Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goodbye old hair, hello new hair!

I've been getting emails from readers asking me about the closing date of the giveaway so I was like omgg I should announce it soon before everyone get pissed off @__@ So sorry it took me this long to finalise the closing date! The reason is because it took me a while to confirm the date I was leaving for Malaysia so as a result I couldn't confirm a closing date til I know the date I'm leaving for Malaysia >__< Hope everyone can understand >__<

Closing date for giveaway: 1st September 2011

To make up for the wait~ I'm going to have a second prize and maybe even a third prize! I will confirm what's the second prize when I'm in Malaysia but I think I'm going to include some My Beauty Diary masks or Skinfood masks and a Mogitate lipbalm!

Ok onto my post! So I did my hair (probably for the last time) at Studio 199 today so I was kind of emo and sad about it! Who am I going to find to do my hair in Malaysia?! >__<

Before I show you my new hair, here's some camwhore shots from the past week of me with my old hair which I'm going to miss heaps!!! It's one of my favourite hair colours I've had so far and I'm so sad to part with it but because I have to start my new job in a corporate environment that hair colour is not very appropriate =__=

Contoured my nose with my new MAC 224 tapered brush in the following photos. The contouring turned out really well and I think it's because of the brush ^__^ Will talk about it in more detail when I properly review the 224 brush =)

I find that I look more mature when I take photos with my hair swept to one side

Contact lenses: Princess mimi/Bambi series in Green
Eyelashes: Eyemazing 001 (Top)
Melliesh (bottom)
Dollywink no.8 (bottom)

Is anyone interested in a makeup tutorial for this look? I took the photos of the makeup process but I don't think they are that good quality because the lighting under incandescent light is not that great. There are a lot of requests for makeup tutorials so I want to post one soon but just worried it's going to turn out crap >__<

Had similar makeup for the look below, same lashes, contact lenses and lipstick, I just used different eyeshadow colours and technique and the curls in my hair are tighter 

And a photo of my hair straight

*sigh* Looking at the photos, I'm missing my old hair already =(

Studio 199
4/199 Bulwer st Northbridge 6000
9228 1110
Remember to book for Vicki Lin ^__-

Ta-dah~ My new hair! It's a reddish brown

I think reddish colours suit me better and makes my skin look fairer ^__^
Vicki helped me style my hair because we went for a birthday dinner together after she finished work

Love the curls ^__^

It's redder under incandescent lights

I'm so sad because I don't know who to find to do my hair when I move to Malaysia =( Vicki has been doing my hair for the past 5 years since she started hair dressing! Sighh!!

So what do you think of my new hair?




  1. Wooooow, you look awesome!! I loooove your new hair! That's sooo cute! I'm sooo happy that you did it! It looks great! ♥♥♥


  2. Your hair looks adorable! You look like a fairytale princess or something. :)

  3. Jeez I need to put up a closing date on my giveaway too, it's been like over 2 months already LOL I think I still need to enter yours too! :O Ugh I've been so busy I haven't even had chance to blog ;O;

    Your new hair color is really pretty!! Your old style was super cute too, but I think this suits you better :D Or maybe it's because I have such a soft spot for red hair, I've been thinking about dying my hair a similar color >< You also look SO cute in the pictures kyaaa~ <3

    Aww I hope you can find an amazing hair dresser in Malaysia! I'm sure they're there, but hopefully it doesn't take long to track them down ^^

    YES please do a makeup tutorial!! :D I always love your makeup in your photos, and also a plus to get tutorial from an actual makeup student :DD

  4. WOW!! i loooooove the colour of your hair!! it's so cool!! i wanted to dye my hair red but saw loads of people dye their hair red so i got kinda put off but after seeing your hair, i wish i did dye my hair >.< you look stunning!! and please do a tutorial!! your makeup is so pretty!

  5. Wow~~ this darker color looks good on you!! Although I loved your old hair too >w< I think you can pull off any color~~~


  6. aaw you look very pretty! love the lip color too <3

  7. I love your hair! Once i have cut my bangs like this but it doesn't suit me. I'm jealous! :D

  8. Love your new hair!
    You're right I think this colour suits better on you and your skin color.
    Try to have fun at Malasya! ;D

  9. i like your new hair :D it look gorgeous *__* Its different ,but cool.
    Please do a make up tutorial ^^

  10. I looove your new hair! u look more kawaii XD~~

    btw, don't forget to join my giveaway, thank you =D

  11. OMGGGGGG <333
    you hair looks so pretty. I love the before AND after!! You're hair just looks great in general.. damn you! =PP Hope you have a safe trip to Malaysia~! Sucks you are going so far away! :(
    Good luck with your job and everything though!
    Please do a tutorial on your make up look in the photos .. ^^

  12. Wooow, I adore the new hair color, really! You look so cute! The old one was nice too of course, but it looks nice! It must be hard to find someone to do your hair when you go to Malaysia, but I'm sure there are some good hair dressers there as well. good luck with that!

  13. @Natalie Thank you babe! Glad you like it (*゚▽゚)ノ

    @Frankie awww! So sweet (///ω///) ..♪

    @Katie HahAh Yahh you havnt entered mine yet!! =P Ooo Yay I'm happy because everyone seem to like this new hair colour (*´∇`*) I hope I find a good hair dresser in Malaysia too O(*´ェ`*)O
    Ok! I'll try post up my makeup tutorial soon!

    @Namikad Awww~ ヽ(゚▽゚*)乂(*゚▽゚)ノ I think red hair suits people with medium skin tone and brown hair suit people with fair skin.. actually i think fair skin people suit any hair colour O(≧▽≦)O

    @Tifuani @Bubbly Mochi Aww thanks

    @Gislane I think bangs depends on face shape and how long your forehead is. I have a long forehead so bangs make my face look smaller and that's why I've kept these bangs for last 4 years now haha!

    @Yuki Thank you!

    @Choco-chan Yep I'll do the make up tutorial soon

    @Lina Kim Aww thanks ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

    @Jen Aww thank you ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ Hahah It's ok Malaysia not too faraway and it's cheap to fly there thanks to Air Asia (*´∇`*)

  14. nice new hair! :)


  15. I love your hair colour! You look super pretty with your hair curled!

  16. you are beautiful! and very cute hihihi ;)

    Greetings from Poland :)

  17. Thank you girls~~ Mwaksss @coco, fey avangeline, valentine, ankyl

  18. cuteee!! the redish color looks really nice on you ^^

  19. soo pretty i love your hair and the colour is amazing^^

  20. Indeed, red suits you well, it's nice :) But I liked your old hair a lot too ^^