Monday, August 1, 2011

M.A.C. Haul ^__^ 5 brushes + Studio Fix foundation powder

I decided to get some more MAC Brushes because I absolutely loved the first two I bought - 130 and 217.

This time I bought 5 MAC brushes and the Studio Fix foundation powder in NC25

I was originally planning to buy the Studio fix foundation and the mineralise skin finish in soft and gentle and after I got kinda of "cheated" into buying the Laura Mercier products I felt the silk foundation creme gave me the same "heavy coverage" I wanted to achieve with the Studio fix foundation and the highlighter in the LM palette gave me similar results as the mineralise skin finish so I decided to just get some more brushes instead ^__^

I've only used the brushes once to do my makeup so I don't have any detailed review on it yet but once I have used all my MAC brushes for a while I will do a more thorough review on them all

168 Large Angled Contour brush

I haven't used this brush yet for contouring but I have used it for highlighting and I think it works great. The angled brush makes it easy to do highlighting on the nose and under the eyes. I bought this brush because I don't have any angled brush like this and I think this brush would be great to do contour on the cheeks.

 239 Eyeshadow brush
One of the most popular eyeshadow brush in MAC along with the 217
I think this brush is good for putting eyeshadow on the lids
Picks up colour really well just like the 217

224 Tapered blending brush
I bought this brush to blend eyeshadow but it didn't impress me that much from the first use because I didn't think it blended my eyeshadow very well but I will have a proper verdict later when I've used this brush a bit more
However I used this brush to contour my nose and omg I was sooo pleased!!! This is officially going to be my nose contouring brush! So even if this brush does not blend eyeshadow properly I definitely do not regret getting this because it's such a good brush for nose contouring!!

219 Pencil brush
I already have a pencil brush in my brush roll but I thought I will get a MAC one since I think the pencil brush is really useful! It's great to place eyeshadow on the tear duct or below the eyes. 

212 Flat definer brush
This brush was recommended to me by my friend
It's a very interesting brush because it's like a the bigger, fatter version of an eyeliner brush
You can't really see from the picture unless I do a comparison photo with a normal eyeliner brush

It's great for smudging eyeliner or for placing thin line of eyeshadow as the eyeliner along the eye
It's also good for pushing gel eyeliner into the lash line where the "white gap" is
This is a great multipurpose brush and I think I will really like this brush too!

My mini MAC Brush collection

I don't think I'll be be adding anymore brushes to this any time soon until I visit the US, then I will be buying a lot of makeup and makeup tools because everything in this US is sooo much cheaper than Aus!

I will definitely do a thorough review on these brushes once I've used them a bit more =)

And last item from the haul - Studio fix compact foundation in NC25

Ok I will wrap up this post with some outfit pictures

What I wore out last night

Shoes - Charles and Keith
One of my favourite pair of shoes

Stockings - Forever New
Dress - Argyle Centre in HK

With my Liz Lisa jacket

Full Body shots
The background was ugly so I did a super fast "cut out the background" job >.<

Until next time ^__^




  1. cute shoes! <3

  2. lovely! im excited with the brushies review ;)
    ur stocking r so cute ;D

  3. beautiful dress, you look great in it

  4. wow you look amazing!! that dress really looks pretty on you ^^

  5. I love MAC brushes too! But they're a tad expensive... I'm a new follower mind following me back? :>

  6. Your blog is SOO ADORABLE ( ^ o ^ ○ ) / ~~
    I love it muchly, care to visit my bloggie land~? And maybe follow if you like ~~

    Thank you muchly ~~♥
    --WynterChanPakuPaku ♪ ~

  7. lovee your outfit and shoes!! ;D <3


  8. YUKI-CHAAAAAAAAN!! T___T hontou ni gomen for not posting!! DDDD; I've been reading your posts but haven't had a chance to write proper responses :( I'm sorryyyyy *hugs* Well I'm back finally LOL time to spaaaam :333

    Maybe one of these days I'll finally give in and check out MAC. It's just so expensive so I've never even been inside the store before!! Maybe when I move out and have a place for my things would be a good time because I'd probably end up losing my stuff anyway ;__:

    The brush I'm most curious about is the tapered brush. I think I really need to invest in one of those, since I just use my fingers to blend my eyeshadow, but I think that only does so much lol. I also love that it blends well with contouring!! That's another thing I always have a hard time with that I just don't do it. :/ Question though! When you apply powder for nose contouring, do you use this brush to apply AND blend or just for blending? ^^; I'm totally noob with contouring heehee. :D

    The 212 brush look interesting too! I've seen those brushes before but had no clue what it's for haha. I'd like to try using gel more, but the only brush I have for that are angled brushes, but maybe they're too soft? How is the density of this brush? ^^

    Is that a powder foundation? How is the coverage? :)

    OMG that dress is SOOO pretty!! I really love your sense of style, it's so sweet and stylish with a hint of sexiness HAHA The shoes are SO cute, where do you find all these shoes?! I've never seen this style before coming to your blog, they're just adorable. <33

  9. @Lara Faye thanks babe =)

    @aMz88 yep will def do the brush review asap when ive used them a bit more

    @aerisa @NamikaD thank u ^__^

    @The Shoe Bunny yahoo super expensive =( But lucky my friend can get 30% off cos she used to work for mac ^__^

    @Wynterchanpakupaku @Just Jennifer thank u ^__^

    @katie yayyy you commented haha =PP Awww at least u r still silently supporting my blog~ It's ok babe I understand u must've been busy hehe ^__^

    yeah mac is really expensive but I just thought I start invest in some of their brushes since u can use them for years n years n slowly have a decent mac brush roll

    with the tapered brush I find it only blends so so, maybe the 217 is better for blending? I find the white brushes pick up eyeshadow better but the tapered brush is sooo good for nose contouring! It's actually quite easy to contour the nose, there's a lot of tutorials on youtube =) I use the brush to apply and blend for nose contouring. Some people like to put a lot then slowly blend it out, I like to put a bit on little by little till I get the right amount cos scared to make my nose contour look too dark and too obvious then have to remove and start again from foundation >__<

    212 density is very good but it's bigger and longer than a normal eyeliner brush, will do a review on it asap to show u how the brush works

    yep it's a powder foundation~ coverage quite good tho I havnt used it by itself yet, I like to use it as a powder after my foundation just to give a bit more coverage! will review that when Ive used it a bit more =)

    Aww thanks babe ^__^ that means a lot to me cos Ive been lazy with fashion lately and more concentrated with makeup so I feel my fashion is not that great >__< The shoes are from Charles and Keith, It's a singapore brand! Very good quality and decent price! They have shops in Malaysia as well but that pair I bought in Singapore =)

  10. wow the brushes looks stunning and really pretty^^i love your outfit soo cute