Monday, August 15, 2011

Fei Fei and BuBu~

I was suppose to do an outfit post but I got super lazy because now I kind of just feel like crawling into bed, watch some series and call it a day | ̄ω ̄、|

If you've been reading my blog, you probably know that I'm relocating to Malaysia soon! I'm actually leaving in two days! I've been super lazy about packing though (haven't even started) and I think it's going to be a really stressful process because I only have 30kg of baggage allowance! (ノ_-。)

Lucky I don't have to pack any Winter clothes and all my Summer clothes should be quite light!

So my best friend is looking after my dog for me while I'm away indefinitely. I'm so lucky!! We bought our dogs together so they are real sisters and brothers which is sooo cute! The dad is brown and mum is cream and that's why they have different coloured fur but look the same! They also have totally different personalities!

My bestie's been looking after Fei Fei for 2 months now because I want to make sure he settles in before I leave so lately I've been spending a lot of time at her house with my dog before I leave. I'm going to miss him so much ・゚・(ノД`;)・゚・

Pomeranians are really adorable but here's a warning to anyone that is considering buying a pom

Their fur is super hard to manage! You have to spend a lot of time brushing their fur because it gets knotted really easily in the following places - Behind the ears, in the armpits area and around the bum! Also if you are slightly allergic or sensitive to fur I don't really recommend poms for you cos their hair is quite fine

Quick facts!


  • Even though she is smaller than Fei Fei she is actually the older sister! Fei Fei was the second baby of the litter and they have a younger sister which is a darker cream colour

  • Their birthday is on 10th April 2009 which was Good Friday!

  • BuBu is really hyper active! She loves to run after birds (My Bestie always like to say to her: They will come for revenge in Spring!! lol) and gum nuts!

  • She was really ditzy as a baby and would run into doors etc but seems to not feel any pain! lol!

  • Even though she's the smaller dog she likes to act like the Alpha dog so she have to eat first before letting Fei Fei eat haha!

  • She gets jealous of Fei Fei easily and growls at him and then get scolded by her mummy!

  • She more photogenic than Fei Fei ゜・(>_<)・゜

Fei Fei (fat fat)
  • LOVES food! His eyes goes super shiny and sparkly when there are food around

  • Snores really loud like a fat person haha

  • Very obedient and submissive

  • Randomly farts and burps and makes everyone run out of the room loool!

  • Very loving and don't hold grudges! My favourite trait about him ~(^◇^)/

  • Scared-y cat! He's a bit of a sissy haha Oh well he will always be my little boy (^▽^)/

Here are some photos I took of them last night and today!

It's so hard to get them in the same shot together with both heads looking at the camera without looking away! So hard to take photos of animals ・(>_<)・

Love the pink backdrop!

Yay! Finally a good picture with them looking at the camera and no one blinking or moving!!

 BuBu looks so excited for some reason! 

Awww Fei Fei's starring straight into the camera!

Her expression => XP

I got a picture of her licking my leg!! awww

Gave Fei Fei a trim~ Cut his mane short because it keeps malting!

I think he looks younger and cuter with a shorter mane =)

I'll try to blog one more time before getting on the plane! Going to do a shoe post of all my shoes before I put them away for storage!


til next time (‐^▽^‐)


  1. awwww~ the two are so cute and beautiful(*v*)
    how adorable animals*-*

  2. OMGSH sooooo adorable! I seriously have a passion for poms... T^T I want one for myself one day!

  3. omg, they're so cute. can i steal them from you? <3 haha.

  4. *Squeeeeee* Your doggies are so cute!! Cuteness overload in the morning when I read this, haha. They look like big puffballs, especially in the later photos. :D My cousin also had a few, they're adorable but their bark is pretty sharp. ><

  5. Adorable<3 and the names too :D These dogs are so active, I don't know if it's just me but two of my friends own this breed and they keep running around and playing with you haha!

  6. my neighbour has 4 of those dogs, they are so cute! But they bite Dx hope yours don't ;D

  7. @Shou Thank you ^__^

    @THT Chistina Oooo really? Yeh they are super adorable! Definitely recommend them! They are just bundles of joy ^__^

    @Tales Attack hahaha If you know where they live ^__-

    @Lauraleia Yehh the barking is really annoying! Fei Fei doesn't really bark when he's with me because I tell him off but they bark a lot when he's living with my bestie. I think two dogs are worse because when one barks it triggers off the other one to follow =( So we still working on controlling the barking

    @Chloe Nghiem Yeh they are quite active but at the same time they can't be good apartment dogs as well. Bcos they are small dogs they don't need that much walking. They an adjust to whatever live styles you need ^__^

    @Lara Faye, Yuna Thanks ^__^

    @sutewi Wow!! 4? That's quite a handful! Nope Fei Fei never bite! He's super duper docile and well behaved! He's actually too much of a coward to bite hehe! His sister can be aggressive but she just snarls and bares her teeth to try and scare you/other dogs off but actually she's quite friendly 95% of the time ^__^

    @PopBlush Thank you =)

  8. awww their sooo cute!! i seriously want a pomeranian as a pet or maybe a Samoyede or American Eskimo. they're soooooo cute!!! :D

  9. They're so adorable <3 But I think Pom Pom's can definitely have a diva attitude haha! I totally don't get that vibe looking at their photos though, they look like sweet prince and princess heehee <3

    I'm sure Fei Fei is going to be very happy with your friend and his sister, but he's sure going to miss his mum. :( I hope you can come back and visit often! I'm sure it would be expensive though... Don't worry, he'll be well taken care of so you can be happy even when he's not physically with you! *hugs*

    I hope you'll be able to settle in your new home quickly and comfortably too! Don't stress too much about packing!! <333

    HAHA Fei Fei snores like a fat person X333 My Pumpkin snores so loud sometimes too, it's so funny! I think she sometimes snores so loud she wakes herself up loll Ohhh and when she farts.... we don't run from the room, SHE DOES!! XDD
    My dog's also not nearly as photogenic as Fei Fei and BuBu. She always makes the dumbest faces :P

    Fei Fei looks super handsome with his new haircut! I didn't know Pomeranian's were so high maintenance. I'm not much a small dog person anyway, but PomPoms are just so cute <3

    I'm super stoked for your shoe collection post! Your Liz Lisa shoes are beyond adorable, so I can't wait to see what the rest of your shoe collection is like!! :D

  10. @namikad Def recommend pomeranians ^__^ they r so cute! They are all pretty much in the same family but Samoyed and American Eskimo are bigger so higher maintenance. A lot of big dogs are so beautiful but I think I'll be too lazy to walk them everyday and also it would be much more trouble when cleaning up their poo and washing them >.< So I'm def a small dogs gal

    @Katie Yeh my bf didnt want a pom bcos the homestay he used to stay had had a pom and she was really bitchy always barking at him everyday! I think it depends on how the owners treat them. They can be quite naughty if they get spoiled rotten but lucky my bf and I have been super strict on fei fei so hes really well behaved!

    Yah Im going to miss him so much but actually its not too expensive flyin back home thanks to air asia! Ticket range from 150-300aud return!

    I did all my packing last minute but somehow managed to not go over my limit and to finish packing on time lol!

    Hahaha so cute ur dog wakes herself up from her snoring omg ive never heard of that b4 awww!! Yeh its super hard and frustrating to take photos of animals esp dogs and esp if they are hyper active!

    Hahah he looks like a little white wolf with the new haircut so Im quite happy with it! At least got rid of all the knots in his fur!

    Ive already taken the photos of all my shoes so will def post it up soon! Had to pack all of them away in boxes like all my boots and I only took 5-6 pairs =( But def gonna buy more in msia lol!!!

  11. Seems to me, you're pretty darn lucky to have such a nice best friend who will take in your dog =_= better buy her a really nice present when you come back!!!

  12. wow they are soo cute and adoreable^^

  13. Aww, I love them. My pom passed away recently, so I go goo-goo over any I run into. She looked like BuBu, and her name was FiFi (fee-fee). Poms are so great, as long as they are cared for well, and yea, their hair can get crazy! It's so great seeing these little guys, and I'm sorry you have to leave your little one, but at least you know she is with someone who will treat her well. :)

  14. Oh they are so cute ! I'm really in love with the Pomeranian, I would like one *.*