Saturday, August 6, 2011

[Review] Cosmagic Deco Cheek in Peach Pink

 I finally got my hands on the Cosmagic Deco Cheek blush in my Bonjour Haul back in June and here is the review!

The Cosmagic blush is/was? the hottest new must have item in the Gyaru world and I felt like I must get my hands on one! The cosmagic line is produced by Kumiko Funayama (One of my fav Popteen models) in collaboration with Kose. 

Here are some mag scans on the blush

It has one cream blush (heart shape) and a powdery blush + highlighter. I bought the Peach Pink one because the Strawberry Pink is too similar to my Candy Doll blushes.

Absolutely adore the packaging!

Comes with a blush brush and a pom pom stick

Cosmagic deco cheek in Peach Pink


Left to right
Cream blush
Powder blush
Powder highlighter

The good:
  • Love the colour! It's a very pretty coral/peachy colour, a different look from the usual strawberry cute lollypop pink blushes gyarus love to use
  • The Powdery blush and highlighter are quite pigmented
  • Adorable packaging
The bad:
  • The pom pom stick and blush brush is quite useless since you can't put it inside the blush and have to carry them separately which is such a pain and it's so easy to lose them
  • Even though the design is cute it's really not very practical - it's almost impossible to try to grab any of the cream blush with a blush brush because it's in an awkward heart shape, so basically you have to use your finger to get the cream blush and dab it on your cheeks. Also the cream blush is not very pigmented, you have to rub at it really hard and most of the product stains your fingers and when you try to dab your cheeks not much product transfers over to the cheeks then you have to repeat the dabbing process... it's really quite frustrating to use the cream blush to be honest =___=

I give this product 3/5

The reason is because the design of this product is really not very practical. The heart shaped cream blush really frustrates me and also it sucks that the pom pom stick and blush brush is useless and you can't carry it together with the blush. What I like about this blush is the colour and the highlighter is really nice! Also I like the fact that you get three in one - cream blush, blush and highlighter.

Here are some photos of me wearing the blush. It's so hard for the blush colour to show up in photos unless you pile it on and I find it really hard to pile this blush on so what I did in the below photo is that I photoshopped the colour onto my cheek so it's kind of cheating haha. But the colour is exactly what the blush look like on the cheeks! If you look back on the swatch, that's basically what the colour of the blush look like on the cheeks.

Camwhoring with the useless pom pom stick...

Can you see the blush in this photo? It's really hard to review blushes because you have to wear 3 times as much blush as what you would normally wear for it show up on camera =__=

Hope you found this review useful ^__^ 




  1. thanks for this very useful review^^
    I thought about buying it one day but know I think it's not a very high quality product^^
    thanks again, you make very honest reviews :3 baibaiii~

  2. It's a shame for the packaging! I mean, look at Candy Doll products. Adorable packaging AND easy to use, right? Well, I haven't used CD products myself, but I have yet to come across a bad review of the packaging. :) I'm glad you did a review of this, because if I saw this in stores I probably would've grabbed it immediately @__@ I have to say though, the colors on your cheeks is very cute!!

    Nghh the ratings were very high though huh? Maybe it has more to do with Kumikki's popularity that girls love it? I'm still intrigued by this product, but packaging is definitely a huge factor for me because I get frustrated so easily lol :3

    Gahh and you look so kawaii in your pictures <3 Thanks again for the review!! :DD

  3. Thank you so much for this honest review! (: I was really interested in this product but now that you reviewed it, I am kind of hesitant to buy it! >< The packaging is SO cute but now that I think of it, it really isn't as practical as it should be... haha~ But the colors look really nice! (:

  4. Too bad that you have to choose between cute and practical. :S But yeah, you look absolutely amazing. Not that it's all rouge. ;)

  5. great review, thinking of buying it now :)

  6. It looks adorable but the packaging is just such a pain =_=" I agree, Candy Doll cosmetics are easy to use and have great product ^_^ I almost bought this product, thanks for the honest review Ü

  7. thanks this was really useful, I love blogs with a lot of pictures :) I love it !

  8. ohhh i heard the same thing from someone hardly works :/ thanks for the review and you look sooo pretty either way ^^

  9. @shou you are welcome =) I feel it's important to give honest reviews esp since this product is not sponsored so no need to up sell or anything =P

    @katie yes the packaging is really adorable and that's what made me want to buy this product in the first place as well especially with all the heavy advertisement in popteen and popsister got me really sucked in >__<

    I was surprised also because I did my research on this product and haven't really came across much negative reviews. I still like the product but just the love heart shaped cream blush really frustrates me >__<

    @mimi yepp the colour is really pretty but the cute packaging is unfortunately not practical =(

    @frankie yeah with this blush you do have to choose but there's still a lot of cute blushes out there and practical at the same time like candy doll and melliesh =)

    @lissy @aMz88 arigatou!

    @Val yepp!! I love Candy Doll as well ^__^

    @Sasa no worries =)

    @NamikaD Wow! Yeh that's the thing.. I havnt read much negative reviews on this product before I bought this >__< you r welcome and thanks babe =)

  10. I love this blush! It's so cute I think I might get it. Lol I love your pom pom

  11. OMG THIS BLUSHERS~~!!!! I've been desperately wanting it badly badly badly >.<~ and now I want it more after I read your review..nuuuuh... huhuhu..thanks for the review anyway. I'll definitely purchase this product =D

  12. wow thank you for the post...the products looks great...and it soo cute!

  13. Indeed it's a shame the pom pom stick is so useless 'cause it's so cute ^-^ Anyway, thanks for this review, it was interesting !