Monday, July 18, 2011

I ❤ Threading

For those of you who've never heard of threading I hope you will by the end of this post! I went and got my eyebrow threaded for the first time a week ago and after that I don't want to use any other way to pluck/remove the hair around my eyebrows!

Here a video from Youtube to better explain what threading is and there are a lot of other videos on other people's experience on Youtube

"Threading is the best known hair removal solution particularly for facial hair and use of threading for eyebrow shaping is the ultimate use of threading which always gives the best results one can have; this is the reason why threading is more often referred to as eyebrow threading than threading itself."

Quote extracted from which is where I went and got my eyebrows done!

Before: with eyebrow pencil drawn on

After! No makeup on (I have eyebrow tattoo)

Look how clean it is! I don't even think you can achieve that with waxing?

 I was sooo pleased! Personally I found that it wasn't very painful but I think it depends on the individual person because my best friend and her friend found it quite painful. It takes around 5-10 minutes for both eyebrows depending how much hair you have. 

If you want clean, hair free eyebrows I think it's worth the pain. Especially since it takes longer for the hair to grow out again compared to shaving which I totally do not recommend because look at all the fine hair I got from shaving =(

Waxing is not very good either because you can't get something as precise and clean as this!

The price was affordable as well! $19

I am not affiliated with Zubias threading or paid to promote them

I'm just really happy with the result and I would like to recommend this to you guys
If you are not from Australia, I'm sure there are services in your city that provide threading, ask your friends or do some research.

This is the store I went to

My friend getting her eyebrows threaded

Please visit  for other locations in WA

Hope you found this useful ^__^


  1. I love threading too! It makes my eyebrows look more natural and well-groomed. Plus, it's not that painful and is relatively cheap.

  2. I must fing a place on my country for threading my eyebrows! O:

  3. oh this!! is this at southlands? LOL

  4. @fey yep that's southlands oo I'm guessing u r from Perth then ^.^

  5. It does give such a clean look, but to me, it hurt a LOT! Maybe my pain threshold is very low, but I couldn't help tearing. Not crying, but the pain literally stung. Still, having said that, I will probably do it again because it does look very good :D

  6. I really want to get my eyebrows threaded but i'm scared of someone else doing it! & Im horrible at it so I have a dilemma! LOL... & it hurts sooo much! because I have thick eyebrows and thick hair on my eyebrows >< wahhh~

  7. Your eyebrows look great!! Im amazed you only discovered it now :O
    Threading was the first thing i tried (after plucking).. first time was painful, but now it's bearable ^_^

  8. @Joey awww >__< yeh some people can't really stand it and some can bear it.. but the results are definitely good so i guess just depends how much u willing to under go the 5-10min of pain for beauty haha but compared to waxing and plucking this def is the best method =)

    @mimi omg u can thread? thats awesome! awww but the result is really worth it!

    @Jen yeh i know! cant believe it took me so long to discover it >__< But glad I did cos that's the only method I'm using from now to on remove the hair around my eyebrows! =D=D

  9. Wow!! Thanks for sharing! This was very informational *~* I wanna try threading now~! Your brows looks so clean! I hope its just not painful like they say~

  10. @yuki, LOL yes! and i live very very very very near there! you know Willetton senior high school? thats where i go to school!

  11. omgggg no wayyy!!! that's where I went to high school as well!!! But I graduated in 2005 >.< hahah You still attending willetton now? It's a good school keke =P

  12. I unfortunately can't get my eyebrows threaded, or plucked too much at a time... It makes me sneeze! Quite a few people I know have this problem though. So I get mine waxed, and the more often you wax, the less hair grows back. At least that's what mine look like after 6 years of waxing haha!
    Although I think the threading is really useful for people that use Accutane, which makes your skin ultra sensitive, waxing would rip the skin right off! Or diabetic people too. I think it really depends on the individual, and how their hair grows too. (^_^)

    Do you think you would ever plan to use laser removal?? That is something I've also thought about, so I would never have to get them removed again. It's pretty expensive, but I believe it's all worth it in the end, if you're spending money every other month (or how often you do) for eyebrow hair removal, I think it evens out. What do you think about this?? I'm curious to know if anyone besides me thought about it.

    >Aqua ☆☆☆

  13. @aquadrop but the thing with laser removal on the eyebrow area is that you cant get precise areas removed >.< I have done laser removal for arm pit and I think that is quite worth it tho the hair is not 100% gone but there is very less hair there now

    but yeh it is quite expensive and u have to make time to go do it every 6 weeks so its quite bothersome too >.<

  14. Oh, I didn't know threading, it seems so good and efficient !! I've to try it !!