me getting my camera ready for some shooting!

Ok back to my story..

So I had that first picture in my head the whole time so I was like ok... must not conform and make stupid poses with the tower!!!

So took some very normal poses...

like this...

and this...

Ooo got a bit creative by not standing next to each other but still pretty normal posing..

Pwhahaha do you see that guy next to me! I actually didn't end up *intentionally* taking photos of people posing funny with the tower but I guess I got one by accident haha!

Then I was like ok.. I won't do the stupid hand pose but I'll just 'lean' on the 'leaning' tower 

And omgg it turned out pretty well! Cos the tower look so fake and you look like a giant and the effect was really cool!!! Then my bf's god sister was like omgg I wanna try some cool poses!


In the end... We/I caved in!! We couldn't resist the temptation!!

And we conformed!!!! >____<

Kicking the tower lol!

Headbutting the tower

Three people trying to push the tower straight again

This was my favourite lol!

Ahhh.. heck I mean how many times do you have the chance to go and see the leaning tower of Pisa and take cool photos like that? I mean I didn't realise the results was so cool!!! The tower looked so fake and we looked like awesome giants!!! Pwahahah and it was heaps of fun thinking up random poses >.<

The photos turned out so much better than the first couple of boring poses right? lol

And two more photos of the cathedral from the front entrance

The next day we went to Roma~~~but before I start that post I'll do a post on my shopping in Italy! Something different for those readers that are getting bored of my Italy travel posts lol 




  1. hahaha,,

    new pictures
    wow i hope i can be there soon

  2. Great pictures! Aahahaha yeah it's really funny when people do those poses, but who cares? You might only see the tower once, and it's not like you know anybody there lol.

  3. I love the pictures xD the poses are very nice! Whenever I get the chance to go I would take a crapload of funny pictures too so it's k~

  4. So beautiful...I want to visit one day! :(

  5. Beautiful pictures...
    I hope some day go to there...

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  6. Lol this is so funny! I love your pics!

  7. I would LOVE to visit Italy someday!!!! Your photos are so great, Yuki, I can look at them all day <3 You know, I never even thought about them charging to view these! It's great that they don't, but I think I would totally pay to go inside >.< ...This is gonna sound stupid, but I didn't know you could go inside LOL! I wonder what it looks like..... <3

    HEEHEE all the pictures are so cute and creative!! :D The head-butt picture is GENIUS! It really does look like you're pushing the tower O_O But jeeeeeez, do you look adorable just sitting in front of it too! <3 Ugh, the sky is STILL looking insanely gorgeous too... I wish it looked like that here! ;o;

    The cathedral is absolutely breathtaking. Did you get to go inside at all?? I want to go inside all the buildings!!!

    I can't wait to see your pictures in Roma!!! <333 OOOOOhhhh but I'm ever so curious what goodies you picked up as well!!! :DD -excited-

  8. Love all your travel posts <33 i love seeing all architecture .. its so beautiful T___T hahahah, conformist :P

  9. @Camilla hehe yep Italy is a great place to visit <3

    @Maria Rosa Hahah yeh its really funny when you see them from 3rd pov but then u realise how fun it is when u taking the photos urself hahaha!

    @Lemonberrylulu hehehe thanks~~ yepp super fun to take funny pics with the Leaning tower haha

    @Emy I'm sure u will have the chance since u live so much closer to europe!!

    @Sakuranko Thank u =) I'm sure u will go in the near future ;-)

    @Nana teehee thanks babe =)

    @Katie awwww really? hehehe Yeh it would be cool to go in the leaning tower but i m too lazy to wait cos i think they only let limited amount of ppls to go in at a time cos if too many go in maybe the tower well lean even more? hahaha

    Awww hahaha thank u >.< yeppp was all in the same day~ so gorgeous blue background hehehe! nope didn't go inside the cathedral but we went inside the Rome, Venice and Milan one so I think that's enough cathedrals in one trip hahaha!

    Yepp u will 100% love the rome and venice pics!! Except gona take me a while to pick nice ones to put up here cos i took 400 in rome and venice >____< aiyah ahha

    @Jen awww thanks~~ yeppp i conformed >.< =P

  10. wow its so beautiful there!
    never been to eurooe but i will definitely visit pisa when i come to italy! it looks gorgeous!

  11. beautiful pictures, i really want to go there!

    CMPang x