Friday, August 19, 2011

My Shoe Collection~~

Quick update on my life before I get started!

So I've officially moved to Penang, Malaysia indefinitely so a big hello to my Malaysian readers! Hopefully the future content in my blog will be more relevant to you all! I've settled in quite fast since this is my 5th time here in Penang in the last 3 years. Also, expect a LOT of food posts in the future because Penang is the city of food in Malaysia. Also more product reviews, especially Japanese products from Watson (Majorlica, Kate, Liese, Fasio etc etc) and Sasa (Dollywink, Canmake, My Beauty diary etc) ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ

Also I'll be more active on my Tumblr now and hopefully Twitter because I've just welcomed iPad2 to my Apple family ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ So please check them out!

So I was packing away all my shoes into boxes to store before moving to Malaysia so I decided to take a photo of all my shoes and do a shoe post o(*^▽^*)o

Group shot! The boots at the back won't stand up properly lol! 90% of my shoes was not bought in Australia because shoes in Australia well at least Perth is expensive and the styles are just so so!

Forgot to include these in the group shot because they were packed away in a box and only remembered them when I packed away all my shoes fml (-。-;)

I'm not going to take a photo of every single one of them so here are my fav shoes from my collection! I'm going to number the shoes for easier commenting (*´∇`*)

I forgot to take an individual photo of this pair and I can't now because they are back in Australia (ノ_-。)
I bought this in Harajuku in 2008! The style is super unique! and you can take away the gold/red strings or wear it with the shoe which wraps around you leg/ankle. I did my toenails at the nail bar so I had to change into this pair because the shoe I wore wasn't open toe shoes. Had to walk from Shinjuku back to Nihonbashi via subway of course. Surprisingly they were super comfortable but I've only worn it once more ever since which was for a hair competition and my theme was Ganguro lol! 

I find it's really hard to match these shoes with anything or maybe because I'm not daring enough cos they seem more like Cosplay shoes lol. Looking at it makes me want to start wearing it again... too bad it's thousands of kms away fml (ノ_-。)

Love these short boots! Super comfortable as well! Super easy to match! They are from Charles n Keith a popular Singapore brand but they have stores in KL and Penang (Gurney Plaza, ground floor, new wing) so I bought this pair in Penang! They were sold out of the white one so I had to settle for black (/ヘ ̄、) The SA at Shu Uemura Perth loved them lol!

Bought these boots in Taipei! My favourite boots! The fur is apparently rabbit fur?  I can't remember the exact price but I think it was around 100aud. They are super comfortable and easy to match!

Bought this pair of shoes from Chimomo in Perth. It was 200aud which I found super expensive, probably the most expensive pair of shoes I've bought up to date especially considering it's not even any special brand. But I've worn this pair a lot of times since I bought it and I don't regret the price at all because it's super easy to match and very comfortable as well! Worn it to clubbing few times too!

Charles n Keith again this time bought from the Singapore store! I don't like buying different colours of the same style but I got persuaded by my friend to do so this time because I just couldn't decide which colour to pick! Do not regret my decision at all! They are quite comfortable and great to wear to clubbing! Especially the black one, you can't really tell when it gets super dirty (because I get stepped on all the time in clubs hence I've developed Iron Toes! LoL) Price was around 40sgd

Another pair I bought from Charles n Keith at the Singapore store! My friend was really obsessed with CnK so we pretty much went into every CnK store we walked past in the short 5 day SG trip and there's a LOT of CnK stores in SG! Lucky she was a member and it was her birthday so I got a member birthday discount on these shoes because we bought them on her birthday (^▽^) This is one of my fav pairs of shoes! Super unique style and easy to match and surprisingly comfortable because the heels are really high!! Priced around 90sgd

Bought this from Shibuya 109 Flag-J at 3150yen
I'm not a big fan of pumps because there's more areas on your feet where you can get blisters but these shoes are easy to match with all my pink clothes (^▽^)

Also from Flag-J same price! They are good for OL coordinates but I think my feet will die if I wear these out at the office all day. I think they are good for interviews or brief meetings? I don't wear this pair as much as the pink ones

Absolutely love this pair!! Bought it in Penang at Opera which is one of my fav shoe stores! I think the price is around 50rm which is less than 20aud! Love wearing this pair with my maxi dresses to ensure that my maxi dresses don't scrape the floor. Also the cute bow and flowery pattern matches a lot of my mori-gyaru clothes esp Liz Lisa! (^▽^)

Bought this at David Jones brand is Sachi. They were on sale but I think original price was around 150aud. I was really into gladiator shoes for a while so I fell in love with these! Went out of my way to get my hands on this pair because all my sizes were sold out except one pair at a mall I never go to! Don't wear them as much as I thought I would though

Bought these at a Shopping centre in Shen Zhen priced around 100aud. I've only worn it once because this pair of shoes is frikkin HIGH!! I can only wear it on perfectly flat surfaces because it's really easy to trip otherwise. Can't really explain because I forgot to take a photo of what the sole looks like ・(>_<;)・゚゚However, super pretty pair of shoes and it's studded with jewels so it sparkles a bit (^▽^)

Wedge sandals from Opera around 50rm
Really easy to match and really comfortable! Love wedge sandals!

Another pair of wedge sandals from Penang for around the same price!

Vivi inspired short boots. It may look nice but the cutting of the shoe is really bad! It sits right under your ankle so when you walk it digs into your ankle bone and is super uncomfortable so I've only worn it once o(TヘTo) If it's not for that this would definitely be one of my fav pair of shoes! Boo!

Korilakkuma slippers from Donkihotte in Shibuya (^▽^)

Nine West pumps from US
Hardly ever wear them (-。-;) I walk like a super retard in these.. ( ̄Д ̄;;I can't seem to walk properly in pumps.. Maybe because I'm not used to it and I feel my feet are really restricted (´_`。)

Bought these for work at Opera. Get blister after a few hours (´_`。) That's why not a fan of pumps at all! So easy to get blisters at a lot of different places

The boots are modelled by my 11 years old sister hence the super skinny legs lol!
I bought a lot of boots from Penang because they are super cheap compared to Australia! They cost around 70-80rm which is not even 30aud! Boots in Australia start from 60aud and most of them cost around 80-90aud! Absolutely love boots! This pair of flat boots are one my "holiday to countries in Winter" boots because I do a lot of walking (mainly for shopping) on holidays!

Bought these at Shibuya 109 LDS for 6400yen! It was 50% off! Sadly I've never worn these yet ( ̄Д ̄;; I can pretty much only wear these for clubbing due to the style but I'm scared that it's going to be too hot and sweaty to be dancing all night in these so kinda put off wearing these to clubs! They are quite comfortable because I worn them from Narita airport to Penang Airport via Bangkok Airport (because I wanted to save luggage space and they were quite heavy) and it was bearable. 

Also from LDS for 3000yen. I've only worn these once or twice because it was kind of hard to match with my super girly mori-gyaru closet ( ̄Д ̄;; They are easy to match with casual outfits but usually I'm really lazy with casual outfits so I just chuck on anything and then I'm too lazy to find socks to wear with these boots so I turn to other shoes instead lol ヾ(@^(∞)^@)ノ

Love this pair of super versatile boots from Opera, Penang. You can wear it over the knee, under the knee and also as short boots as well! I almost bought the same pair in dark brown! Also worn this pair to clubbing twice and it was ok! Brought this pair on my HK/TW trip and I could walk all the way from hotel in TST to Lang Gwai Fong!

Different ways of wearing this pair of boots...

My Liz Lisa boots which I haven't worn yet because I haven't found the occasion to wear it yet ( ̄Д ̄;;

Bought in Penang (Told you I buy a lot of boots there) I've worn these boots heaps of times! Love the style and it's decent to walk in but you will get blisters on the sole of your feet if you use them as walking shoes. I worn these to uni once and I did a LOT of walking that day so I was like omg... never again (ノω・、) 

And my fav pairs of thongs ☆ヽ(▽⌒) Which I love wearing because it's comfortable and great in hot weathers

I threw away these shoes after I packed away all my other shoes

Group shot again using the pop art filter

Thinking about buying my first pair of designer brand shoes when I go to Italy in October. I mean I might as well since they are so much cheaper in Italy and I get tax back.

Saw this pair of red Ferragamo in Sydney and instantly fell in love! Around 600aud in Sydney but 400aud (after conversion) in Italy before tax refund! Sadly I don't see this pair at the official Ferragamo website so I hope it's not obsolete already!

The white version is also quite drool worthy but I don't think I'll get white because if I get the tiniest scratch or dirt on it I will be heartbroken! Too much stress and high maintenance to wear white expensive shoes! 

Of course I'm going to have a look at Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutins as well and then decide which pair of branded shoes I'm going to buy. But I pretty much have my heart set on the red Ferragamos if it's available for sale!

Hope you liked my shoe post and hope it was helpful knowing where they were bought and the prices etc. Which is your favourite pair and why? I'd love to know ^__^



  1. awwww~ I want to have as many shoes as you've got*-*
    I love the beige flat boots, the korilakkuma-slippers and the mules! *v*

  2. OMG #21! *drools* That is a LOT of shoes u have there. I've eyed those black CnK booties since forever but i don't know where to wear them so i resisted the temptation. :D
    Also, welcome (back) to Malaysia! :D I'm definitely looking forward to your posts, haha.

  3. Oh em gee!!! The shoes are so nice! I am officially jealous haha!

  4. I love #4 and gosh you have so many shoes! Probably double the amount I have or more.. haha ok from now on I'm going to go shopping for shoes only :P

  5. Awesome collection babe!!! Love your boot collections in particular!!!!

  6. awwwwh~ I love your shoes collection! and envy your charles keith collection T_T SG's charles keith seems more fashionable than one in my country *cries

    and super love those boots from #20!

  7. You have a lot of shoes! :P People at home ask me why I have a lot of shoes, I guess we just "need" them? XD

  8. OMG.. I'm so super jealous of your shoe collection.. -___-;; Your shoes are so cute! I esp love your boots ^_^ such cute styles <33

    Good Luck with the job in Malaysia~ Im glad you had a safe trip ^^ Looking forward to your reviews and things to come :)

  9. @Shou Don't worry you will slowly build up ur collection ^__^ I like the beige flat boots too because its easy to match outfits and u can walk all day in them

    @LauraLeia OooO I think it's harder to match them in Malaysian weather so I didn't bring them over also they are quite heavy >.< But I got a lot of wear out of them in Australia =)

    @THT Christina Thanks babe =) I'm sure u got a gorgeous collection too!

    @Chloe Nghiem I love #4 as well ^__^ but i don't wear half of my shoes though lol! =P

    @Sudhaa Gopinath Thank u ^__^ I'm a boots girl too =D

    @Vanilavheii Yeh I think SG got more designs and more latest designs also! I like #20 as well cos its so versatile ^__^

    @Yuki Yep we are hehe =) I think all girls are lol!

    @Val LoOl yahoo!! My mum calls me a centipede -.-; But I know a lot of girls with wayyy more shoes than me lol! I wonder what they are called? Queen of centipedes? lol Don't think there's an animal with legs more than a centipede right? haha!

    @Jen Thanks babe =) Yep Can't wait to review more stuff boos they are all just available in Watson and Sasa yay! =) Wanna get my hands on the new majolica blush and also get some Canmake blushes but then I try to talk myself out of it cos I already got so many blushes >__<

  10. omg! so many shoes!!

    i wanna steal some from u!!

    they are sooo gorgeous!

    my favourites are 2, 4 , 5, 8, 12 and 14!
    and i'm singapore but i didn't know CnK has got such pretty shoes! need to check them out soon!!

  11. hehehe hi kelly! ^__^ yahh I wasnt reli into CnK either cos their style is more sexy but I was dragged into so many stores by my friend and I ended up finding some reli nice shoes there ^__^

  12. Korilakkuma *__*
    I like your shoes, are precious!!

  13. love with you shoe collcetion soo pretty and soo jelous!

  14. Love #4, definitely worth the price :)

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