Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gorgeous day in Florence

Yay! First day of no work and all play officially begins! We hired a personal driver to drive us from Bologna to Florence and then Pisa! The scenery from Bologna to Florence was breathtaking! We were driving through lushes green mountains. I tried taking photos but just ended up taking a bunch of blurry green pictures =.= 

There were soo many tourists that day in Florence! We were dropped off at the Piazza del Duomo.

This was one of my favourite pictures taken of Florence! The octagonal building is the Baptistery of St John. 

 The buildings are magnificent! I felt as if I walked right into the game Assassin! The buildings were so beautiful they looked fake! It's hard to believe buildings this gorgeous are actually right in front of you! I got used to this later on as I realise pretty much all historical buildings in Italy look this magnificent. Esp the ones in Rome omggg

  It was great for picture taking because you have superb backdrop everywhere!! For example... 

And another example. Ok the background is not that great but hey a horse drawn carriage! =P

At the souvenir stand

Giotto's bell tower

The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore - 4th largest church in Europe!

Close up of the entrance
I can't believe how much detail is put into these buildings! I've never seen anything like this before! 

Look at the miniture sculptures on the wall! omfgg

Side of the the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

Such pretty paintings!! Very talented man!

Another one of my favourite pictures taken of Florence! Look how blue the sky is!! I felt soo lucky during this trip because I had weather like this everyday!!

They were selling a lot of these aprons in Florence and Pisa which was super interesting lol!

Taking silly photos with my bf's mummy and his god sister~ still outside the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. On a different side now

How HUGE and pretty is the door?

Yay! Ice cream time!!!


Happily eating our yummy ice cream in Florence <3

After walking all the way around the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore we went in search for the Ponte Vecchio, the old bridge over the Arno river.

Walked past the Piazza della Repubblica

Another talented painter, you see a lot of these street painters in Italy.

And omg another super talented artist drawing with chalk on the ground! Amazing!

A mini market in the Loggia dei Lanzi 

Close up of the sculpture on the wall of the Loggia dei Lanzi

Such a pretty building!! Retail shops on level one and probably apartments in the upper levels.

Then a mini parade went by! 

The coat of arms of Florence on the drums

Medieval outfits in bright colours~

The town hall of Florence - Palazzo Vecchio (The old palace)

A lot of these sculptures surrounded the Palazzo Vecchio

This was actually a real person not a sculpture!

And then we found the Ponte Vecchio

Before leaving for Pisa the driver drover us to a mountain top to view the entire city of Florence
How pretty is the sky?

You can see the Palazzo Vecchio and the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore with the dome roof!

I did a LOT of search on Wikipedia for the names of those buildings. I had no idea what they were when I was in Florence. It was more like OoOO pretty buildings!! *snap snap snap* OooO nice bridge! *snap snap* lol! Hope you enjoyed the Florence post! Next stop~ the leaning tower of Pisa!


  1. Thank You for your nice comment on my blog :)
    Firenze is AMAZING!!! Too bad I've never been there... I should definitely go!!! the ice cream and everything looks so, so delicious and you are just too cute~ as always! I like your sense of fashion!

  2. oh, and I would love to have you as a follower :)

  3. Florence is beautiful! Its architecture is one of the most amazing of all the world, love it n_n!

    Bunny kisses (' x ')<3

  4. the pictures are amazing and pretty (:
    the dessert looks tasty!!

    CMPang x

  5. WOW such amazing pictures it looks like a lot of fun!♥

  6. Those buildings are so old and fantastic! You look so cute and your boyfriend's mum looks really cute too (like all mums).

    That gelato looks ridiculously good. I want some!

  7. @nekochan aww you're welcome ^__^ Thank you~~ Yep Firenze is gorgeous =)

    @Mel Yepp the architecture is amazing!! ^__^

    @Mai Thank u~~ Yepp love Italian ice cream <33

    @Emy thanks sweetie~ It was heaps of fun =)

    @Fashimi Awww thanks! Hehehe! Yepp must try Italian ice cream! They r the best! <3

  8. The sights and scenery look beautiful! I hope I'll have the chance to visit Italy one day :) I'm glad to see you had a great trip!

  9. Omg, am I FINALLY commenting?! -hides in corner of shame-

    The pictures are so overwhelming, I can't even begin to imagine what it must have felt like seeing these buildings in person! I bet it was so much fun to experience it with lots of other tourists too :D I wonder how natives feel, do they feel lucky to live in such beautiful surroundings, or "I see that everyday from my window" LOL

    YES!! Assassin's Creed! I never even thought like that, so cool! Makes me want to jump in the photo and run all along the buildings heehee :)

    PSHHH whether the backdrop is nice or not, you're the star of the photo with your gorgeous face and charismatic poses <3

    I can't believe these are all sculpted... and that they're standing so beautiful to this day. And that SKY.... oh how I wish I can experience such a beautiful deep blue sky. It really makes the photo stand out so much, like in a promotional picture for a high-end camera, it looks so pro! :D

    OMG the apron!! XDD I wonder how many people actually buy those lol!

    Eeeek such a cute playful family!! It's so great you could go all these places with them :DD And OMG the door is HUGE!!! O_O

    Uwaaaaaaah the ice cream is killingggg me right now!! ;O; It looks SO yummy, I want some!! >w<

    I really want to see some of these painters in action. I'm sure it's so different than just watching them n tv (well, duh lol) OMGGGGG STREET ARTISTS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!! I can't even believe the amount of talent these people have, words just can't describe. Definitely my favorite part of this post, thanks so much for sharing Yuki! >wwww< -hugsssss-

    Oh my gosh, if those really are apartments.... <333 SOOO lucky! I mean, look at the building, look at the surroundings, the PARADE outside your window! -faints-

    OMG it's a real person?!?! That's crazy..... I never even would have guessed! Is it obvious in person though??

    Such incredible views.... people who live there and get to experience those views each day are SO lucky. When I walk down the street now, it looks so dumpy in comparison XD

    Gee, I'm really really sorry for not commenting sooner! I promise I remembered and wanted to, but I wanted to write my big loong comments and not just a quick small one >_<;; I'll try to write more timely next time!!

    <3 u Yuki!!! :'33

  10. @Rinny totally recommend you to go visit Italy~~ it's a great place for tourists and they don't even charge entrance fee for a lot of famous tourists spots!!

    @katie omega such a long comment!! love u so much! thanks for taking the time for commenting on all my pictures shah love u so much for that!!!

    I dunno I feel like is there even ppls living in these cities because I felt like 90% of the ppls walkin and was tourists!! Esp in Rome and Venice! It's crazy!! Yayy u play assassins creed? the graphics in there are just spot on and so realistic!!

    Awww u r so sweet >.< thanks babe but yeh havin a nice backdrop also very important haha! Yehh I know the sky is sooo blue i love it!! Hhehe yeh was really fun mucking around with them taking silly photos haha!

    Yep italian ice cream ftw XP

    ooOO glad you liked the street painters, wish I had better close up photos of their art tho

    Hahaha yep real person but with all the sculptures behind him it makes him look even more like a statue!! so cool!

    It's ok babe thank u soo much for ur long comments!! I loveeee reading them! I can read them just over and over and over again >.< heheh *hugsss* love u too xoxo

  11. OMG, the photos of the ice creams !!!! :P