Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My MAC haul! First impression review on 130 and 217 Brush

My MAC stuff arrived! This is  actually my first time buying MAC stuff! I'm a huge packaging person and I was just not really attracted by MAC's packaging or products much. And for some reason their huge colour range in eye shadow and foundation scares me >__<

However, this time I didn't buy any actual make up! I bought MAC brushes, lashes and makeup base!

MAC'S prep + prime Skin base visage

I got sucked into clear skin primers during my makeup course. I won't really be able to tell if this product is good or not unless I wear it out a whole day but I would probably only wear this when I go out to party which is usually at night because that's when I put a lot of base on my skin. Then I will be washing everything off in like 3-4 hours so it will be really hard to tell whether this product makes the foundation last longer.

The purpose of the primer is that it creates a layer between your skin and the foundation and protects your skin from the foundation seeping into the pores and at the same time makes your foundation last on your face longer!

Since this is a clear formula I don't know if it makes your foundation actually look better.  It's good for people with sensitive or bad skin because apparently from long use of a primer (doesn't have to be MAC) it makes your skin better in the long run! (I say apparently because that's what my makeup lecturer said happened to her but I don't really use primers so I cant say this is from my personal experience)

I think it's a bit pricey because the bottle is so small.. only 30ml of product. But usually this amount I have on the back of my hand should be able to cover your whole face. There's a slight shimmer in the primer but it shows up as clear on your face =)

The other lashes I ordered was out of stock so I ended up with only one MAC eyelashes which is no.7 the most popular one out of the eyelash range. I have yet to try this but it looks quite normal.. like most of the Japanese lashes so I'll review it when I wear it one day... 

So what's this cute mini MAC bottle? It's actually a sample of the Studio Fix liquid foundation! How adorable is that! I got a colour match at the David Jones MAC counter in Melbourne and the sales girl was so rude! And she matched me totally wrong!!!

This is a NC30 and when I put it all over my face on it looked like I had a bad tan =.= I wore it out anyway because it's going to be dark and no one is going to notice but I was pretty annoyed because the sales girl did such a bad job at matching me!!

Lucky I took home a sample and didn't buy the whole bottle!!
But other than that the actual foundation was awesome! The studio fix provides a pretty thick coverage and that's what I want because I don't have any foundation that create a thick coverage! It made me face look absolutely flawless!! So I'm going to a MAC counter in Perth (hopefully tomorrow) and get a proper colour match then I'm buying this product on my next MAC haul!!

Ok here's my First impression review on the two MAC brushes that I bought:

I just completed my Certificate II in Makeup services so I felt like I should really invest in some MAC brushes since they are so highly raved about.

I bought the 130 mini duo fibre brush and the 217 eyeshadow brush (My friend forgot to order me the 239 so I'll have to get it next time >__<)

So what's the difference between the 130 and 188? Well apparently 130 gives you more control due to the thicker handle and shorter bristles. It gets around all the areas like around your nose and under your eyes and it creates a very smooth finish to your foundation application! Furthermore the brushes are unbelievably soft! Absolutely fell in love with this brush at first use!

The only down point is the fact that the brush is quite small so it takes much longer to cover the whole face so if that really others you, you can always use this with a larger duo fibre or a foundation brush and just use this brush to buff the face and really get into those small areas like under the eyes and around the nose and mouth

Then there's the 217 which is also unbelievably soft. The first time I used it I dipped it in a pink eyeshadow and I thought it looked super pretty with the pink and white so I took another photo of it! I fell in love with this brush straight away as well! It picks up so much colour so it can make even the not so pigmented eyeshadows look super pigmented! The brush is a bit big to create the V pattern but it's great to put shadow over the eyelid or for the variegated and 3 stroke pattern. 

I haven't used this brush long enough to comment on how well this brush can blend the eyeshadow colours.

So I was really happy with my first two MAC brushes and I can feel there will be many more MAC brushes to follow! I plan to get a few more eyeshadow brushes because I feel those are the most important brushes to get, especially the good quality ones.

Hope this helped and if there's any recommendations for other MAC brushes or products please let me know!!

I have my eyes on the gel eyeliner and the mineralize skin finish!



  1. I never buy products like MAC or Sephora because they seem so pricey!! BUT, I tried a few of my sister's MAC products before, and it changed my mind a lot. The quality really is good, but I'm still not willing to fork over the money. XDD I think once I'm completely out of foundation and BB cream maybe I'll try MAC... question though, when you go in for a test, do they put it all over your face? Do you have to wash off your makeup first, go in bare skin...? Sorry if that's a dumb question! I always wondered how they do this to make sure you get the right color! I never even walk into those stores because I'm so intimidated *very silly, I know*

    I tried my sister's concealer, and it's fantastic!! I'm not sure if she has the concealer and this tattoo covering product, but she used this product on her tattoos and it works really well too. Also, I was curious and saw her Lady Gaga (Viva Glam?) lip stick sitting on the desk and tested it out. I don't care for Lady Gaga. At all. But I LOVED that lipstick...!! Super cute pink color and lasted a long time. I want it now too haha! Maybe check out more of their lipsticks too when you're there :D

    I've been really curious about that fibre brush since I used to see Michelle Phan use it in a lot of her videos. Could you possibly do a tutorial using it sometime?? Like, a comparison using the brush vs a foundation brush or sponge or fingers, etc. ? I always have trouble with my foundation streaking or just wiping off and not covering my skin :x I wonder if a fibre brush would be better ^^

    You're really selling that eyeshadow brush to me too! I was just getting annoyed recently with my Castledew palette, because some of the colors barely show up with the sponge applicator. I want to test out that brush now too! :P

  2. Whoaa, and sorry I wrote so much!! ^^;;

  3. Lol thats ok babe i love reading ur comments! Esp since it shows u really read everything in my entries and that sooo sweet ^__^

    My friend ordered the lady gaga lipstick but it was out of stock! So i guess it must be really good! I might go check it out when I go to mac counter nxt time

    Colour matching: Usually if you already have foundation on they will remove a patch of make up on ur face and then test the colours but i find it's v hard to tell if the colour matches well unless its applied all over ur face

    But I was pretty surprised that the girl gave me a sample (see little cute mac bottle) of the shade that she matched me with and there's enough in that bottle for 2-3 all over face applications and that way you can really be sure if 1. the colour matches, 2. the product is good

    I think its really important to test out products esp the pricey ones to make sure 100% thats what you want etc

    As for the brushes.. I recently bought manicare foundation brush and then I lost it the very next day so that was super frustrating -.-

    But I will prob do a text only entry to explain the differences on duo fibre, foundation brush and sponges

    I know that will totally suck cos who wants to read so much boring text, everyone just want pretty pictures but I think it's very hard to tell in photos anyway when you compare end results of foundation applied with sponge, duo fibre or foundation brush

    and lastly yeh the mac eyeshadow brush is awesome because it seriously picked up so much product when I just swiped it 1-2 times on the eyeshadow and when I put it on my eyelid I was like WOA too much colour! And had to use a tissue and remove half of it lol!

    hope that answered ur questions ^__^ and thank u for readin and supporting my blog


  4. Great haul! I love MAC. I sorry to hear though that you don't like their products much. Do I love their prep and prime. I use it every time I wear makeup. And their 217 is one of my favorites. I have two of them! Lol. But I'm sorry to hear that the MUA didn't match you with the right foundation. It's not the first I heard of this. =(

    Anywho, Great blog, hun! Definitely following. Check out my blog =)


  5. Ohhhh good info on the primer thing! I never felt the need for primer because I thought it was just another thing to put on my face in the morning and I was afraid my makeup routine will take forever before school >< But now that you said it and your makeup instructor said that it keeps foundation from seeping into your pores.. I feel the need to get it now >< Thank you for the information! & I went to MAC one day to get color matched and the makeup artist completely picked the wrong shade for me! I did not want to go back to the same makeup artist again.. sorry that the same thing happened to you! I would think that they would know how to match someone correctly ): I think it might be the lighting inside MAC I guess :/

    The mini duo fiber brush is SO cute!! o___o I love mini versions of things!!

  6. @Sadie, It's not that I don't like their product but I haven't really started using much to decide whether I like it or hate it. I went to the sales girl at myers today and she tried to match me with NC30 again -.-; So i made her put NC25 on me and gave me a sample so I can put it on n see for myself *fingers crossed* thanks babe for following xx

    @Mimi yahh me too! That's why I went and bought a proper primer after I heard what my lecturer said! I swear it's the lighting as well >__< that's why it doesnt hurt to ask for a sample and then try it out yourself to 100% make sure thats d right shade! yahh the 130 is super cute hehe ^__^

  7. Yeah I really think you should check out that lipstick! I barely wear lipstick so I couldn't bring myself to buy it, but it's sooooo pretty omgg :D

    Ohhh okay haha! I agree, especially since your eyes can play tricks on you right ^^ That's one frustrating thing about purchasing foundations from the drugstore, because you usually can't test it I think. Most of my foundations at home right now are either too dark or too light for me haha. I really think in the future I'd like to try more MAC products. I tried my sister's foundation and it really is good, but for now I just use Revlon Colorstay as a dupe, even though mine is also too dark lol!

    Oh! That would be great!! I don't mind reading because of course pictures can only tell you so much, and sometimes they can be misleading due to lighting, etc. I wouldn't find it boring anyway since your entries are always interesting and fun to read :)

    LOL too much, wow! haha! I try to find ways to apply makeup without using brushes just because I don't have very many and the ones I do aren't very good quality, but I think they're important to use. If not makeup I think I'd like to invest in more high end brushes since they can last you a long time and you use it every day ^^ Maybe next time I see a MAC sale I'll pick up that brush! :DD

    Oh btw I tagged you! And I wrote a lot again LOL <3

  8. I totally know what you mean about the MAC color matching people. I think they see I'm asian and they always give me the yellowest color T-T So I usually have to find my color on my own haha. I also got those lashes before! They were super long on my eyes though, and I ended up losing one of them :P lol
    anyways, I just started reading your blog, its super cute!

  9. I have to agree with Katie - MAC things always seem a little too pricey for me (but maybe because I'm still a poor student hahaha) but after your review I'm leaning towards saving up some money and buying them to try for myself! :3

  10. @ Katie I heard revlon colourstay is like exactly the same as the studiofix so good for you no need to waste $$ on the expensive stuff ^_^ i'm writing up the entry now on diff application of foundation for u =) I've followed ur blog back ^__^ thanks for reading mine =)

    @hyuna: Yah a lot of ppls been telling me MAC cant colour match >_< I guess we will just have to do it ourselves or just keep getting samples til you find the perfect shade *like me* that's prob the safest way, thanks for reading my blog ^_^

    @jaydi I'm glad my review was helpful! I'm going to get some more mac brushes!! can't wait =)