Sunday, September 25, 2011

Food of Malaysia [Pic Heavy!]

I went to Johor Bahru, Muar, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh for work in the past week but I've pretty much only taken photos of the food we ate and some snaps in Melaka because I didn't wear any makeup all week >.<;;

I'm only posting photos I took with my olympus pen and left out the crappy iPhone quality pictures

Johor Bahru

Apparently JB is famous for their bitter-melon soup

Which is this. It's really nice and the bitter-melon is quite fresh and not really bitter

Hazelnut latte

Caramel Latte

Green tea latte


Street snapsss

Melaka is a tourism location because it is rich in historical heritage and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. There's around 200 hotels in this small city! 

Antique currency

Lots of antique shops!

Chicken rice ball is one their famous dishes

It's basically hainanese chicken

served with these rice balls

I don't like the rice balls because the rice is really mushy and gross >.<;; 


Curry mee

 Nyonya food which originated from Melaka

However I think the nyonya food in Gurney Plaza in Penang tastes better >.<

Kuala Lumpur
IKEA foodcourt
Apparently it's really popular there! It's as if everyone go to IKEA just to eat the food and not actually to buy furniture. I thought the food was average though

Porridge in Muar which is a small town in the middle of Johor and Melaka

Super good porridge because they put a lot of meat and century eggs in it!

Then stopped over in Ipoh this morning for dim sim!

Some food snaps from Penang

Omg this was super spicy my whole mouth was on fire -.-

Famous Penang Asam Laksa which I don't like to eat because it got that fishy taste -.-;

Deep fried chicken skin which is sooo nice!!

Ok that's all for now! Hope this post didn't make you too hungry =P I'll be flying off to Italy in less than two weeks! Super excited because it will be my first time travelling to Europe! 

Going to Milan, Venice, Sorrento, Bologna and maybe Pisa and Morocco! 

So until next time~



  1. Omg.. all that food looks great and delicious >.< *drools* Haha have a safe flight and enjoy your time in Europe!! :)

  2. now im hungry because of this post. hihihi. Loving your blog :) Definitely going to follow you! :3


  3. DAMMIT YUKI YOUR POST IS FAR TOO DELICIOUS-LOOKING!!! I'm SO hungry right now, but I'm trying to keep myself from raiding the kitchen since all we have is junk food right now XD

    I SO badly want a green tea latte right now! My boyfriend brought me one from work for the first time, and it was SOOOOOO good! Normally I don't really like green tea flavored things, but maaaaan.... it's SO yummy, and I'm totally craving one right now ;o; Haha, I was also craving pizza earlier, but now I want some hearty Chinese food!! Especially that fried chicken skin... which is probably the closet to junk food out of everything LOL

    I LOVE Ikea food! XD Do they serve the almond cake there??? Whenever we go I have to buy a cake, it's DELICIOUS. We also loove the meatballs and bought some of the cheese sauce mix, super yummy. I wish I worked next to Ikea, I'd definitely go there for lunch every day XDD

  4. Ack, I forgot to finish my comment LOL

    OMGGGG you're going to Italy?!?! Is it for work or vacation?? Take LOTS of pictures lucky woman!! I'm especially curious about the street vendors after some of the crazy specials I watched on TV!! :D Next time come to CALIFORNIA OKAY!????? XDD

  5. omg~~~ i'm starving T^T
    asam laksa ftw!!

  6. so much yummy food!!! Have fun in Italy!! Milan and Venice are really beautiful! You will like it.. hahaha and the fod probably too =)

  7. @amanda I didn't really like the nyonya food in melaka but maybe it's because the restaurant wasn't great because the nyonya food i had in penning was really yummy!

    @Jen thanks hun! I'll prob have a hell long and tiring flight (16hrs X 2) but hopefully the fun in Italy will make up for it =P

    @MissKatv Awww thanks so much babe xx

    @katie ahahha you are so cute babe >.< I LOVE greentea flavoured stuff!!! Green ice cream, green tea cakes mmm! Apparently Starbuck's green tea frappe is nice! Yep Fried chicken skin is good hehehe

    Ooo Yeh I had the almond cake and meatballs! Not bad but there's much nicer food in Malaysia so I found it average hehe

    Im going to Italy for an exhibition but that just for the first 4 days then the rest of the two weeks will be spent for holiday ^__^ Can't wait to go to Venice and Milan ^__^ Will def blog about it asap when I'm back! Oh I really wanna go US again! My fav LA because of Universal studios and Disney Advertureland hehehe! Let me know if you ever come to visit Malaysia! I'd love to meet you one day ^__^ xoxo

    @Jace HAahha Typical Malaysians love asam lakes ;-) I can't acquire to the taste of the fish sauce >.<

    @ねこちゃん Thanks!! I can't wait to eat spagetti and pizza and drink their coffee and ice cream ^__^ I'm most looking forward to Milan and Venice =)

  8. omg all that delicious food ... too bad im on a limited food diet -sighhh- until im back to normal weight then i can pig out again!! :B :B

  9. Ohhh, hot drinks with the leaf design, I lOve it !!! ^-^ It always reminds me about The Green Hornet, have you seen this movie ??