Monday, July 11, 2011

Shu Uemura inspired High fashion Photo shoot

My friend was doing a high fashion makeup photo shoot for her makeup course and I was her model.
The makeup was inspired by Shu Uemura's 2010 Winter limited edition collection

The model on the left was the look she was trying to achieve

Here are some items from that collection

I really wanted to buy this set...
The magical Windfalls partial lashes

But it was sold out so quick and I was too late!!! So upset =(=(

But I did get my hands on the limited edition Abracadabra makeup pouch so I'm happy about that ^__^

Here are some snaps from the photo shoot

Featuring Liz Lisa and Duffy & Shelliemay ^__^

The outfit is so spring even thought we are in the middle of Winter at the moment

Wearing my Liz Lisa dress from Spring 2011 Collection which was worn by Lena Fuji at the Liz Lisa show during Tokyo Fashion Week

This is the runway version which is slightly different to the one sold in stores

Liz Lisa dress modelled by Yui

Love this dress heaps ^___^ Bought it at Liz Lisa in Sogo, Taipei

Pink cheeks X Yellow eyeshadow

My fringe was too long and it was covering up the eye makeup but I think it looks really awkward when swept to the side =(

The teachers and other students was really fascinated with all my *cute* props and outfit lol! I guess gyaru fashion is not seen very often amongst western people here in Perth

Behind the scenes photos =)

The makeup actually looks really heavy in real life and I had to go to the restaurant next door to buy take away for dinner and I was like omg please don't let me bump into anyone I know! Then I ended up bumping right into some friends from work and I was like omg..... Kill me now @___@ I think I scared them when they turned around and saw me!! Lol!

This look is super easy to achieve~ The key is the false lashes~ I'm wearing no. 6 in Dolly Wink as bottom lashes,  a pretty pink colour for cheeks and lips and yellow eyeshadow =)


  1. Owww! You look soooo cute! I really love it! It came out so well! ♥

  2. I loovee LizLisa, their dress all soo cute! :D
    The Shu Uemura new collection is so tempting, and I like ur photoshoot! ^^

  3. owww i like lizlisaaa your dress is so very cute

  4. i love this dress, thinking about buying it too. It really suits you ^__^

  5. ♥ Very cute! Love the dress as well ^^

  6. Thank u everyone for ur sweet comments ^__^ Yep that Liz Lisa is one of the most popular piece from the spring collection. I reckon it's because Lena Fuji wore it on the runway hehe

    @cominica-ai The Shu Uemura collection was last year for Christmas =( Such a cute collection but it would be really hard to find anything from it now >__< I have a love and hate relationship with Limited Edition anything! haha >.< Love it when I get my hands on them and hate it when I missed out and the fact that I get sucked into buyin them bcos its limited edition @.@

  7. Wow. I love this post ^_^
    Ahhh i love Shu Uemura now T___T" those lashes look absolutely to die for :O Sucks they sold out so quickly! :( You look so cute in the photo shoot! Love the dress and the teddy bear AND the shoes >_<"

  8. WOW I'm super late replying, again. GOMEEEEN! *cries*

    Oh my god, Yuki. You look FANTASTIC!! OMG you're so adorable and beautiful <3 And you're wearing the shoessss!! I love those shoes on you so much, they're so cute >w< squeeee~~ Each time I visit your blog I always look at your photos (because I'm totally creepy) but really, you look so pretty! It's awesome that your friend took such professional pictures of you; you should put them in a portfolio <3

    Hahaha! I can't wear a lot of makeup either because then I get weirdly self-conscious. Then again I'm already self-conscious to begin with lol. Right now I'm wearing my Dolly Wink #1 and FINALLY #8! I put on fake glasses though to tone down the look since I'm also wearing Apple Greens, all for fun XD You're really tempting me with those Baby Cute lashes... ngh! If I ever ran into you looking like that I'd probably go crazy because you're so cute HAHA!

    OMG the Shu Uemura lashesssss! They're so unique and cute wow... it's too bad they sold out already :( Maybe you can try making your own or something? XDD; Are Shu Uemura products expensive? I've never looked into their products at all besides the eyelash curler (quite tempting, my Revlon curler is yearsss old!) That fluffy brush looks insanely cute, I want! <3

  9. @katie Thanks for ur super sweet comments ^__^ it's actually her makeup school that hired someone to come in to take the photos >.< I wish I had a good fren that has a studio and can help me take these photos all the time lol

    Dont worry it's really in now in the gyaru world to tone down and wear less makeup

    Yep Shu products are quite expensive >.< and their lashes are realllly expensive! especially here in Aus =( I'm goin to buy their newest concealer and eye shadows on tuesday so I will review and swatch those ^.^ The fluffy brush I think it's from that christmas collection where all their stuff is so cute >__< I think the normal shu brushes are just black handles >.<

  10. hey !! Dear !!~~~ how u been ?? I been follow ur blog ~~~ and just saw this post ~~~~ how come u didnt metion my name ? T^T well !!~ u was a good model !!~~ so cute !!!!~~

    take care ~~~ miss u ~

  11. Oops sorry i just tried to edit this post and there seem to be an error and it won't let me edit =( I've been good! thanks for reading my blog =D

  12. That looks so great! That's definitely something I want to look into doing. :)

  13. the pictures were really well taken D: You are really pretty in the dress!