Friday, July 1, 2011

I ❤ Mogitate Kajitsu Lip balms~~

Wow, it's July already... time fly so fast! Five more days til the end of the Cosme eyes giveaway! If you enter now, you will still have a good chance of winning contact lenses of your choice sponsored by Cosme Eyes!

Today I'm finally going to blog about a Holy Grail Item!!

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while now and finally here it is!! I'm not being paid or sponsored for these lip balms so just from the photos of how many I have, I think it speaks for itself how much I adore these lip balms!

Mogitate Kajitsu Lip balms in the Mentholatum line which is under Rohto~ Love Rohto products!!

I seriously need one in my bag/make up bag at ALL times!! When I say I can't live without these lip balms I MEAN it! So as you can see, I have a lot of these lip balms stocked up since I can't buy them in Australia =(

It's funny because before I discovered these lip balms I hardly ever use lip balms at all even though I get dry lips all the time. Thank god I discovered them because this would be the no. 1 item in my holy grail list! I don't use any other lip balm! When my friend introduces me or recommend me another brand I'm like.."sorry I only use the mogitate lip balms.." haha I'm such a lip balm snob! >.<

Mogitate kajitsu もぎたて果実 translates to Fresh fruits!

They are available in five juicy flavours~ 

From left to right -> Orange & Mango, Strawberry, Grape & Berry and White Peach
and... Lemon & Lime
However I'm not a citrus fan so I've never tried and probably never will try the Lemon & Lime flavour haha!

I absolutely love these lip balm so much!! I'm usually not a fan of lip balms but my best friend is a lip balm freak! She discovered these lip balms on her trip to Japan in Feb 2008! So when I went to Japan in July 2008, she asked me to buy more of these lip balms for her so I got some for myself as well and since then I can't live without these lip balms!! 

This is the #1 Best Selling Lip balm Brand in Japan and these lip balms contains...
                Natural Fruit Juice - contains essential minerals and vitamins that nourishes the lips
                Honey - heals and renews
                Grape Seed Oil - helps to repair skin on the lips for softer lips
                Vitamin A & E - prevent lip-aging and gives your lips a healthy shine

Boring information aside, here's the reasons why I LOVE these lip balms
  • The scent 
    • Omg I've seriously never come across any lip balms that smelled this good! They smell really yummy and fruity like you just want to eat it up! My favourite flavours are the Strawberry and the Grape and berries one because I really love berry flavours!! When I eat skittles I always pick out the red and purple ones and leave the rest haha which is why I rarely eat skittles because I waste 3/5 of the packet >.<
  • Leaves a subtle minty feeling on your lips
  • Adorable packaging
  • And of course it's a really great lip balm! Soothes your dry cracked lips almost instantly and lasts for quite a long time unless you drink or eat then it comes off.

Watson in Singapore and Malaysia sells these lip balms! However I can't find them anywhere in Hong Kong or Taiwan which is really surprising for me since they sell a lot of Japanese products! I seriously went into every Watson, Sasa, Bonjour etc in Hong Kong and Taipei looking for these lip balms and then I ended up finding them in Penang Watsons lol!

Last time my bf went back to Penang he bought ALL of the lip balms at the Watsons except for the Lemon and Lime flavour for me. The checkout person must've thought he was a freak! ahahAHAH >.<

So if you have trouble getting your hands on these lip balms here is the good news!! I'm giving away the lip balm flavour of your choice in my upcoming blog giveaway! So please stay tuned for that ^___^


  1. I wish Watsons here in my place would sell it too. I really wanna try it since I get dry lips sometimes too. XD

    if you have some spare time, pls do visit.

  2. I wish NZ had a watsons,sasa, bonjour or any asian cosmetics company/franchise that didn't over-charge like a mofo >_<

    Are they only available in Japan?

  3. YESSSS!! I'm SO happy to hear you'll be throwing them in your giveaway, I reallyyyyy want to try them now! Right now I'm using my Burt's Bee lip wax which I think is great, but I'm so lazy to use it XD I had no idea Rohto made lip balms too! :O Gah, they look SO cute! :O

    Gahhh again, I need to comment on your Dolly Wink post!! Sorry I'm so late </3 I read it twice already and never commented gomeeeeen m(=__=)m

  4. @Marxie yeh it sucks that some Watson sells them and some dont =( They should all sell them!

    @Jen So far the only places I see that sells them outside Japan is Watsons in Singapore and Malaysia

    @Katie Daijoubuyo~ thanks for ur long sweet comment!! I had such a bad day yesterday...I think I lost my camera... I'm super upset right now... Don't know if I will be blogging much now til I buy a new camera..*sigh* but reading ur comment cheered me up a bit! Thank u for always leavin reli long n sweet comments xx

  5. this lip balm looks so cute!! I wish I knew where to get them in the US >< The only lip balm I use is my burt's bees original lip balm and I love it cause it's minty and tingly! ((:

    Your boyfriend is so sweet to buy you all the lip balms at watsons XD I LOVE Watsons when I go back to china!! (:

  6. very cute haha wish i had one >=D

  7. Aaa i love lip balm with a nice scent, i'll definitely check it out sometime ^^ Very cute blog ~

  8. @mimi thanks babe =) cos my friends from Perth wanted some too so I ask him to buy me heaps back and he just end up taking everything lol!!

    @C. Stayed tuned for my giveaway~ ^.^ Maybe u can win one ^.-

    @Jelly Anna omg I'm so happy you are reading/following my blog~ I love your blog sooo much~ 好想跟你做朋友喔~<3

  9. Wow, you really stocked up there! I hardly use lip balms, too, though I really should especially during the winter months. I'll keep this in mind next time. I will prolly get them online, though. Thanks for the review

  10. That's alot. 0.0

  11. what a cute lippies~! the packaging looks like my rillakuma lip balm though <3 suuper cute, thx for the review ^^

  12. @Joey yepp def give these a try~ I think ebay sells them at a slightly expensive price >.<

    @Czarina yahh cos I'm so scared to run out so I need to stock up a lot cos I dun have ne shops in Perth that sells these >.<

    @Lina oooO Hows the Rilakkuma lip balm? never seen it before, can imagine must be v cute hehe