Thursday, October 20, 2011

Half a day in Bologna

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Anyway my trip to Italy wasn't all just travel and fun. The main purpose was to attend the MADE Expo in Milan and the SAIE Expo in Bologna for work. I'm not going to bore you with all the details but basically we spent the first 3 days purely just for work. Except day 2 where we finished early and spent the second half of the day exploring Bologna.

I'm amazed at all the historical buildings I came across while walking around Bologna. I just wanted to take a photo of everything!!

ALL the apartments around Italy look like this!! 

Cute Italian mopeds~ 

Even their telephone booths is so pretty and cute! Too bad they are next to a massive dumpster =.=

Then we stopped off for ice cream!! MmmMmm Italy is famous for their ice cream, pizza and spaghetti! We esp loved their ice cream!!

Ice cream cakes!!

Look at their selection!!! I didnt know which two to pick! All the ice cream names and descriptions was in Italian =__= So I just blindly picked two but hey, I reckon they all would've tasted delicious anyway!

Not a fan of sorbet ice cream though

Look how soft it is!! 

Gelateria Gianni~ Incase you ever decide to go to Bologna ^__^

I thought this looked really pretty, a wall/mini foundation we walked past

Really liked the art on the ceilings so decided to take a photo =)

Walked past all the branded shops~

The gorgeous fuschia miu miu pumps on display was to die for!! 

Seafood stand! Very strong fishy smell but I guess they must've been very fresh!

Omg I've never seen a florist this pretty!! This was definitely my fav picture of the day!

I can't get over how gorgeous the roses looked!! Esp the colours~ baby pink and fuchsia omgg!! Loveee!

Fruit stand


The Two Towers~ Both leaning, the one closer to the camera leans more than the tall skinny one

They are the landmark of Bologna and the symbols of the city!

Interesting art on the wall

These are actually fake flowers but I found them really pretty as well!

Very unique and pretty window displays

I really liked Bologna. It was a cute little town with a lot of historical buildings but I guess most of Italy is like this. They like to preserve all their historical buildings and sites which is one of the things I loved about Italy. 

In my next post I'm going to be posting photos only of snapshots around Bologna, mainly of the gorgeous historical buildings ^__^




  1. The scenery is so beautiful <3 i love how the buildings look.
    Sooo much ice-cream *O* I looove ice-cram and italian is srsly some of the best ones ..

  2. Beautiful pictures and so yummy ice cream! *__* And cakes, awww~ ♥
    And cute photos of you! :D

  3. The roses are beautiful! :) Wish I could travel around the world like you too.

  4. beautiful pictures! The ice cream looks soooo delicious! And yu look too cute =)

  5. So beautiful. Sorbet is actually my favourite kind of sweet treat.

  6. sooo beautiful!! <3
    i wanna go there and relax! hehehehe..

  7. @Marie May hehe me too~ yeah i reckon Italy has the best ice cream as well!!

    @Natalie Aww thanks babe <33 and thanks for the follow on twitter ^__^

    @LauraLeia U will def have the chance to travel in the future~ airtickets getting cheaper and cheaper =D

    @Nekochan Awww thank u babe <33

    @Katherine Tealeaf Ooo hehe I like creamy ice cream esp the hazelnut ones ^__^

    @Kelly_konomi Bologna was really nice and peaceful~ great for relaxing but Cannes is even nicer for relaxing ^__^

  8. Gorgeous pictures! So jealous that you got to go there :D

  9. The shops, the food, the scenery.. >__<!!

  10. All your photos are so beautiful!! LOve the scenery >w< and the food omg!! But your outfit is best~~~ so cute!

    xoxo tifuani

  11. Beautiful pictures sweetie!!
    Looks great!!
    God Bless you~~

    Sakuranko Blog
    Fan Page Facebook


  12. Everything looks so beautiful!! <3 travelling to Milan FOR WORK sounds great!! :O So many ice cream flavours to choose from O_____O;; yummy!!!

    Just wanted to ask if you use a DSLR? If so, which one do you use & what would you recommend?? I'm going to be getting one for a present and I can't decide what to get so I thought I'd ask a professional ^^ I'm a bit of a noob, but i really want my blog photos to be of much better quality like yours! :)

  13. @Ling Thanks ^__^

    @Juri Rome and Venice are even more gorgeous!

    @tifuani Awww thanks dear =D

    @Sakuranko Thanks =D

    @Jen I'm using the olympus pen epl2 I think it's a semi-DSLR. Actually I know nothing about photography I just point and shoot! Which is what's great bat semi-DSLR bcos u can still take gorgeous photos without being a pro! So do your research on semi-DSLRs and see which one best suit u

    I did a LOT of research when I was deciding my camera but actuali even my epl2 is quite bulky and heavy so I don't really take it around with me much boos it really weighs down my bag

    I think olympus just came out with a epl3 lite or something which is a smaller compact cam that still take gorgeous photos

    But if u want a cam that's good for camwhoring then flip out screens are the best! I think canon got some nice cams with flip out screens!! Good luck on finding the perfect camera <33

  14. Thank you so much for all the info!! <3
    I don't think any of the olympus pen series have been released in NZ, Didn't see any in any of the stores my sister and I visited :'(

    I'm getting a DSL-user friend to help me pick one out & it's between Canon (for the software) or Nikon (for the lenses).

    Thanks for the great help! I'll do heaps of research & update you when I've found the right camera :D Thanks babe!!

  15. OOo but u can still order them off ebay for a really good price though of course it's best to play around and see the camera in person to make a decision

    Nikon is the market leader but a lot of ppls choose Canon over Nikon because of price difference!

    Can't wait to see what u choose and what gorgeous photos u will take with ur new bby ^_^ <33