Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Stuff! Liz Lisa, Cosmagic, Melliesh, Dollywink and MORE!

Sorry I haven't updated for a while! I'm in the process of moving house and packing my stuff and selling my furniture so I've been quite busy!

Just going to share with you guys some stuff I've bought recently and what just arrived in the mail!

My friend found this store in Perth that sells imported authentic fashion from Japan. There's a lot of 109 brands like Liz Lisa and Snidel etc so of course I went to check it out asap! The stuff was of course pricey and there wasn't that many Liz Lisa stuff but the owner said there's a lot of new stock coming and that  they are currently held up at Australia customer. Due to the Japan earthquake, the new stock are being checked for radiation etc. so it's taking longer than anticipated. (Australian customs are super strict!)

Also he said if there's anything I like on Jap mags like ViVi he can order it for me if it's not sold out! Too bad I'm moving to Malaysia soon and also I'm pretty broke >__<

Anyway what I did end up buying there was the Liz Lisa Spring kago bag!!
I've been eyeing this bag ever since February at the HK and Taipei Liz Lisa boutiques but I ended up talking myself out of it because

1. I rather spend the $$ buying Liz Lisa clothes
2. This basket would be impossible to pack into my luggage meaning I have to carry it all the way back to Malaysia and then back to Perth

So when I saw it at the shop I was like OMG must buy! It's fate! Because this was like the Feb Spring collection and the only reason the shop had it was because he ordered it in Feb but it only came recently! The price was reasonable enough (100aud) I don't know how much is it at Liz Lisa boutiques but I felt it was meant to be for me to buy this bag >__<

Dunno when I can use it though because it's Winter right now in Australia... But since I will be going to Malaysia soon... =)

Ok enough of me rambling, here are the photos!

And the other thing I bought at the store is these shoes! It's really expensive though - 150aud so wasn't sure if it's worth the price but it's quite comfortable because I even wore it out to clubbing and I really love the design! It matches so well with all my gyaru clothes >__<

For all fellow Perth readers/friends this shop is called Chimomo and it's in Carillon City next to DIVA accessories in the City.

Remember my post about cosmagic blushes? Well because of this little baby here....

Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek Peach Pink 02

I ended up buying all this....from Bonjour HK. It took one whole month for the stuff to arrive from the day I paid for it!! So don't think I'll be buying from them again any time soon... (especially since I pretty much bought everything I wanted anyway). Also their website is super hard to navigate through and a LOT of stuff is out of stock =.=!

And don't you worry I got a good long harsh scolding from my bf about "wasting money" ya-da-ya-da =.=

But me likey new stuff ok? Especially cosmetics and especially the hottest gyaru cosmetics that you have to have if you are a hardcore gyaru lover! I hope all fellow gyarus will understand this *need* lol..!

Other stuff from my Bonjour haul

 Melliesh Blush 02 Baby pink, Melliesh Lip gloss in #1 and #5

Stocking up on my Dolly wink no. 5 (my 3rd packet)

Double eyelid stuff... I don't know why I bought more...I have so many right now it's not even funny but it's kinda the next thing I want to master... The eye talk one is from SaSa

But to my defence I don't have any double eyelid glue, they are different from eyelash glue so I want to give them a try

Dolly Wink nail polish! ❤ These colours are always sold out on SaSa!

And first time trying out Skin Food masks because everyone's been raving about them!

Ok that's all about my recent new stuff

Onto the next bit which has been requested by a reader Katie! Warning: a lot of text, if you can't be bothered reading then please skip the rest of the entry =P

Different ways to apply liquid foundation

There are three main ways to apply liquid foundation - With your fingers, with foundation brushes (Duo fibre or Normal foundation brush) and sponges

I'm going to talk about them in the order of my personal preference - least favourite to favourite. Note: This is all just from my personal experience and knowledge, it may or may not be correct.

The good: 
  • Cheapest option
  • It's handy when you don't have any brushes or sponges on hand
  • Your fingers have natural warmth (if it doesn't you should me worried.. or maybe we should be worried...) so it melts away the foundation and help the foundation blend into your skin more smoothly - That's what they say... but I personally find sponges and foundation brushes do a better job
The bad:
  • If you don't wash your hands properly you are spreading germs on your face
  • If you don't wash your hands right after foundation application, you are going to get foundation everywhere!
In conclusion: 
I'm not a huge fan of using fingers because I don't like the oily fingers covered with foundation feeling. Then you get the taps dirty with foundation and.. eww it's just messy!


The good: 
  • Fairly cheap
  • It creates a very smooth finish to your foundation (I think better than fingers)
The bad:
  • Sponges absorb a lot of product so you are wasting a lot of product because it is not going onto your skin, it's going into the sponge!! This is a very important point and the main reason that puts me off sponges so I only use sponges for the cheaper stuff like bb creams and definitely do not use them for my expensive foundations!
  • It gets dirty looking very fast so you have to change to a new sponge quite regularly and in the long run can be pricey
In conclusion: I used to use sponges a LOT with my bb creams because that was my everyday base but now I'm more and more lazy so I use Majorlica's compact foundation as an everyday base.  Still using sponge but it's a different story when you are apply compact foundation with a sponge vs applying liquid foundation with sponge.

Makeup brushes - Foundation and Duo Fibre brushes:

The good
  • Foundation brushes creates a very smooth finish
  • Doesn't absorb as much product as sponges
The bad:
  • It's the most expensive option in the short run if you are looking at buying the high-end brands like MAC and Shu Uemura, with that said it's definitely worth the investment because if you take care of your brushes properly they last like years and years!!
  • You have to wash them quite regularly or the brushes will collect germs which you will be spreading all over your face next time you use them
  • It's a pain to wash them, especially the foundation brush because it's so oily and you feel like it's never really clean...
Difference between Foundation brush and Duo fibres
  • Duo fibres absorb more product than foundation brushes
  • Foundation brushes are good to create full coverage because you can use it to build your foundation where as duo fibre is more of a buffing brush and creates a more natural coverage
In conclusion: 
I actually don't own a foundation brush right now (I bought a cheap one few weeks ago and lost it the next day =.=)

I prefer Duo fibres because you are applying foundation with a buffing motion and it creates a more flawless polished look. Foundation brushes may create that streaky look especially if you are using a cheap brush.

I hope all that is helpful!!

Will try to post reviews on all my new cosmetics ^__^ I was suppose to start blogging about my holy grail items but been putting it off for ages..! Promise will do at least one HG item soon! 



  1. Soooo many things you bought! *__* Awesome! I love it! The bag is so cute and the shoes are amazing! ♥
    We girls always love to spend money! So it's okay! hahaha :D


  2. YAY! THANK YOU Yuki for the liquid foundation info <333 I really, really appreciate it :) I put myself off sponges after I ran out of my Maybelline Age Rewind foundation (LOVE that foundation!!), it's just not worth it. I used that foundation just about every day, so it in no way lasted me very long at all =__=;; I think I'm going to save up for a nice foundation brush. I bought one on Coastal Scents which I was super excited to try, but I only used it a few times. Right now I apply all my base makeup with my fingers, which is totally a pain! I know JUST what you're talking about... that gross feeling of makeup that won't wash off, eek! I rather find brushes easier to clean than my fingers... maybe my skin is too sensitive so I keep feeling foundation on my hands even after washing and scrubbing lol!

    OMG#&RS*%$(F&OIJS------ the Liz Lisa bag. <3 I think someone as cute as you is totally justified to buy that bag. I'd feel awkward buying something like that since I'm not so much into dressing sweet gyaru style, but my gosh is it cute! And can't forget the shoes. Too adorable!! <33

    Boyfriends just don't understand our needs, that's all. I guess I'm lucky that my boyfriend likes expensive gadgets, so when he's walking out of the Apple Store with his $1200 iMac I feel justified in my $40 Sasa purchase (i'm hella cheap) LOL!

    I see Dolly Wink! <3 Have you tried the No.1 or No.3 lashes yet?? I bought No.3 and No.8 from Sasa, so I'm waiting for those, but I really want to try No.1 What lashes have you tried and what do you think? ^^ Oh, and how often do you use your Dolly Wink lashes before you switch out?

    I really want to try Melliesh sometime, is it good too? Ahh I ask so many questions! I hope you don't mind haha >w<;

  3. great products!*_*
    I love the bag, it's so beautiful^^
    I wish I could buy all those stuff too but have no money ;O; and bad that it took soooo long from HK to you..I sometimes have the same probs..one time I ordered lashes and they arrived half a year after odering! I already had contacted the seller and got my money back because I thought the package got lost XDD^^'

    however, also thanks to the tips concerning brush and sponge and fingers..I use fingers always but I also always spread dirt and other make up stuff about my face-.-'
    I think sometimes I will buy such an expensive foundation brush..seems to be the best option^^

  4. Such a massive haul ^o^ haha, jealous! I really want to try the DollyWink lashes :( I ordered some stuff of Sasa.com and I hope it doesn't come too late.... :(

    And thank you so much for all the foundation tips! :3 I'm still a bit of a beginner when it comes to foundation so I still use my fingers - but I hope to invest in a nice brush soon after reading this O:


  5. wow really great haul :3 that Liz Lisa bag looks so adorable :3 perfect for cute and sweet style! and the shoes are so unique and prettyy~~

  6. thank you everyone for ur sweet comments ^.^ that's got to be my fav part about blogging ^.^ makes me so motivated to blog more often!

    @Katie i own all of the 8 dollywinks and some styles I got more than one so I think I'll def do a post comparing them and stuff omg thank u so much for giving me all these awesome idea on blog posts!

    Definitely recommend you girls to apply your base with brushes
    A good brush will be worth your money in the long run and they really give you that flawless look which is obviously what we want or else what's the point of us putting on foundation right?
    Plus it's much faster to apply with brushes than other techniques =]

    Glad everything was useful ^.^


  7. wowww your stuff is so cute!!~ I love the liz lisa basket and the shoes!~ ^^ It's so girly and so you!! (: I saw that cosmagic blush somewhere else & I really wanted it!! >< I can't wait for your reviews on the makeup you buy! (: My boyfriend also yells at me for wasting money on makeup T__T well not really yell but just stares at me like >___> when I am buying more... HEHEHE~ They just don't understand!!

  8. I'm really looking forward to that, Yuki! I'm glad I could give you some inspiration too heehee! :) I actually went out and picked up the Dolly Wink lashes in No.1 yesterday since they were on sale! I'm soooo excited to try them out!! :D Could you also let us know what you think about the eyelash glue it comes with? <33

  9. @mimi yay! i knew my readers will understand me!! hehe boys they never understand our need to spend $$ on these stuff to make ourselves happy =P Yep I will def get around to reviewing all the products! let me know if there's anything you want me to review first and I will try do the requests first and then eventually the rest =P

    @Katie Yay! You will love them!! My fav lashes is 1, 2, 5 and 6. I will be doing a post on dollywink soon and compare all the lashes and answer all ur questions =) so let me know if there's anything else u wanna noe abt dollywink lashes and i will add that all in that entry ^__^

  10. Hi Yuki. I'm Marion and I must say, i love your blog :) Can we be blog friends?

    What a nice haul. I want to try those Cosmagic blushers. So kawaii :3 And the bag. So jealous right now.

  11. Hi marion! Thank you so much for reading my blog ^.^ of course we can be blog friends =] I'd love to get to know and be friends with all my readers ^.^ I'll try and do a proper review on the blush asap =]

  12. wow...liz liza straw bag are really cute
    i always try really hard to get the liz liza stuff coz no branch in Malaysia. huhu...

  13. try minimaos.com they sell a lot of liz lisa things and i'm pretty sure they are authentic ^__^

  14. @Yuki Chen
    oh really thx dear
    and i have buy liz liza dress from spring collection
    and its kinda cute

  15. I'm a big fan of applying foundation with fingers ^^ Maybe because it is the most natural way, I find it more pleasant ! And I guess I'm more agile with my fingers as it's a part of me ^^ Moreover, the bad points you underline about applying foundation with fingers are not really that bad as spreading germs is also possible with sponges or brushes if you don't wash them correctly and of course, it's not so unconvenient to have to wash your hands after applying makeup as we should wash our hands quite often during a day ^^ So that was just my opinion :)