Monday, August 29, 2011

Liz Lisa Autumn 2011 Royal Lady Neo Retro British~ ❤

I don't know why the official Liz Lisa store stopped updating their promotional pictures since the spring collection so I had to hunt around weibo and Tumblr for these pictures >__<

Pictures with watermarks are credits to the liz lisa weibo

I think they are photos from the Liz Lisa catalogue 

The colours are mainly brown, red and white and checkered

I really love this collection!

Here are the photos I've gathered from this collection not in any particular order

I'll number them for easy commenting ^__^


#2 Really love the bag and boots!




#6 The shoes are to die for! 



#9 Super cute poncho!



#12 Very british school girl feel! Love the shoes and socks!


#14 I really want this red skirt!!




#18 I'm in love with this dress!!

#19 and this one too!


#21 I think they are shop staff



#24 I've ordered the top and suspender skirt with! Can't wait for them ^__^




#28 Liz Lisa spread in the latest Popteen magazine

Some gorgeous skirts and shoes from this collection! What do you guys think of the Liz Lisa Autumn collection and what are your favourite pieces?


  1. I think my favourites are 6, 19 and 20. *drools*

  2. I love all of them, their all so cute and adorable~~~

  3. How adorable~~
    I like their pumps!

  4. If only I can have all of these outfits AND wear them perfectly like those models *dreams*

  5. So cute! Lovely post!

  6. The whole collection is very nice ! I particularly love the 4th, 11th, 18th and 22nd <3