Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Laura Mercier Silk creme foundation & Eye and cheek palette review

I thought I lost my camera a few days ago and I totally freaked out and was super depressed and felt so lost... How can I blog now without my camera omg?!!?

But to my relief my friend end up finding it... it's a long winded story but basically the whole thing made me realise that.. when you've lost something (whether it's a person or an item) that's when you really learn to appreciate it/them. So if you were lucky and was given a second chance you should really be grateful and start appreciating that item or person you thought you might have lost. 

I guess we only really appreciate something when it's gone and it's too late. I guess that's human nature to just take things we have at the moment for granted right? I guess sometimes we should stop and just think and appreciate the people around us and the things we have.

Can't believe losing a freaking camera for 2 days made me think all these sentimental stuff... but boy I was REALLY upset for those two days =.= I didn't even end up going out with my friends and just moped around at home for two days -__- and now I feel I was given and second chance so omg I'm never letting my camera out of my sight again!! >___<

Ok onto my post~~ Here's a first impression review of my new Laura Mercier products

Silk creme foundation in Ivory Beige and their Limited edition Eye and Cheek palette

I like to say it's a first impression review because this is what I think of the products after using it the first time. I might change my mind about anything I say in this review after more uses of the product but for now this is what I think...

This is the first time I've ever purchased/used Laura Mercier products and I kind of felt like I was cheated into buying them. I was originally interested in the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser because I wanted to buy a tinted moisturiser and I was doing my research online and the most popular tinted moisturiser was by Laura Mercier.

So I went to the LM counter at David Jones to get some samples and omg the product was quite expensive than predicted! It was around 80aud (I forgot the exact price). The SA was super nice and said that the National makeup artist for LM is coming in two weeks and he's super talented. I can book a time with him where he colour matches me and helps me do my makeup and at the same time I can learn more about what eyeshadow colour suits me, what foundation colour I am etc. The catch is there's a booking fee of 40aud and I can claim it back later in products.

Sounds pretty good right? Since I was planning to get the tinted moisturiser I thought why not get a free makeup done and get some tips from the talented National makeup artist of Laura Mercier?

LM counter at David Jones

The eye and cheek palette he used on me which I bought later

National makeup artist doing my makeup

The finished result...

My honest opinion? He sucked!!! The SAs was all like omggg looks so good! Wow that colour suits you!! ooo ahhhh etc and I was Are you serious?!?! I look like a tranny!!

I don't know if it's because he was actually bad or it's because he just did a half assed job because he's not getting paid for it (I think?)... I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he just did a half assed job and he could've done better...

Because if I paid him to do my makeup and it turned out like this I would have been super pissed and would have asked for a refund!

I mean, he didn't even draw my eyebrows, or highlight and contour my face at all!! He did a HORRIBLE job with concealing my under eye. He only put eyeliner on the inner rim of my eyes which looked like I had no eyeliner and I had to ask him to put more for me. Hardly put any mascara on, not to mention didn't even bother to curl my lashes and when I asked him about highlighting and contouring he said: ohh you don't need it!!


 I was appalled... I felt so cheated, I felt he probably thinks I know nothing about makeup and just did some half assed job to make my face look different so I can be satisfied

And when I was about to choose my product the SA was like oh.. you have to choose two items. I was like .... what?! I don't remember anything about choosing two items! Apparently she told me on the day that I booked... and 90% of LM's products are around $80-90 unless I buy a lipstick or lipgloss which is around $40-50 which is still super expensive!

So in the end I bought the silk creme foundation which they are quite famous for and the eye and cheek palette which is a limited edition. It's really worth it because it's only around $70 something (forgot exact price) for two cheek colours and four eye colours when normally it cost around 60-70 just for one eye shadow colour or cheek colour.

I didn't end up buying the tinted moisturiser because I found it was really oily and left my hands feeling really oily and gross and not like an actual moisturiser at all. The whole point of getting a tinted moisturiser was so I can get a bit of coverage when putting on my moisturiser but that I didn't have to go wash my hands after.

Anyway... here's some interesting tips and information I got from the makeup artist so my time was not completely wasted...

  • He lives in Melbourne so the Asian market is huge there. He says Indonesians and Koreans are the best customers because they don't bargain.
  • He charges $150 for trial and depending how many people book him for the day his price vary between $90-$120 per person. (Using all Laura Mercier Products)
  • He's from Paris so all the Asians love to hire him to "show off" that their makeup artist is French... (lol...typical arrogant French man)
  • The real money is in hair styling. If you do a crash course on hair styling and combine that with freelance makeup, you will earn a lot of money!
  • Never reduce your prices, don't give in to bartering. People will be happy to pay for the prices you set if they believe you are worth the price. Reducing your price is like reducing your worth as a makeup artist.
Onto the review!

 Laura Mercier Limited Edition Eye and Cheek Palette


The palace pink is more of a highlighter even though it's labelled as a "cheek colour", you will see why in the swatches later.

Swatches on a tissue paper

Swatches on skin

Even though the palace pink turns out pale pink on the tissue paper but on skin it just have subtle gold shimmers. So this definitely will not work as a blush but instead, I think it's a great highlighter. The gold shimmers catches the light perfectly on those places you want to highlight and I think I can use this now instead of buying the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish.

Golden Sands, Rare Taupe and Regal Violet on the lids

Lavender silk along the bottom of the eyes

Persian rose as the blush, palace pink as the highlighter

(See full face photo below)

The good: Great colour combination! I'm not very familiar with LM products but apparently these colours are only available with the Limited edition palette and you can't actually buy them separately! 

I'm not crazy about the packaging but I like the magnetic clasp and the mirror.

The bad: Nothing so far

I quite like this palette. I don't have anything similar in my eyeshadow collection and I really like the regal violet and the rare taupe colour. I also quite like the Persian rose blush which reminds me of orgasm by NARS or Peaches by MAC. It has that pretty deep peach tone. In terms of pigmentation I would say medium. I need to use this product more to comment accurately on that. Also ease of blending I can't really comment either till more uses of this product. But so far I quite like it ^__^

 Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Ivory Beige

It looks quite dark on the back of the hand, this little bit was enough to cover my whole face

And here is what it looks like with the product on my face

Note: I did NOT photoshop these photos at all because I want to show you the true coverage of the foundation, hence you can still see some puffiness under my eye because I didn't use any concealer

Before going out: 6pm

Using the exact same eyeshadow, blush and foundation I reckon I did a MUCH better job on my makeup than the "National" Laura Mercier makeup >__<

At home: 1.30am (Wearing my bath robe lol)

The good: Great coverage, makes my face look flawless and airbrushed! Stayed on well, still looked great after 7 hours. A little bit of product can cover the entire face

The bad: Pricey! Around $80 something for such a small tube
Ugly packaging!

I quite like the silk creme foundation! When I look back on the photos from that day I felt my face looked really flawless and airbrushed! I might not even buy the MAC studio fix foundation now!

And that's the end of my review! Hope you found it useful! I'll be announcing the winner of the Cosme Eyes giveaway in my next post!! Last day to enter!

PS I just had a look at the LM official website and I think all the prices on the website are the prices of LM in the US... It's like half the price of LM products sold in Australia...FOL!!

But I guess it's like that for all international brands in Australia...Everything in the US is so much cheaper, especially now the AUD is so strong... so fellow US readers.. you guys are SO LUCKY!! >___<


  1. Wow ~ the silk creme foundation looks good! Your skin is flawless~ ^o^ But that is kinda pricey >w< Thanks for reviewing~~

  2. I know just what you mean!! OMG I'm super upset about my hard drive still... especially now realizing I had my pictures and videos of YOSHIKI from Fanime on there... I have the pictures backed up on my sister's computer (hope she didn't delete them!!), but I only uploaded half the video on Youtube!! ;___; I haven't even told my bf because he already scolded me for not backing up important things. I hope my Hawaii pictures are backed up on my bf's harddrive, I was crushed a few years ago when I thought I lost those too!! T___T

    I can't believe they rip you off like that!! I doubt the girl said 2, otherwise who would buy it?? She probably gets commission or points or something for selling it to customers... >_> And to be completely 100% honest, I agree with you on how he did your makeup!! I didn't even recognize you!! Maybe he does a good job of DOING makeup, but not actually APPLYING makeup to FLATTER the face! Unless he really, really did just do a half-ass job, then he's doesn't know how to market himself... >_>

    I find the palette to be quite pretty! I'm not too fond of gold shimmery highlighters, but I'm trying to get used to it. Golden Sands looks so gorgeous though... I'm a sucker for gold shadows... could you compare this to the Dolly Wink shadow? I just love Tsubasa's natural look with that eyeshadow, I wonder if you can get the same look with this? ^^

    WOW the foundation looks great on you! Even after so many hours it's still there :O I'm not sure I can spend $42 on foundation for myself though >_< I'll stick to BB cream :P How did you apply it btw? ^^ Also, how would you apply bb cream, like what's your method of choice? ^^

    Come to the US!! Let's go shopping!! <3 >:DD

  3. Wow. He really did do a shit job :S
    Even your own make up skills look much better in all the photos i've seen on your blog >.>"
    I can't believe the ripped you off like that! :(
    Totally understand the pain of spending so much money on a single product not being worth it~

  4. The silk creme foundation looks really good on you!!
    Sorry that the guy did such a horrible job on your makeup ): what a ripoff to have you pay money for it expecting to get the credit, but then having to spend more money on Laura mercier products!~
    But the foundation really does suit you well (: But so unbelievably expensive T__T

  5. Huh... the only thing I can think of to excuse the low quality look he did, is that perhaps he didn't want to 'overwhelm' you with 'complex'/'intense' things like contouring and brow shading. *eye roll* Riiighhttt. Haha.

    Either way-- WOW, those LM items are priiceyy. @_@ The foundation is FLAWLESS, though. <33 I'd pay, probably, 40 bucks USD for it, but my poor self just cannot go for the $60 + stuff.

    Glad you got your camera back, too. ;]

  6. @Tifuani Yeh I know.. it's super pricey… felt so cheated >.< But thank god the product is good or I would've been more upset!

    @Katie omg worst nightmare when your HD dies on u!! Years before external HD was invented or it was super pricey and out of the question, my computer HD died and I lost SO MUCH valuable data I think I locked myself in the room and cried in frustration for a whole day >.< Photos, all these pictures I collected over the years, and Dong Bang Shin Ki videos and pictures that took me so long to download and find. Not to mention all my music! I was sooo upset… So I basically don't really have any photos from my high school years anymore.. omg all my ball photos etc.. super upset!!!! So I can totally relate to that feeling of losing data from HD =(=(

    Which Dolly Wink eyeshadow did you want me to compare with? Bcos if it's the brown palette 01 then I don't have that one yet. But I'm definitely planning to pick it up when I go to Malaysia soon!! I just feel like I have to have the whole collection =)

    I apply my expensive foundation with my mac 130 duo fibres but with BB cream I just smear it on my face with fingers and use a sponge to smooth it out =P

    Yes I will def go find you next time I visit the US and go shopping!! ^__^ Still so jealous how everything so much cheaper for you guys =(

    @Jen Thanks babe! Yeh I felt really ripped off =( So i'm trying to find consolation in the fact that the product I end up picking was actually good and let it be a lesson learnt =(

    @Mimi yelp I was pretty shocked when I learned I had to pick a 2nd product because it was hard for me already just to pick one product! So I guess I will make the most of my least it's a really good product

    @Noxin LOL Yeh but I actually asked him what about my eyebrows and contouring and highlighting? And he said I don't need any contouring and he already contoured my cheeks with the blush and he just quickly did some half-assed job on my brows and that's it… But yeh super expensive.. I could've bought both the MAC studio fix foundation and powder for that price =(=( But u are lucky~ ur from the states so LM foundation is only around 40 for you guys >__<

  7. That's totally the downfall of modern technology... it just goes too fast even for me, and now I've probably lost so much important data. :( EFF, now that I think about it.... I hope I have my X JAPAN CONCERT pictures backed up somewhere!!!!!!! SH-- I had them all on my iPod, but when I was uploading pictures to take to the fabric store it erased all my old pictures........ omg. T___T

    The single gold eyeshadow ^^ It seems so pricey though just for one eyeshadow, until I remember brands like MAC or Sephora or Lancome, etc. >< Heehee I'll be expecting swatches of the palette when you pick that up haha! :D

    OMG feel so dumb right now, totally didn't realize that about the Dolly Wink liners XDD Maybe I got confused if they have two sections of this liner on display at Mitsuwa... or maybe I'm just dumb HAHA! Nah, I probably did confuse it with the pencil liners :)) Are those any good btw? Those I've definitely heard a few mixed reviews :O But now that I think about it, I kinda wish I picked one up on Sasa, I totally forgot about it. I need a good pencil liner >w<

  8. yahh omg sometimes I really hate apple products esp itune when it comes to putting data onto ur decide like iphone, ipod etc! Pain in the ass!! Why can't they just simply drop data like Finder or Explorer into the device? and it's so hard to take data out of the device as well!! Damn frustrating.. who the hell invented the stupid "syncing" data thing is retarded!!

    Which dolly wink single gold eyeshadow? I'm confused.. are you talking about the cream eyeshadow? Cos I only have Dolly wink eyeshadow palette in 03 and 04.. the only gold eyeshadow they have would be the 01 palette or the cream eyeshadow

    The pencil eyeliner is so-so... I don't really use pencil, I only use it to fill that gap that u cant with ur liquid liner like on the base of ur lashline but then later it's a pain in the ass to cleanly remove the black eyeliner cos its on the root of ur lashes! And I find you have to keep sharpening the eyeliner cos a lot of product goes onto ur eyes in one use.. if that makes sense? ie pencil goes blunt super fast! Also since I don't really use pencil eyeliners I can't really do much of a comparison >___< I'm more of a liquid + gel girl =P Plus it's just annoying sharpening a pencil all the time =P Btw have u seen the new dolly wink eye pencil sharpener? damn cute >__<

  9. wow... so cute ! i like your eyes
    followed your blog :)
    i hope you can follow my blog thanks

  10. Very nice review. Looking forward to the rest of the Burberry Beauty brush line to come out. Would you recommend this over the Edward Bess brush if you can only choose one? I'm looking for a slightly more dense application with the ability to blend well. Thanks.

  11. Bah, bloody French blokes who think they're all that. What a lazy bugger! I could tell you were not happy. :P But I'm glad the Laura Mercier foundation was good, I was thinking about getting the tinted moisteriser myself, but now that you've said that it is oily I may not get it.
    I may look for the foundation, but I'm very worried about the colour. Did it oxidise into your skin colour like BB creams do?

  12. @Miharu Thank you so much for following!

    @Chelcie If you are worried about the colour feel free to go in and try it on in person before picking the colour! Even get a sample and try it out a few times before going to buy. Because this is not a cheap foundation so I totally encourage you to fully try before you buy ^__^ Foundation is really tricky because you have to pick the right colour. Im not sure about the oxidising because BB cream are designed to oxidise into your skin to match your colour because they all mainly come out with just 1-2 shades

    With foundations where there's a bigger range of colours to choose from, best to try out the product properly before buying ^__^

    I'll also answer your other questions here =) I'm not too sure if there are translucent versions but I would definitely recommend the candy doll mineral powder for a translucent powder =)

    i've only tried Mac's studio fix foundation which is pretty much pressed powder but I didn't really like it found it kinda drying but I've never tried their translucent powders

    Hope I've helped ^__^ xx

  13. Hey Yuki, thank you for the very informative post. I've been eyeballing on LM silky foundation for so long. May I know what shade of MAC foundation you are? Thank you again

  14. im nc25 in mac foundation

    LM silky foundation offers really good coverage and u only need a tiny amount to cover a large area!! great for clubbing or special occasions or photos =D=D