Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cosme Eyes Giveaway Winner is.....

The Winner is...


Congrats =) I don't actually have your email so can you please leave a comment with your email and also the lenses you want including the degree? The Facebook page link is fixed now =)

Thank you for everyone that joined this giveaway~

Here are some random snaps~

Beautiful sunset sky~

Walking my baby~ Fei Fei (right) and his sister Bubu (left)


Finally a nice sunny day~ Was raining for the past week!

They have matching outfits ^__^

My best friend~ Bubu's owner ^__^

Next post will be my 6 months giveaway ^__^


  1. OMG The dogs are soooo adorable! and congrats to the winner! haha

  2. awww the dogs are so cute ...congrats to the winner!!

  3. Oh wow, I actually won? O_O"
    Thank you so much! >.<"
    Hyper Crystal series in Pinky
    Degree: -4.25 for both eyes

    BuBu & Fei Fei are so cute btw! Do they have partners yet? ^_^

    Thank you again <333

  4. congrats to the winner! (: FeiFei & Bubu are soo cute!! Is FeiFei 肥肥?~ XD Cause he's so poofy! hahaha~ I love that name!

  5. @Jen I sent you a msg on facebook babe :) the lenses you want is in stock congrats again ^__^ and no they dun have partners cos we desexed them cos we dun want them to have babies >.< so they will always be our baby =P

    @mimi yep its 肥肥 heheh cos he's a fat boy that likes food =P ^__^