Thursday, July 14, 2011

Napoleon night

Last month I was invited to Napoleon night at my makeup academy - WA Academy.

Napoleon is actually an Australian found cosmetic brand by Napoleon Perdis who launched their first concept store in Sydney in 1995.

The national makeup artist who was trained under Napoleon Perdis himself was there along with the state manager. My lecturer Gaby who was with Napoleon for a long time before she became a lecturer was also there to do a makeup demonstration along with the national makeup artist.

They demonstrated a full face makeup with two different smokey eye looks while the state manager was explaining all the products they were using during the demonstration.

I found the session really helpful because the steps for a full face makeup that was taught by Napoleon are quite different to what I was taught at the academy.

For example, most makeup artists are taught to do do base first - foundation and concealer before proceeding with the eye makeup. However I was taught to do eye makeup first before base because if you get any fallout from the eyeshadow onto the face then your foundation will turn grey and by putting on base after eye makeup you will get a cleaner finish. Then other makeup artists (The "cocky" national makeup artists of Laura Mercier) would argue - if you are good at applying eye shadow then you won't get any fallout.

It really comes down to what you feel is the most comfortable way to do the steps. I personally prefer to put base first because I like a flawless canvas to work on. It's a drawing on a clean piece of paper/canvas rather than drawing on a dirty paper/canvas then erasing out the background after you finish drawing if that makes sense. But then when I do get fall out it's really frustrating because you have to remove the foundation and reapply >.<

Ok enough of the blabbing, here are some snaps from the night.

Complementary finger food and champagne ^__^

All the Napoleon goodies~

On the left hand side is the National makeup artist, middle is the state manager (I think she's sooo gorgeous) and my lecturer Gaby on the right

Applying the base

Doing the eyes

Finished result - Smokey eye in black
I don't know if you can see from the photo but Gaby blended a bit of fuscha with the black and it looks really good

 Smokey eyes in brown
Love the fact that she mixed a lot of colours into the smokey eye, I especially like the blend of the gold eyeshadow

Playing with the products after the demonstration and making purchases

I didn't end up getting anything because the line was too long and since I was a student at the academy I was entitled to the same discounts anyway even if I went in to make my purchase another time.

I am not affiliated or paid by Napoleon at all to talk about their products but here are just some products that caught my attention on that night that I'd like to share with you guys. All the following photos and information are extract from the  official Napoleon website.

Loose Eye Dusts

"It’s easy to lust after this dust.” –Napoleon

A highly pigmented loose powder in a canister that dispenses just the right amount of product each time. Start in the closed position, shake lightly and open to release. The sifter mechanism measures out enough shadow for one application. Dust or pat onto the eyes, cheeks or even body for brilliant shimmering highlights. The vivid results last from dust till dawn. 

What I love about this product
  • New packaging! Napoleon recently changed the packaging for their loose dust so that only a small amount comes out of a little hole each time so in the unfortunately accident that you drop the pot you don't lose half or all of the product! I think it's a really smart and thoughtful idea!
  • The colour range is gorgeous and it's really pigmented! I have my eyes set on golden peach, honey child and emerald city. The colour charts on the official Napoleon website don't do its justice at all!! You have to go try the colours in person with this product. When I get my hands on this product I will definitely do swatches and reviews!
  • Versatile product. You can use it on your eyes and cheeks and even body. Furthermore, if you mix this product with the Cake eyeliner sealer, you can use this as an eyeliner.
China Doll Gel Eyeliners
“Bling Dynasty to dye for” - Napoleon

This rich and fabulous formula glides on effortlessly for ultimate control and comfort. Hypoallergenic and long lasting gel texture defines your eye line to perfection with consistent colour payoff. A practical eyeliner for everyday use that also doubles as a brilliant brow shaper. It is quick setting and long lasting.
This was the product used for the smokey eye look but not for the actual eyeliner but as the eyeshadow! Furthermore, because it's a gel formula, you won't get any fall outs and it wasier create the right intensity for the smokey eyes. I like this product for its versatility but the pot is really small. Maybe you can use other gel eyeliners over the lid as well but I've never tried yet.

Marshmallow Foaming Makeup Remover

“Chill 4 a thrill!” - NAPOLEON

Gentle enough for all skin types, this foaming makeup remover will lift off every look pronto! A blast of this skin - friendly foam will soothe and remove all traces of makeup and impurities without stripping the skin’s delicate acid mantle. Thanks to Marshmallow Extract and Allantoin, your skin is left feeling comfortably clean and soft. Hard working humectants hydrate even the weariest of complexions. Self activating – no water necessary – rinse or tissue off. Just press, pump, and you're ready to go!
What I like about this product is that you don't need to rinse off with water afterwards. I don't know if there are any products out there like this. I think this is really useful to have for your makeup kit if you are a makeup artist. Of course there are alternatives like makeup wipes etc.

Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation

"Love is in the airbrush" - NAPOLEON

Beauty in a flash? Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation makes the concept a reality. In just a few seconds, our aerosol foundation evens out skin tone, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and creates a flawless finish that lasts all day. The resulting look is equivalent to professional air-brush makeup. Natural fruit extracts Acai and Acerola help to revitalize your complexion, while high-tech peptides aid in diminishing wrinkles.
Suitable for all skin types. Available in your shade. 
Personally I'm not crazy about this product but I just find it's really interesting because it's foundation in spray form. The reason I don't like it is because you might spray foundation onto your hair or clothes or jewellery. However it's good for quick touchups and apparently it's really useful for fashion shows when the models need a quick touch up in between the changes for clothes. Maybe it's a good product to recommend to brides or models.

Sheer Genius

“Foundation with an IQ.” -NAPOLEON

Our exceptional hydrogel technology minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and creates a weightless veil of luminous coverage. Sheer Genius is enriched with active ingredients that boost skin elasticity and moisture. Skin appears polished even under the most intense high-definition technology, but the formula is light enough for everyday use. Suitable for all skin types.

Napoleon's newest foundation. I tried some on the back of my hand and it feels very sheer and smooth and seems to have a good coverage. 

I'm not a huge fan of Napoleon products because I don't find their packaging very attractive and that goes for MAC as well >.< I know it's bad to judge products by their packaging but I like to own cute and pretty things. Maybe that's another reason I'm so crazy about Japanese products because they pay so much attention to detail on packaging. But I'm definitely going to get my hands on some loose dusts because the colours are so gorgeous and pigmented.

Hope you found this post helpful!

I have a lot of posts planned so please look forward to them ^__^:
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  1. i never heard of that product..
    but it looks great, i hope i will own some of their products soon

  2. Oo you've never heard of Napoleon? I thought it's pretty big in the US and Australia. Not sure if they have stores anywhere else though.. But i think it's especially popular in Australia because Aussies love Australian owned/made products haha ^__^

  3. You attend a make up academy? :O
    I've never seen the products before.. like, in real life, i've seen it online XD but their products look really amazing :)
    Sounded like a really fun & great night too! I can see a bare hint of fuchsia with the black, that's amazing skill imo :D

  4. oh! cute blog! i follow u~^^

  5. Whenever I read your blog, I'm more and more inspired to possibly enter a field of beauty. My mom's always telling me I should go to a beauty school, but I never feel confident enough to venture into that type of career path. It seems like such an adventure and so exciting, especially with such influential guests! Wow!

    PSH at the Laura Mercier artists LOL They're just giving out different ideas, there's no right or wrong way to do makeup, right? It's your face, it's your canvass to paint and do what you feel. I'm not sure I'd put base on second, because I kinda look at my face to determine what kind of makeup I want to do that day. Plus, in case I'm running low on time, I'd rather have a flawless face than sexy eyes on a Yuki coined "dirty canvass" heehee Maybe just put some tissue on your face while you put on eye shadow? :)

    FOOD! Dang, I'd be all over the food table if I were there HAHA Oh same! I don't think I've heard of the Napoleon brand before you introduced it on your blog! I'm quite excited to see your swatches and reviews :) The makeup demonstrations look beautiful, but I never wear that much eye makeup anymore. Though it would be fun to again! ^^ That's also really cool you can just go back and buy whenever you want :O Sucks for the people in line HAHA

    I'm very curious about the loose eye dusts. I've never heard of that type of packaging for eye shadow before! Very innovative :D And the gel liners on the entire lid?? That's definitely interesting! I'd love to see a demo of that :D

    The makeup remover is also very interesting idea. I wonder how it works?

    That's what I always thought about spray foundations too!! Most people put it on their hand or sponge, right? For Napoleon, are you supposed to spray directly on your face? Maybe get one of those shampoo blockers that old Korean ladies wear in the shower? XDD

    Oh wow, that foundation bottle looks tiny o_o Also, it doesn't look like the product would come out easily right? ^^; Or maybe it does? I'm always so curious, can you tell? LOL Totally feel you on the packaging too! But then with Japanese products it makes it hard to throw away the extra packaging because it's so cute! So it just piles up XDD

    Yayyyyy I'm SUUUUPER excited about your makeup tutorial!! Especially from a makeup student, since I've seen amazing skills on students :DD

  6. You should definitely do it!!! You will have so much opportunities esp since u live in california *super jealous* Oh wow I'm surprised you've never heard of Napoleon, maybe it's not that popular in the US

    yep so true abt the running out on time thing cos u can always tone down ur eye makeup and finish faster but u cant haf a face with no foundation >..< will try to post that up soon! =)

  7. omg -.- i typed a hell long comment and for some reason only the first and last paragraph came out! nooooooo!!

    arrrgh *cries* totally agree on the saving time thing cos if u run out of time u can jus do a simpler eye makeup but u cant go out without a flawless face!

    less eye makeup is really in right now in the gyaru world
    makeup remover comes out in a pump in form of a marshmallow foam and u use cotton pads to clean off the face but the best part is u wont need water to rinse it off after so its v convenient for makeup artists

    spray foundation can be used by spraying onto sponge first but u spray directly onto face if u want a fast touch up so its good for models or brides

    yep foundation bottle is small n opening small but that foundation is really fine so comes out ok but dont know what happens wen the bottle is near empty

    and yeh the japanese packaging i have such a hard time throwing away even the packaging like the boxes and stuff all my candy doll boxes etc >__< sighh cos im such a hoarder =(

    hope the whole comment goes thru this time >__<

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