Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I ❤ Tsu-chan, Dollywink and Candy Doll~

I've been meaning to do this post for a long time but I've kept putting it off because I was lazy to go and compile all the information on Tsu-chan but I've decided to finally do it =P

This post is dedicated to my idol Tsubasa Masuwaka (Tsu~chan)! I rarely idolise female icons/celebs but after this post you will see why I love Tsu-chan so much ^__^

If you are into Gyaru fashion and cosmetics you will 100% know who Tsubasa is but for those of you who do not know who Tsubasa is hopefully you will by the end of this post =P

Tsu-chan was born on 13 Oct 1985. She is a Japanese model, Gyaru/Himegyaru icon and a business woman!!

She was one of the most popular models from the magazine Popteen and married male fashion model Naoki Umeda in Decemeber 2007 and gave birth to her son in April 2008 (so yes I guess she got pregnant before she got married). She graduated from Popteen and her last Popteen issue was Feb 2008. She now models for Popsister.

Surprisingly the Japanese wiki didn't have much information on the brands she produced! The following information are translated by me from the March 2011 Issue of Popsister where they had a lot of Tsubasa information including a 50 questions survey! =)

 Below are the scans from Popsister

50 questions survey which I'm not going to translate, this is just for readers that can read Japanese =P

History of products produced by Tsu-chan

Candy Doll was produced in 2008 and has sold 31000 units up to date!

Candy Doll is Tsubasa's cosmetics range that sells blushes, lipstick, lip gloss and mineral powder and recently just released the base range which I have blogged about here.

Angel Colour (Contact lenses) 2007 til now
Tsu-chan recently released the Bambi series otherwise known as Princess mimi and has sold 27000 units in 4 months!

Dollywink (Eye related make up) - Eyelashes, Eyelash glue, Mascara, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow etc...
Um it's cut off and my copy of this issue of Popsister is unfortunately at my mum's house! I took it there just tonight =.=; So I can't see the date that it was released but from memory I think this line was released in 2009

Dolly Wink eyelashes has sold 2 million units and the newly released eyeshadow has sold 6000 units.

I'm not sure if they meant all the eyelashes and eyeshadow or just that particular style and colour but they are super popular!!

JINS spectacles from 2009 til now selling 70000 units and S leg which are socks and leggings also released in 2009

Here is a makeup tutorial to achieve Tsubasa's look with her products since she only uses the products she produced!

And hair tutorial!

Advertisement on her latest released product in the Dolly Wink line~ Eyeshadows, mascara and cream eyeshadows

Products in her Dollywink line which also includes nail polish

I think this is her office/ production place

Tsu-chan at work creating her Dolly Winks! She picks all the styles, package design, colours and everything!! Not to mention models and advertises all her products!

Now it's time to show you my unhealthy obsession with Tsu-chan's products!

Ta-da~ My Dolly Wink & Candy Doll Collection  ❤ ❤

Close ups!
I bought 03 and 04 of the eyeshadow pallets because they are the most unique and interesting colours so I don't have any eyeshadow of similar colour at the moment
Candy Doll mineral powder
Candy Doll peach pink (My first candy doll blush) and purple highlighter
Candy Doll lip gloss in carrot orange and lip concealer

Love my Dolly Wink eyelashes!!! I own all of the 8 styles and my fav ones I will have 2-3 with usually one unopened one as a backup >__<

Dolly Wink case
Mascara long and volume
Eyeliner - Liquid and Pencil (I'm missing the brown pencil)
Eyelash glue

New editions to the family~
Candy Doll blush carrot orange and strawberry pink
Orange nail polish
Candy Doll lipgloss in Strawberry milk

3 more nail polish from Dolly Wink to add to my collection

I also have all the 4 colour contacts in the Bambi series range which is rebranded as Princess mimi when sold outside Japan.

I'm going to eventually get more nail polish and the other two eyeshadow pallets >__<
And I really want to try the Candy Doll lipstick!

I'm going to do a separate post next on just the Dolly Wink lashes because a lot of readers have been asking for a comparison ^__^

In conclusion Tsu-chan is not only super kawaii and pretty, she is also really powerful, influential and a successful business woman (not to mention rich) as well! I admire the fact that she works really hard and all her hard work has paid off because all her products that she produced so far have all been major hit across Japan and the entire globe!!

I hope this post has now officially turned you all into Tsubasa fans =P If you want me to review any of these products please let me know and I will do them as priority ^__^ I feel more motivated to post and review certain products when they are being requested =P

Whew! This has been a super long and time consuming post!! Til next time =)



  1. I looooove her! She is soooo cute and beautiful! ♥ I'm not into gyaru fashion but of course I know her! Who not?! haha :D She's nice! Yaaay~ ♥

  2. I am totally in love with Tsubasa Masukawa . Normally i dont really like celebs like you, so tsubasa is my only female idol >~< Please make a review about Candy Doll mineral powder,
    Would be great ~♥
    Thanks for searching all this informations ^o^ ~

  3. YUKI! Thank you for the Tsu-chan spam!! OMG your collection is amazing <333 I'm happy to say I finally went out and bought No.1 eyelashes LOL! I don't know if my collection will ever be nearly as big as yours, but I'm so happy to have some Dolly Wink on hand <33 Luckily they have a sale going on so I got mine for $13.99 + tax YAY!

    Tsu-chan is SOOOO cute omg... even when she's working she always looks so dolled up and pretty. Model, business woman, wife and mama! She's so amazing >w< Next trip to Mitsuwa I might pick up the eyelash case too~ I didn't realize how small and cute it is actually haha!

    I second the review of the mineral powder :) Also No.1 and No.3 lashes :D Oh, and the highlighters :DD I need a good highlighter, and really curious about this ^^

    Thank you Yuki-chan <3 I can't WAIT for your next post!!

  4. OH MY GOSH! you have so many of her goodies! <3 <3

  5. WOWWW!~ So much tsubasa stuff!!~ She's so beautiful and so cute!! I want to aspire to be like her and open my own line of makeup too! >< hahahaha but Idk if that will happen...Please do reviews on the nail polish!! They look soo pretty!! Thank you for all the information on her! (:

  6. Yepp I love her so much and all the stuff she produced ^__^

    @choco-chan and katie: yep i'll do a review on the powder after the dollywink post ^__^

    @katie: dw it will be addictive! you get one then you want to get it all mwahaha! Yep i'll do review on the powder and lashes next and highlighter I'm currently in love with the MAC skin finish mineralise which i will be getting with my next mac order and reviewing asap!

    @mimi yep that wud be great if you can do ur own line of make up ^__^ yep i'll review the nail polish after the lashes and powder <3


    Thanks for everyone's comments and glad you all liked the post =)

  7. Ahhhh, thank you for posting this! I <3 Tsubasa! She's gorgeous!

  8. Oh my gosh, is it ever addictive!! I tried to apply the No.1 lashes but had trouble, but I'm already wanting more Dolly Wink anyway LOL!

    Aww you're so welcome, Yuki! You really deserve it!! I actually felt bad I didn't give you the previous award, so I was really happy to receive the second award so I can share it with my favorite bloggers! <3

    Oh my gosh yeah, I know just what you mean! Well I'm glad I found you on here, Yuki! I love reading your blog so much, I hope we can become good friends too ^__^ I hope I don't ever come across as stalker-ish either LOL!

    OH! I keep forgetting to tell you, have you heard about Tsu-chan's new ventures as... Milky Bunny? <3

  9. @Rhi glad you enjoyed the post ^__^

    @katie it's like a collection and you get one then you get two more then you might as well get all of them =P I'm so happy every time i read your comments, you are so sweet and you always have a way to make me smile ^__^ nope~ I havnt heard about Milky Bunny, whats that?

  10. It really is! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to go stare at all the Candy Doll if I head off to Mitsuwa today lol! Awww I'm so happy to hear that, Yuki!! *hugs* <333

    OMG Milky Bunny is her stage name when she debuts as a singer! :O Her new Candy Doll CM was just released today featuring her new song, SOOO kawaii!! >w<

    Here's the video! :D

    And here's the making of video :)


  11. omggg she's sooooo cute in the making video where she got the short hair kyaaa!!! omg i love her sooo much!!

    thank you so much for sharing~~!! and in d making video i saw all her 5 candy doll blushes and highlighter that the light beige one is d only one thats used the most and omg make me want to get it now... >__< that's the only one im missing..but since I already have the purple highlighter and im going to get the MAC highlighter there's not that much point >_<

    I wonder who comes up with the super cute names!! Candy Doll, Dollywink, Milky Bunny! Kyaaa!!

    Man I'm so lazy to do the post on Dolly Wink but I should really get to it soon haha! I'll try to do within these two days so look forward to that ^___^


  12. I KNOW ISN'T SHE?? The cuteness was overwhelming... her little dance in the CM, omgggg >wwww<;;

    You're welcome Yuki!! HAHA I sent the tip to TokyoHive too, boo-yah! LOL YES I noticed them too!! I was wondering why they're all sitting out open, is she gonna wear them all at the same time? loll jk! It's an addiction!! I wouldn't be surprised if you got all 3 LOL! And I wouldn't judge you for it, who can resist?? ^___^v

    I wonder that too! I think about how much English they probably know, so where the hell do they come up with these insanely adorable names?? I couldn't come up with something like that... thank goodness for Tsubasa to bring so much KAWAII to this world! <3

    HEEHEE that's why I keep checking back ever 3 hours XDD Not to rush you though, but I'm suuuper excited to read your reviews!! :D

  13. Yah I had most of part one finished already and I was going to post it today but it turned out I didn't get annual leave and I'm at work now til 6am >.< then tomorrow I'm moving house but I will def post part 1 soon which consist of a long boring story of how I discovered dolly wink fell in love with it and also how often I change to new lashes =] awww thank u f

  14. Oops I accidentally pressed send cos I'm typin from my phone >< anyway thank u for bein so excited and supportive you really give me motivation to blog =]=]

  15. aweee.tsuchan is indeed cute!she has a big eyes just like a doll, totally adorable~ <3

  16. Hi. I'm hosting a giveaway :) Can I invite you to join? ^^

  17. wow u really a tsu chan fan.
    even i don understand japan/ Chinese language but i always buy a VIVI, S-cawaii and popteen every month to achieve the dolly or gyaru make up
    like u ... i love dolly wink product (the packaging is cute too) and other japan brand clothing ... especially liz lisa and samantha

  18. Yep huge fan ^__^

    Lucky u have access to the mags, they dont sell them here in perth so I buy them whenever I go to Asia so i have quite a collection as well hehe I'm a big fan of Samantha thavasa as well =) I went crazy over samantha on my first trip to Japan and bought like 3 bags, wallet, key holder and diary >.<

  19. Oh mah gawd! so many O_O drools over it!
    i dont use false lashes but i would love to try the mascara, nail polishes, eye shadows, and lip stuffs X3

  20. ooo yes yes def recommend the eye shadows super pigmented ^__^ lipstick and lipgloss is under candy doll and it's harder to find compared to dollywink bcos dollywink is produced by koji

    i wanna try candy doll lipstick >.<

  21. Thank you sO much for all these info, I definitely lOve Tsu-chan ^-^ And your collection is awesome !!!

  22. ohhh, I like them all ^^
    You can check about my blog if you feel like. Thx

  23. wahhh ... you are addicted with tsuchan prodyct like me !! ;D

  24. I have her dolly wink products too! They are all really good quality at really affordable prices!