Monday, August 22, 2011

Tips for buying shoes and Snapss of life in Penang

I think every girl has their one specific obsession, whether it be expensive shoes, clothes, bags or makeup etc. I'm more of a bag-girl so I can't really say I'm an expert when it comes to shoes but nonetheless I still want to share some tips I have when it comes to shoe shopping!

Tip #1 Try to avoid buying shoes online

I used to do a lot of online shopping and with online shopping it's basically a hit or miss in terms of quality and sometimes sizing. And I usually find that when it comes to shoes there are more misses than hits. Most of the shoes I've bought online are either the wrong size, are really bad quality or not very comfortable. So now I've  really been put off buying shoes online. I think with shoes, you really need to try it in person for size and comfort and not buy a pair of shoes solely based on the design/looks. So unless there are great reviews on a certain online shop in regards to their shoes, try to avoid buying your shoes online!

Tip #2 Expensive shoes are worth it in the long run

When I say expensive I don't mean that you have to spend 400-600 dollars on branded shoes like Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo etc.. Expensive means 80-100 dollars. Of course sometimes you can get good quality shoes for around 20-30 dollars as well but it also depends what country you are buying those shoes from. For example; if you paid 20-30 dollars for a pair of shoes in Australia,  it's probably super shit quality or you are super lucky. But if you paid for 20-30 dollars for a pair of shoes in Malaysia you can get some really decent shoes. In the long run, the money is worth it because good quality shoes last longer!

Sometimes it's so frustrating when the bow on one of the shoes fall off or the shoe just fall apart completely etc. Good quality shoes will not do this! But the plus side of buying cheap shoes is that when they fall apart it's not very heartbreaking. However, you might as well spend 100 dollars on a pair of good quality shoes rather than 3 pairs of 30 dollar shoes that break after a few months.

Tip #3 Comfort should be highly regarded

Doesn't matter how gorgeous the shoes are, when you try it on in a shoe store and they're already killing your feet when you are only walking around the store then DON'T BUY IT! A lot of times I end up buying shoes that are really gorgeous but are not comfortable at all and I talk myself into getting it thinking the pain is worth it. It's NOT! Those shoes end up just being "accessories" on your shoe racks and collect dust. Trust me!

Shoe Shopping in Australia
My favourite shoe shop in Australia is Novo. However, I don't really like buying shoes in Australia because they are so much more expensive than shoes in Asian countries and the designs are so-so.

Shoe Shopping in China
Not really recommended because the quality is really bad unless you buy shoes from shopping centres and those shoes are not very cheap (around 100aud) but at least you will definitely get good quality ones.

Shoe Shopping in HK
I haven't really had time to go shopping in the actual shopping centres because I spent almost everyday in Mongkok buying clothes but I think you can find some pretty shoes in shopping centres in TST and Causeway bay.

Shoe Shopping in Japan
Expensive but almost everything is good quality and style! However if you are lucky, sometimes you can come across pretty cheap shoes but their quality is almost guarenteed good! Japan is my shopping haven full stop.

Shoe Shopping in Korea
I don't know if I went to the wrong places but I couldn't find any shoes that I liked in Korea!! And I was desperate to buy some as well since I only took 3 pairs on my holiday and one of them broke while I was clubbing in Korea... But nope... Couldn't find anything I liked. Clothes and shoe shopping in Korea is just not my cup of tea! However my bestie who lived there for a year managed to find a lot of nice shoes so maybe I just went to all the wrong places?

Shoe Shopping in Malaysia
I quite like buying shoes in Malaysia because everything is really cheap in comparison to Australia. Especially the boots! Normal shoes range from 40-70RM and boots range from 60-100RM. A lot of their styles are really nice and the quality is not too bad. Of course it's not like super great quality but most of them are comfortable and you can get a decent amount of wear out of them.

Shoe Shopping in Singapore
I've pretty much only shopped at Charles and Keith in Singapore. Most of their styles are quite mature and not really the cute style but I did end up finding some nice stuff from there! The shoes that I bought are surprisingly comfortable and definitely good quality! So definitely recommend CnK! There are quite a few CnK stores worldwide so check out their official website to see if there's a store near you!

Ok here are some Snaps of my life so far in Penang which pretty much consist of all food pics! lol

Photos all taken with my phone so don't expect awesome quality =P

Chicken Wings~

Malaysian style home cooked meal by my bf's mummy

Shopping day! Bought a LOT of cosmetics and skincare etc. Will blog about it next!

A&W Root beer with ice cream!

Famous Penang Char Kway Teow!

More Char Kway Teow and Kway Teow soup

Movies are so cheap in Penang (10RM!) So we watched a lot of movies!
Recommend this one! Love is the only answer 人约离婚后

Malaysia fruits! Love Mango Steen! Too bad Mango steen season is almost over =(

I LOVE lady fingers! They are super expensive in Australia!

劲抽福绿寿 Super funny! Recommend!!

Yay Jap magazines~~ and Tsubaki!

MacDonald's GBC burger, they only sells this for two months every year for Malaysia's Merdeka day! So yummy!

Pappa Rich My green tea ice cream with red beans is sooo nice! The Green tea is super rich and yumm

New area Strait Quay in Penang

Hainan chicken rice and white curry mee

Welcoming iPad 2 to my Apple family~

Dry style bah ku teh! Soo nice! 

Ok til next time~~ xx


  1. Thanks for the tips, I found them really helpful!
    And omg so much cosmetics , lookong forward to that post :D

  2. oh my love eating XD i like all the food u posted darn it! lolz
    i see some skinfood, hello kitty, majolica majorca, and candy doll or dolly wink?
    love to see the post about it :D

  3. Very informative post!!! Great timing too, My sister is travelling to Malaysia next week. Will forward this post to her...

  4. The food looks yummy! You make me miss Malaysia even more haha. But honestly, it's so hard to find Msian food here in the UK and even if there're restaurants claiming to sell authentic Msian food, it's always watered-down.

    I think shoe-shopping in KL is awesome because of the prices and also because you can always opt to shop higher end brands for quality shoes :D

  5. I generally don't buy any clothing or shoes online since what if it doesn't fit Dx I love hairy lychee it's really good but I can never find any here... Ah, shoes. Most of my shoes really do collect dust in my closet meh.

  6. These are great tips, I was so put off after buying shoes off Asian sites, cause apparently it's a size smaller? Sucks living in Australia right? :(

    I regret not buying CnK shoes while I was in Singapore!! Maybe next time :) and I am sooo hungry looking at all the food shots..!

  7. Omg.. the food in Malaysia looks so delicious!
    Om nom nom! You made me hungry XD haha i agree with online shopping with shoes.. I did it ONCE and i regret it SO much. I'm not so sure I want to buy shoes or clothes online since it's so easy to get jipped!~

    Can't wait for your next blog post! Looking forward to your haul ;D I see a Sasa store in the background! :D

  8. @Tiffany-kim yay glad you found it helpful =)

    @aMz88 Glad you liked the food! Many more to come! Hahhaha Good eye!! Yep I bought skin food, hello kitty nail polish, majolica blush and dolly wink eyeshadows! Will post them up soon!

    @Sudhaa Ooo that's great, she will love shoe shopping in Malaysia! =)

    @Joey Yep it's quite hard to find authentic Malaysian food overseas. So many "penang char kway teow, asam laksa" but taste nothing near the real thing >.<

    @Lemonberrylulu Yeh it's quite risky when you buy stuff online but its so much cheaper than in stores =( I like Hairy Lycee /ramputan as well but not as much as mango steen ^__^ haha same… most of my high heel shoes collect dust cos im scared to wear them because of feet pain =(

    @Chloe Yeh sometimes the shoe sizing is not very accurate and it's terrible when u buy something smaller boos at least if u buy a size bigger u can always wear paddings >__< I always order a size bigger to be safe

    Yep def check out CnK next time u r in SG!

    @Jen Yep shoes online more risky than buying clothes! Ok babe will post up my haul next just for u ;-)

  9. McD always looks so much yummier from countries other than the US... LOL! Anyways very cute blog and awesome tips on buying shoes !

  10. I totally agree with you about buying more 'expensive shoes'! But then again, I've also bought really cheap shoes that have been really amazing too. My new motto is 'buy the shoes you like' haha, because I used always not buy the shoes I want because of the price, then buy a whole bunch of other cheaper shoes that look *kinda* like the ones I want, but then realize I wanted the original shoes after all! xD

  11. amen thank you for the tips need it!!
    i love your blog soo cute...and the food looks yummy!

  12. hihi yuki!

    i love buying shoes!! =DDDDD
    hehehehehe.. and i really don't mind buying more expensive shoes as long as it's comfortable and within my budget.. i rather not buy 10 dress than to forgo my comfy shoes.. >< hehehehe...

    i tried shopping online for shoes... sometimes i get really good shoes at cheap prices! <3
    u can try if you're looking for comfy shoes! <3

    and i want to try dry bak ku teh next time i go!

  13. Beer with icecream?! I cannot believe that this may taste good o_o wanna have a try though.. xD
    I personally just buy shoes online which I've seen in reality first but searching online for a cheaper price. I once bought super sweet & cheap ballerinas online but they were too big and I just wore them twice (;______;)
    And I'd love to buy shoes in Japan BUT as an European my chance is like zero because my feet are way to big for tiny little Asian shoes <__<"

  14. @oo I feel that way too but about Australia ^__^ Esp in asian countries like Japan etc. I think the reason is because in comparison their $$ Fast food is actually quite expensive compared to normal food so Fast food in Asian countries are actually considered an indulgence

    @Chococcuro Hahaha that's a really good advice! Yep on the odd occasion you get good shoes with cheap prices but the % of that happening is not as high as the expensive shoes. I find I would never throw away my expensive shoes unless they fall apart which is not very likely since the quality is better than the cheap shoes =) Where as you might find a good pair of cheap shoes but then you don't get as much wear out of them because they fall apart faster than expensive shoes. Omg that sounded really confusing lol!

    @mi_mi Thank u babe ^__^

    @Kelly_konomi Ooo thanks for the link kelly~ Yep dry bak ku teh is really nice! That stall recently invented it and it's the best so far~ Come find me in Penang next time and I take you there to eat ^.^

    @Sam Murakami It's root beer not actually beer, it's kinda a soft drink but it taste a bit like listorine haha! But it's really nice, esp with ice cream. I think A&W is an America company, I always thought it was from asia lol! Yep sizing is scary when it comes to online shoe purchase even if the quality is promised >.< Aww yeh the shoes in Japan is pretty small size but other asian countries should have shoes your size and also they are most likely always in stock so even those popular shoes which are running out of sizes you will most likely find your size and pick up some good bargains ^__^

  15. Shoe shopping in the UK is a nightmare. Everything looks the same! And they are expensive and not of good quality. There is this one brand called Irregular Choice which sells Gyaru-style shoes, and OMG they're gorgeous! I'd be so scared to wear them, I think I would just make them a mantle piece, they're so pretty.~

    I'd love to live in Malaysia, or Singapore. Is it expensive to live there? And are the houses nice? Because I was thinking of going to Uni there.

  16. Just had a look at Irregular choice, their styles are quite unique!

    If you are from the UK then it's very cheap to live in malaysia and there are a lot of really nice condominiums and bungalows esp in Penang but the properties are more exp in penang compared to elsewhere in msia

    If you planning to go to uni I strongly suggest you to go Singapore

    A lot of western ppls love to live in SG

    A lot of malaysians go to SG for uni. I dont think the unis in malaysia are that good esp since there may be malays and english and all diff languages would be quite confusing to study in Msia >.<

  17. I agree with you about not buying shoes on the Internet, shoes are something you really have to try before buying ! However I bought boots on Yumetenbo (the only shoes I bought online) and I was lucky that they were comfortable ^^ Just a little too large but I added insoles and they are good now !

    Otherwise, I prefer buying cheap shoes (around 20 USD) and having several pairs so I can often change and have various models and colors, and they last longer than if I worn the same everyday :)

    1. yahh boots are not too bad but pumps are v hard to buy if u get wrong size it keeps slipping out when you walk >.<!

      yah cheap shoes are good option too ^__^

  18. where do you buy boots in Malaysia

  19. i guess there some good internet site to buy those..i got one of my ankle strap flats online and im satisfied with it.

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