Saturday, June 25, 2011

Laura Mercier purchases, Napoleon night and snippets of my life ❤

First of all I changed the links on the sidebar so the Twitter logo actually links to my twitter account again and I got a separate logo to link to my Weibo account. I don't really update on twitter because none of my friends use twitter but I'm really hoping to use it now to interact more with my readers. So if you want to talk to me or ask me anything please follow me on twitter and I'll follow you back ^__^ However I update more often on Weibo because I use it mainly to keep in touch with all my friends in China since they can't use Facebook T__T

Before I post up part II of Dolly Wink I'll just do a quick entry on what's going on with my life! There's quite a lot of updates and I'm just going to combine it all in this one entry and then I'll continue on with other stuff I'm suppose to be blogging about =P

So I was doing my research on a tinted moisturiser and everyone was saying Laura Mercier's tinted moisturiser was sooo good so I decided to check it out!

The national Laura Mercier makeup artist was coming in and I can book a time with him where he does my makeup and help colour match me and see what eyeshadows will look best on me etc. It was a $45 booking fee which I can redeem for Laura Mercier products at the end.

Well I was thinking that sounds ok since I was planning to get the tinted moisturiser anyway and at the same time I can meet the national makeup artist and talk to him/her and get some makeup tips.

BOY!! Did I feel cheated or what after the session!! But that's going to be a long post so I will leave that for a separate entry! I didn't read the fine print so I actually had to buy two products instead of just one! Also I didn't want the tinted moisturiser anymore because after using the sample I found it was really oily! It leaves your fingers really oily and you have to go wash your hands after so then what's the difference if I just applied bb cream instead? 

So this is what I ended up buying from Laura Mercier...

Their famous silk creme foundation in ivory beige which is suppose to give good coverage

and their limited edition eye and cheek palette

I quite like the palace pink, it's a highlighter and it gives off a subtle gold shimmer

I'll be reviewing and swatching these another time

More new items... I went to Harbour Town which is an outlet shopping centre with my friend. I rarely go to outlet stores because I never find anything my size and I just don't like outlet stores because I feel it's like digging through a pile of dirt for gold. So I was super happy when I found these shorts at Forever New!

Can't believe they had my size! And I've been looking for these waisted shorts in this colour for ages!! I was sooo happy! It was $120aud because it was real leather shorts discounted to $80. Then they had a buy one get 2nd sale item for free! So my friend and I basically combined our purchase and in the end these shorts only costed me $45~~ I was sooo happy ^___^

Also got these socks at buy one get one free... so they end up costing me only $3.50!

I'm super obsessed with "cute socks with shoes" look! In conclusion I was really happy with my find that day! So happy when you get something really good for such a big discount ^__^

I also went to Napoleon night which is a Napoleon workshop hosted by my makeup academy. 

The girl on the left was trained by Napoleon himself and is one of the main makeup artists for Napoleon Australia. The woman in the middle is the state manager of Napoleon and the woman on the right is my makeup lecturer! They both did a full face makeup and the state manager talked about each product in more detail and gave us a lot of makeup tips. I'll be blogging about that as well in another entry ^__^

I have my eyes on the shimmer dust! The colours are so pretty and it's super pigmented and comes in a new packaging! *gasp* Also have my eyes on the new Shu Uemura concealer!! Omg I'm going broke...I bought so much high end cosmetics ever since I started my makeup course! I hope I will be receiving my certificate soon because I just handed in all the workbook etc I had to do to fully complete the course.

Photo of my baby (on the right) with his sister which is my best friend's dog (on the left), It's so hard to get a photo with both of them together looking at the camera hehe!

I went to watch Wicked! First musical I've ever been to and it was sooo good!! This was their first time coming to Perth and I bought the ticket the minute it was on sale 7 months ago!! I thought I got close to front row seats and we ended up sitting 4-5 rows from the BACK!! I was pretty pissed off but the musical was really good so that made up for it. Still... -.- would've been so good if I was at the front =(

Here's a outfit of the day a few weeks ago >__< Wearing my Liz Lisa skirt which I mad love =)

Top is from Taipei, Shoes from Shibuya 109~ and belt from Hong Kong

Here's some camwhore photos of me incase you all forgot what I looked like.. Ok not really, it's just a lame excuse for me to post them up! lol

I was the model for my friend's makeup class. She was doing a high fashion photoshoot and the theme was of course Gyaru. I'll post up photos from the photoshoot when I get them off her!

I'm wearing the badly matched mac studio fix foundation in nc30. Looks like I have a bad tan! However, I liked my eye makeup that night, I put white eyeliner on my waterline and in combination with the eyelashes I used, my eyes looked really big that night ^__^

The week after with a very different look - Softer curls and I lined my whole eye in black liquid liner. It looked reallly bad without false lashes! So thank god for false lashes!

Using Eyemazing 003 for top lashes and Melliesh 05 for bottom

Using Melliesh 05 bottom lashes with Dolly Wink no. 8 and takano lashes for top.. I don't remember the style number because I bought these lashes years and years ago >__<

So upcoming posts...

  • Dolly Wink Part II
  • Laura Mercier reviews
  • Napoleon night
  • 6 Months blog anniversary giveaway! Hope you will look forward to that =) I'll be starting that right after the cosme eyes giveaway ends =)



  1. Yuki, I love your socks. So kawaii! :3

  2. Love the eye & cheek palette! Looks gorgeous ^^ can't wait for swatches & a review!
    Your dog is so cute too !

  3. oh i´m looking forward for the pictures of the photoshooting :3 Your eye make up of that night was really pretty ^^

  4. @marion thanks! I like them a lot as well =]

    @Jen I'll be wearing them tomorrow night so I'll try swatch and review them soon =]

    @choco-chan thanks!! My friend will be really happy to hear that! I'll try and get the photos from her soon ^.^

  5. I made a twitter account a long time ago just for the hell of it... and I have NO clue how to use it! o_o I'd like to start using it just so I have an excuse for all the random pictures I take throughout the day, but twitter is SO confusing for me! XD

    What a rip!! That sucks not only you had to buy 2 products, but the one you were looking for was no good :( I hope your purchases will be justified in the end!! Looking forward to your reviews :D

    Those shorts are super duper cute! I was just yesterday talking to my boyfriend how I don't like outlet shopping anymore because everything just seems cheap quality... he made a good point too: just buy on g-market: same prices, better quality, don't have to walk around everywhere LOL at least you found a treasure in the dirt! i'm giving up on outlet malls for a long time, maybe australia just has better finds ^^

    Is Napoleon popular in Australia? I've never heard of him! But I'm curious about the makeup :D

    Awww cute puppies! Don't mind me, I call all dogs puppies :P Pompoms are so freaking cute, but they can have big attitudes! But they're so adorable... >w<

    Ohh you saw Wicked! I haven't seen it, but my mom and sister LOVE it. They have t-shirts, water bottle, a whistle I think? lots of stuff they picked up when they saw it (again) LOL I dunno, for some reason I'm just not interested to see it... even my boyfriend tells me it's supposed to be one of the greatest musicals ever made! Something's wrong with me... I just want to see MAMMA MIA again!! <333

    Waai~ your Liz Lisa skirt is SO cute! You always have such cute coordinates, Yuki!! I love your eye makeup <3 Could you do a tutorial sometime?? HAHA I always ask for so much <333

  6. Oh what the-- it cut off the last part of my entry XDD

    Of course... I can't WAIT for your Dolly Wink Part II report!! :DD

  7. Nah outlet shopping is even worse in Aus. Outlet shopping is good in the US for us tourists cos u can get branded stuff like coach, Burberry, Ralph etc for even cheaper! Because napoleon is an Australia brand so it's quite big in Aus but I'm not terribly crazy about it. I'm too loyal to my asian/jap brands cos I feel they are better suited for Asian as well ><

    I love my baby he has the best personality ever! Super docile! Super obedient =] I'm going to miss him a lot when I go to Malaysia =[=[
    If you like musicals you have to go see Wicked! The storyline, props and the songs are soo good!

    I love the Liz Lisa skirt too! So happy it came in stock just in time and I got the last one as well! One of my fav piece from the spring collection =]

    Which eye makeup you wanted me to do a tutorial of? Haha I'm happy when you ask for things bcos it gives me so many ideas to blog! Love u so much for that! Hehe =] xx

  8. wahhhhh!~ You look so pretty! (: I hate it when there is fine print on things! >< haha~ Your dog & your best friend's dog is sooooo cute! I can never get a still picture of my dog cause she is so hyper all the time! & she's a pomeranian too! The shorts look really cute! & you got a good deal on them ^^

  9. You look so cuuute in all of these pictures! And the shorts are sooo nice! ♥

  10. It is so great to find another blogger from Australia. You have to agree with me shopping in Australia is a bitch as the price always twice to 3 times more expensive than the rest of the world hahaa. Anyways, I love your shorts. It looks so cute on you =)

    Thanks to Mimi I found your blog xDD Nice blog and keep it up =)

    Enjoy your weekend =)

  11. @Mimi Yahh shouldve read the fine print =( OOoO how old is your pom? mine is 2 and 2 months old =) What we do is we hold a treat near the camera and they all become really still and stares at the treat and then we quickly take a picture hehe!

    @Natalie Thanks Nat ^__^

    @ツ Oh yay!!! fellow aussie ^__^ Yahhh! I hate shopping in Aus!! So exp! I just save all my money and go crazy shopping when I go on holiday! That's why I always hold back from shopping in Perth! But I really cant resist the stuff from Forever New tho... so nice but so expensive =(=( Thanks for reading my blog xx

  12. Love your shoes and doggy is so cute~!! >w<

  13. I didn't even think about that!! Probably because when I go to outlets in Gilroy I skip those stores LOL! Still too expensive for me XDD

    Awww I wish my dumb pup was as smart as him LOL She runs out the house all the time and I have to run after her, and then she thinks I'm playing with her! @__@ I guess she's actually really smart, but we call her dumb XD I swear, my cat is probably more obedient than her, and he's an outdoor cat LOL That really sucks you have to leave your baby behind :(( I hope you can at least have another pup to keep you company in Malaysia. It could never take the place of your prince, but after being with an animal all the time it gets lonely without one, you know? ><

    I should... everyone keeps telling me to see it XDD I always hear the music in my mom's car though and get annoyed! Probably because when I'm in a car all I want to listen to is my own music and everyone else's is annoying LOL! I'll have to tag along next time they're playing around here, since my family is more than likely gonna go too! The last show I saw was Legally Blonde!! I was SO happy to see it since I watched the Legally Blonde the Musical - The Search For Elle Woods show a long time ago and loved it so much! Plus my favorite girl on the show Rhiannon was in the show I saw <333 I LOVE going to musicals!! I promise I'll watch Wicked someday! XD

    Wow you're so lucky with Liz Lisa! XD I really want to get a bag someday, but my style is definitely not girly lately LOL But they're so darn cute... >w<

    Ohhh I love all your makeup styles, but the last one is my favorite! I'd love to see a tutorial of it! And I'm glad you don't find it annoying I ask for so much LOL! I love you too for that Yuki! <3 XD

  14. @Tifuani thanks babe ^__^

    @katie I'm not sure how long i'll be going to malaysia for but if i decide to stay there long term i'm probably bringing him over, but for now I'm taking my cat over to malaysia cos my bf love her to bits and pieces lol she's his little princess lol so at least I will still have my kitty in malaysia =P

    OoOo so lucky you guys have so many musicals! Ooo is mama mia good? I want to watch another musical! I think i'll go watch mama mia when i have the chance and also omg I really want to watch legally blonde!! I think it was playing when I was in new york last time but I didn't have time to go watch it =( I definitely want to watch a musical on broadway next time i go to the US! Omg yes def go watch Wicked!! You'll love it!!

    I really want to go Japan again asap to buy more clothes and make up!! >__< I'll be so broke again but it's so worth it >.< It's seriously my fav place to go on hol so far and HK is 2nd fav!

    I'll do a tutorial for that makeup for you babe ^_^ if I still remember how I did it lol... But it's basically dark blue smokey eye with liquid eyeliner rimmed all around the eyes =P xoxo

  15. Love your socks and shoes combo! So cute! Those shorts are very cute, too.
    Just stumbled upon your blog and am now following you. Love your gyaru style.

  16. Thank you Joey! Yay! New reader ^__^ *huggles*

  17. "Wicked" is the musical in which there is the song "Defying gravity", isn't it ?? I love SO much this song, it is so beautiful !!! I discovered it in "Glee" (an American show).