Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coordinate pics and Sasa & Watson Haul~

These coordinate shots are from when I was still in Australia so should post them up soon before they become too old 

Jacket: Lodispotto in Shibuya 109-2
Top: Wu Fen Pu in Taipei
Skirt: Forever New
Shoes: Flag-J Shibuya 109

Jacket: Lodispotto in Shibuya 109-2 (same jacket as above coordinate lol)
Top: Argyle Centre HK
Shorts: Forever New
Shoes: Sachi in David Jones

Bracelete: Forever New
Necklace: Swarovski
Same outfit as above with no jacket 

Poncho: Liz Lisa
First time I've ever worn it and I bought it last December from Spring 2010 Liz Lisa collection
Never really found the right occasion wear it so this is first time I'm wearing this >.<
Shorts: Forever New
Stockings: Alannah Hill
Shoes: Chimomo

Outfit without the poncho
Top: H&M in Shenzhen

So I bought some clothes from Cindy aka BadBarbie's new webshop. It's not officially open yet but lucky she let me buy the clothes because I was leaving Australia! So I'm officially BB's first VIP~ Feel so special ^.^ 

Here are the clothes that I bought from BB ^__^ I'll do a proper review when her shop officially opens

Here is the coordinate I came up with
I feel so inspired by Cindy's Onee gyaru style so I wanted to try something different
My friends really liked this outfit! Yay ^__^

Denim ripped jeans and fox tail from BarBarbie
Shoes from Charles and Keith

Jacket and Top from online shops I bought a while ago so can't remember where I got them from >__<

Haul from Sasa, Watson and Skinfood

Sasa sells Canmake but it's actually quite expensive!! Around 40RM which is 13aud! It's expensive because Canmake is actually half the price in Japan! However, Sasa is having a Merdeka Rayu sale on the Canmake cheek powders 
54% off! original price 34.90

So Malaysians hurry and go get ur Canmake cheek powders! 

I end up getting this one
Which is a light peachy colour

Sasatinnie face and Neck masks!
Also on sale til Merdeka day! 3 for rm54! Originally at rm101.70 
I've used two already and I think it's pretty good! You hook the masks on the ears and it goes around your neck area too!

I'm going to giveaway two pieces as second prize for my current giveaway

Bought DollyWink eyeshadow in 01 and 02! Now I have all 4 at last! Yay! I'll do a review soon comparing all four eyeshadows ^__^

Bought the brown pencil eyeliner because I want the limited edition pencil sharpener >.<
And bought cream eyeshadow in 01 gold - If this is good I'm going to get the purple one too

I have this crazy need to get EVERYTHING Tsubasa produces... such a loyal fan =P

More double eyelid tapes.. I'm just buying these as trial and error til I find the perfect eyelid tape

Watson hauls..

Majorlica majorca's new blush - Puff de Cheek in OR302 Apricot Macaroon 
I'm REALLY into peachy/orange blushes lately if you can't tell already lol!

Comes with super cute puff

Bought the Liese Smooth hair cocktail mainly because the bottle is so pretty >__<
Yep huge sucker for packaging..

I swear I buy 60% of the things just because the packaging is cute and not caring if the product is actually good or not
Lucky for me most of them are! hahaah

Bought Biore's makeup remover wipes with the plastic box
I didn't realise I bought this before but it's back in Australia anyway

I bought it because Xiaxue keeps raving about it and her advertorials are pretty convincing! Esp the episode of guide to life about this makeup wipe
It's pretty good but the wipes are not as wet as I thought they would be

Picked up the Fresh Aloe mask from Skin Food
Really liked their black sugar wash off mask so I went to Skin food to get some more masks!
Love this one because it smells soooo good!
It's good for hydration!

As I was leaving Skin Food I got stopped by those girls selling things in the middle of shopping centres
and I got sucked in to buy this
She was originally trying to sell me a nail buffer lol

This product is from Japan
It's basically the fibres that's put in lengthening mascaras but in dry form
What you do is you put on ur mascara then you brush the fibres on then you put on more mascara and then you can build your lashes as long as you want

Comes in lengthening and volume, I bought the lengthening one
Will properly review this later!

If there's anything you want me to review please let me know!
I'll update the giveaway post about the 2nd prize now!
Few more days til giveaway ends! Good Luck everyone ^__^


  1. cute coordinates!! I love your ripped jeans in the last one!! If only I could find a pair of those that fit me >.<!

  2. I love your poncho and leggings <3 so many new beauty products~ I'm also looking for eyelash tape so it's easier to put on flashies easier, recommendations?

  3. your cute ^^ are you malaysian?

  4. great hauls.
    i love that black and those white tops.. :)

  5. I love everything in this haul! haha :)

  6. @Chococcuro Thanks babe! The ripped jeans is really easy to coordinate! Hopefully Badbarbie will sell more sizes cos I think so far they only sell one size which is size 6 and I had a bit of trouble putting them on but I think they become looser as you wear them

    @Lemonberrylulu Thanks ^__^ I haven't really come across a good eyelid tape yet =( I'm still pretty noob at putting them on and that's why I buy so many cos it's so hard to find good ones =(

    @Maii Thanks! I'm not Malaysian. I'm chinese born living in Australia but I've just moved indefinitely with my bf back to his home town which is in Penang ^.^

    @Camilla @Chloe Nghiem Thank u ^__^

  7. Cuuute outfits! (:
    And so many hauls! *__* And such cute things! ♥
    Hope you so some reviews, hehe :D

  8. i like the poncho.. but singapore and malaysia are both eternal summer.. it's really hard to find the right occasion to wear them.. >.<

    i've been wanting to get the dollywink's eyeshadow brown.. is it really good?

    i used that wipes for quite a long time already and i love it!! but i normally have to use two sheets >.< cause i spammed makeup on my face. ehehehe

  9. @Natalie let me know if there's any request reviews and i will do them before others ^__^

    @Kelly_konomi Yehh I know =( That's why i didnt pack the poncho so I was super determined to wear it at least ONCE before I leave for malaysia lol! I havnt started using it but will let u noe once I've used it ^__^

    Lol Yeh I find those wipes don't really take off waterproof mascara that well so i'll need to use another makeup wipe to remove eye makeup properly >.< But other than that the biore wipes are really good =D

  10. I love your coordinates, especially the one with the leather jacket. It's got such a nice rock vibe. ^^ I have that same palette~! I hope that you like it as much as I do. XD

    I would never know what to do with that Liz Lisa poncho... I think it would look terrible on me. >__> Props to you for really pulling it off! <3

    Followed! C:

  11. love the haul!!! goshness! i want candy doll palette huhu!
    would love a review on the Skin food mask (thinks im allergic to aloe facial products)

  12. wow ull review on *dolly wink* eyeshadows :D i cant wait ;D i said candy doll lolz XD

  13. Omg.. i love all your outfits! They're so cute & stylish <3 I really love your stockings and ripped jeans~ So pretty!!
    Great haul! So much pretty stuff.. I think that's the disadvantage of being a girl.. you get sucked in by packaging XD haha Looking forward to all the reviews~ ^^ Glad you managed to get all 4 Dolly wink eyeshadows!!