Monday, September 5, 2011

[Review] Majorlica Majorca Puff de Cheek in OR302

I'm going to review Majorlica Majorca's Puff de Cheek today! It's the first Majorlica item I've reviewed so far but I actually have quite a lot of majorlica products and I love them all! So I will slowly get around to reviewing them eventually :thumb: 

Majorlica's Puff de Cheek from the Sugary trap collection was released at the beginning of this year
These blushes are inspired by the french macaroons and the cute tins are shaped like macaroons!

It's available in 4 shades but I think the Vanilla Macaroon was not released in Malaysia/Singapore because I didn't see that one in stores

The Peach and Strawberry colours are really cute too but I already have a lot of blushes similar to those colours like my Candy Dolls so I ended up getting the Apricot Macaroon (OR302).

I'm really into peachy/orange blushes lately so I had to get my hands on the Apricot Macaroon! I love the packaging! I think it's so cute! And it's the first blush I've came across that comes with a puff!

This blush retails for RM44 at Watson (around 15aud)

There's seriously nothing bad I can say about this blush so I'm just going to list out all the things I love :up: :up:  about this blush!

  • Really pigmented! I like to use the puff to place the colour on the apple of my cheeks and then blend it out with a blush brush! The puff places just the right amount of blush on your cheeks just by pressing it once to twice on your cheeks!
  • Adorable packaging! As you all know by now, packaging is a huge thing for me! And I love the packaging of this blush! I think it's super unique and the puff is so cute!!
  • I really like the colour of the Apricot macaroon. I'm really into orange toned blushes lately but I find Candy Doll in Carrot Orange is a bit too orange for certain looks so I like to mix it with the strawberry pink to create a more peachy look. Now that I have this blush I don't need to mix it with anything to create that peachy/apricot tone that I love!
I find it's really difficult to review blushes because they don't really show up much in photos and you have to pack on a lot for it to show but luckily this blush is so pigmented it was really easy to pack on the colours for it to show up in pictures so this time I don't need to photoshop any colours onto my cheeks like I did when I reviewed the cosmagic blush! The colours you see on my cheeks are exactly what the blush looks like in real life!

The colours are not that obvious in the first two pictures but you can still see a tinge of the pretty apricot colours! The last three photos I've packed on more blush so that the colour will show up in the photos!

I completely forgot to swatch this blush  :^_^;;: But I think the photos with me wearing the blush should be able to compensate for that :wink: 

Overall I will give 4.5/5  :hearts2: :hearts2: :hearts2: :hearts2:



 Ease of use (brownie points for the puff)


I haven't really tested its staying power because I haven't worn this blush out all day yet and that why I can't give it full ratings!

What do you all think of the apricot macaroon colour? Hope you found this review useful :wink:


  1. you look so cute! nice review!

  2. Ahhh I've been wanting to try these MM powder blushes but always held back. I'm using the Etude House powder blush at the moment, and it has a cute lil puff applicator too! :)

  3. It looks really natural and the packaging is really cute! ♥

  4. the packagings so cute ^^ and the colour is lovely~

  5. Great review and super pretty pictures! Thanks! :)

  6. you look soooo cute on these pictures ☆ミ(o*・ω・) the blushes look so pretty!! I think I'll get one of these myself :)

  7. You look so cute and pretty! the colour looks great and your hair looks pretty =D so tempting! I want to try this blush now XD

  8. This color looks nice :) And OMG, the packaging is SO lovely !!!