Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm back~~ 100th blog post!!

Wow can't believe this is my 100th blog post already!!! And to think at the beginning I was worried about having nothing to blog about! lol!

First off I'd like to thank all my readers for still leaving comments on my previous post even though I was inactive! So glad that you all liked my review and found it useful ^__^

And secondly I'd like to apologise for not blogging even though I said I will during my trip but seriously, internet in Europe is soooo shit!!! It's super painstakingly slow! I could barely send any texts via Whatsapp =___=

I will pretty much be blogging about my trip probably for the next months or so and I hope you guys won't be bored >___<  I will also be blogging about useful information for people that are planning to travel to Italy or Monaco so hope my readers will find them helpful ^__^

Anyway here is an overview of my Italy & Monaco trip! I'm too lazy to photoshop these so they are 100% original photos =P

Day 1 
Landed in Milan and went straight to the MADE Expo so only had a snap of the Milan Cathedral from my phone when we stopped over in Duomo for dinner after the Expo
My breath was taken away by its beauty!!

Spent half a day at the SAIE Expo in Bologna and the second half of the day walking around Bologna
This was my fav pic of the day! The florists in Italy are so pretty!! Ok well I've only seen this one but I'm assuming they all look like this lol! And the flowers matched my skirt! Or my skirt matched the flowers? o.0

Day 3
We went back to Milan for the MADE Expo again. Woke up super early =__=
Here is a pic from the expo! They are actually selling the tiles not the furniture lol! 

Yay! No more work! Holiday time~Rented a car with a chauffeur to drive us to Florence and Pisa from Bologna!

Florence~~The sky is sooo blue! <333 

View of Florence from the mountain~

 Yum Yum we ate so much gelato (Ice cream) on this trip hehehe!

Then we went to take silly photos with the leaning tower of Pisa! =P

Bby, me and his godsister went to Rome while bby's mummy and daddy spent the day in Verona. They went to Rome too many times and preferred to visit a city that they haven't been to yet. *We kept telling them off for being so damn lansi lol*

I loved Roma!! We went inside the Vatican City and got a glimpse of the pope IRL! Went inside the Colosseum and made a wish at the Trevi Fountain!

Venice~ Such a gorgeous city~ Had a really fun gondola ride where we took sooo many photos! Heheheh!

And I bought a genuine Venetian mask! So pretty ^__^

Day 7
Spent half the day travelling from Milan to Ventimiglia and then to Cannes, Monaco

Having lunch in Ventimiglia while waiting for the train to Cannes

 Checked in our gorgeous hotel in Cannes! Photo taken from the rooftop of the hotel~

Gorgeous night view in Cannes

Day 8

Monte Carlo~~

Looks fake right? Used the popart filter on my camera!

Proof that it is not fake!! Moi in the photo! =P

Day 9

Took a long time to get back from Monaco to Milan! Arrived in Milan at 3pm and rushed to Duomo for shopping!!

Got told off by the LV security guard next door right after taking this photo =.=;;

Outside Milan Galleria, night view!! I swear photos are best when taken at this time!

My medium beige lambskin Lady Dior in Gold Hardware~~ <3333 Sorry the picture is really yellow! Since I didn't photoshop I couldn't adjust the colour =(

Day 10
We went to Como~ Quiet little town on the border of Italy and Switzerland
The weather was really cold that day! Especially after spending around 2 hours on a boat!

Day 11 and 12 was spent on the plane and we arrived safely in Penang at 9.10am on day 12!

We took 3000++ photos with 3 cameras combined not counting photos taken from the phones. So I will be doing a LOT of posts with a LOT of photos so hope you wont be bored >__< If not you can come back to this blog in 4 weeks time =P

I was super lucky during this trip because it was beautiful weather everyday!! No rain! Except it got a bit cold on the last day. Also the hotels we stayed at were really easy to find and short walks from the train station! The Bologna hotel was right across from the train station! So no lugging around heavy suitcases! Yay ^__^

I was really stupid and forgot to pack the spare camera battery and so for some of those days I took photos til my camera was out of battery >___<;;;

Anyway hope you all look forward to more detailed posts on my Italy + Monaco trip! Gotta sleep now! Got work tomorrow >___<;; xoxo


  1. welcome back! ☆ミ(o*・ω・) what lovely pictures and stunning places!! I ♡ Milan and Venice! Such beautiful and historical places.. unfortunately I've never been to Florence and Pisa.. T.T I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your trip in Europe!

  2. I'm from Spain so I am really proud you loved Italy and our Latin Mediterranean culture! :D You guess what I loved? Your Lady Dior! <33333 gooshhhhhhh!!!! I need that right away! What a pitty it costs half my salary! jajajaja


  3. Omg beautiful pics!! What a wonderful place to travel to ^^ Shopping is a must! hehe~ Love the landscape pics~ Monte Carlo looks amazing!

    xoxo tifuani

  4. what a beautiful pics!! super gorgeous places :)

    i follow you ^__^

    you can follow me @

  5. The scenery looks amazing! I would love to travel to see for myself one day ^^
    Looking forward to your more detailed posts~

  6. @nekochan aww thanks babe ^__^ glad you liked the photos! Many more to come!! =D Milan is ok but I loved Venice and Rome! Hope you will enjoy the rest of the europe posts~

    @Frankie hehEhEH dw there's HEAPS more! We did a lot of silly photos with the leaning tower lol

    @Mosquito Head Madchen Aww thats great =) Yep I loved your culture!! Blew me away! Aww glad you loved my lady door! It was so hard to make the final choice because so many different colours and sizes and finishings >.<

    @tifuani glad you loved the photos!! Monte Carlo was beautiful! So was Cannes!

    @Cris Thanks for the follow <333

    @Juri Yep definitely recommend Italy and Monaco~ Beautiful places ^__^ Hope u will enjoy the rest of my Europe posts ^__^

  7. beautiful photos!! <3 i would love to go there one day! hehehehe

    and and you look and dress so gorgeously everyday!! hehehehhe you must have packed a lot of clothes there!

    and i always bring a spare camera battery around.. whenever i go... but stupidly, i hardly charge my spare battery >.< wahahahah

  8. You're by far my favourite blogger. All your posts are really informative and useful. Keep it up =)


  9. @Kelly Aww thanks so much babe ^__^ Actually my luggage was pretty light around 12kg cos my clothes were all pretty light so I could pack a lot!! That's why I prefer to go holiday in warm weather and not in winter >.<

    I always bring spare battery with me as well but I stupidly forgot for this trip so I was kicking myself every time my battery started flashing!! grrr

    @Vanilla awww omg you are the first person that's said that to me!! Give me so much motivation to keep blogging!! Thank u soo much xoxox!!

  10. interesting pictures (: this is a place i always want to visit!!
    great post ~!!!

    CMPang x

  11. I. Can't. Get. Over. How. Pretty. Florence. Is.

    Oh my gosh. ; _ ; <33 (So is Monte Carlo, really...)

    Also, I love your outfit on Day 5.

    Lovely post: can't wait to read more about your travels!

  12. Gorgeous photos!! Your outfits look great & the pictures & views look spectacular~ Can't wait for more posts on your trip!! Congrats on your 100ht post too <33

  13. @Mai Thanks Mai~ Italy is a great place for travels!

    @Noxin hehehe they are all really gorgeous!! I esp loved Rome, Venice and Monte Carlo! =)

    @Jen Aww thanks babe ^__^ Hope you will enjoy the rest of the posts <3