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I ❤ Dolly Wink part 1

Yay I'm one follower away to 100 =P I know it's not much but it's still exciting for me ^__^ Also a gentle reminded to everyone not to forget to enter my Cosme eyes contact lenses giveaway where you get a lenses of your choice for free! Open internationally and ends on the 6th July 2011. Not many people have entered so far so if you enter now you have a pretty good chance of winning! To enter click here!

Sorry it took me so long to update! I've been really busy moving house! I really hate moving =( And this time we had to sell all our furniture as well >__< I'm a bit sad because it took us a while to slowly buy all the furniture and I love my bed so much and also I lived in that place for 2 years and so many memories and stuff with the apartment and the furnitures... but oh well it's time for a new chapter of my life! 舊的不走新的不來!

Anyway so this is the first time I'm free since I last blogged so now I can blog about this properly since this is going to be another time consuming post lol!

For those of you that havnt read my previous post or don't know what Dolly Wink is...

Dolly Wink is the eyelash series produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka in collaboration with Koji. Other products in the Dolly Wink range are - Liquid and pencil eyeliner, eyelash case, eyelash glue, nail polish (which I find very random) and the newly released mascara, eyeshadow pallets and cream eyeshadows.

It's one of my favourite (Japanese) brand and this is a basically all you need to know post about Dolly Wink eyelashes and fake eyelashes in general and I hope I answer most questions by the end of this post!

I'm going to split this into two parts or it's going to be wayyyy too long!!

Part 1 will consist of
  • The Story of how I fell in ❤ with Dolly Wink
  • How many times I use my Dolly Wink lashes before I change to a new set
  • Dolly Wink glue review
  • Briefly mention my favourite Dolly Winks
Part II will consist of
  • Information on each Dolly Wink style
  • Photos of me wearing the Dolly Winks
  • More detail on my favourite Dolly Winks ie why I they are my favourite etc.
Before we get started if you are not familiar with Dolly Wink here's the 8 available styles in the Dolly Wink eyelash series! Photo credits goes to Ekiblog.com.

No. 1 Dolly Sweet

No. 2 Sweet Girly

No. 3 Natural Girly

No. 4 Feminine Style

No. 5 Real Nude

No. 6 Baby Cute

No. 7 Vivid Pop

No. 8 Pure Little

Ok here we go ^__^ You can totally skip this long winded story btw =P

The Story of how I fell in ❤ with Dolly Wink

I first heard about Dolly Wink from reading this post from my favourite blog cheeserland.com. Lucky Cheesie got sponsored the whole Dolly Wink range from Sasa for reviews and I instantly was like omgg must buy these lashes when I saw her wear them!! 

So when I went to Hong Kong last year in June/July I went to SaSa straight away on my first day in HK to ask them about Dolly Wink. For some strange reason they don’t sell them!!! They've never even heard of Dolly Wink!!! (They still don’t sell them the last time I checked which was Feb this year, only the Dolly Wink mascaras) I can confirm with you that Sasa in Malaysia definitely sells them and also the other Dolly Wink products – eyeliners, mascara, newly released eyeshadow, eyeshadow creams and even the nail polishes. Anyway my friend which was a guy had no idea either but he was so nice because he asked a friend where HK sells Dolly Wink and next day took me to this place in Mongkok that sells them!!

Omg I went crazy and this is what I bought…

No.1, no.3, no.6 and no. 7, Black liquid eyeliner, 2 lash cases and Eyelash glue

Yay my first ever Dolly Wink products!! The glue and liquid liner was recommended by Cheesie and she reviewed the no. 6 which was a must buy! And I was always interested in no. 3 because it looked so long and unique and then of course must try one of the other top lashes! And the eyelash cases was so cute and cheap so I bought two =P At the time no. 5 was sold out so I didn’t even know what it looked like!

So that Friday I wore it for the first time to clubbing in Hong Kong and boy!! talk about love at first “try”! I was like.. holy cow I have finally found the secret to Japanese gyaru style make up!!! ==> These frikkin lashes omg!! 

One week before I discovered Dolly Wink, clubbing make up in Seoul

Me wearing Dolly Wink for the first time 6 days later for clubbing in HK ^___^ See the difference?

They were so easy to put on! And my friend was like omg I want some too! So next day I went back to the store and got her some and I got myself another no. 6 because I was like omg if I lose one of these babies I’m screwed! (Because they were individual strands =.=) And I also picked up no. 2 to try because I loved no. 1 so much!

Then the obsession began… I started reading Popteen and came across the eyelash stacking tutorials. A lot of Popteen models love to stack the no. 4 with different lashes to give that extra wing and volume at the end of the eyelash and also a LOT of them was using the no. 5 like crazy!! So I was like omggg I must go and buy no. 4 and no. 5!!! I bought them from eBay along with my Lycee Rohto eyedrops and another dolly wink liquid liner because I was so stupid I forgot to put the lid back on mine and it dried out! I was sooo upset =( 

And last to add to the list was no. 8! The reason it was the last that I added to my collection was because I felt it was the same as no. 5 then what’s the point of getting it? Then I read ekiblog’s review on it and realized omg they are actually individual strands!! So of course I went and bought it asap in HK Feb this year and that’s when I completed my Dolly Wink eyelash collection!

Sorry for the long winded story but I just wanted to share my story and how I grew to love this brand so damn much!

Onto the next part which is requested by Katie ❤❤

How many times I use my Dolly Wink lashes before I change to a new set
Tips on how to make your lashes last as long as possible

Even though these lashes may be a bit pricey and that goes for most of the top branded Japanese fake lashes, but if you take really good care of them you can get a LOT of wear out of them!

I'm someone that takes really good care of my things may it be laptop, mobile, bags or jewellery, especially if the item is expensive or is really important to me then I take care of them really well! .... So of course I also take super good care of my lashes!!

Here's some tips from me on how to make your lashes last as long as possible!
  • When you remove them make sure you put them away properly
    • This is very important! I recommend to put them back in the original packaging to keep the curve of the lashes so they don't go out of shape but if you have your own system like putting you lashes in eyelash boxes that's also good but it's important you do this so you don't lose one of the two lashes, it's like losing a shoe or a sock, you need a PAIR so no good if you are missing one haha!
Even when I'm really drunk from a night's out I would still put my lashes away properly or at least in eyelash boxes and then put them away properly the next day. However there's this one time I was realllly drunk/tired so I removed the lashes and chucked them on the table and then totally forgot about them the next day =___= When I remembered I totally freaked out and I couldn't find them because the table was a black table =___= They were my Liz Lisa lashes and no. 5 in Dolly Wink. Luckily I recovered the Liz Lisa lashes but I only found one of the no. 5 and I was super upset so I went and bought another one straight away! Then I don't know how long later I found the other one... it was stuck to the back of a piece of paper =___= 

  • When a lot of glue is gathered on your lash, you can pull them off carefully with tweezers and then they are like new again!
    • This is tricky with some lower individual lashes and just lower lashes in general because they are so small, especially when there are a lot of glue stuck to the lashes it's quite hard to pull it off >__< I've ruined some lashes by pulling off the actual lashes along with the glue etc. So this part you have to be SUPER careful and SUPER patient but it's a very important point to keep you lashes lasting longer
  • Last tip - When your lashes turn grey/shiny from clear glue, start using a black coloured glue (which can be tricky to use if you are not very pro) or colour them over with black liquid eyeliner
    • Usually by this point, your lashes will look really dirty and old anyway and at this point I will probably start on a new pair. I will still sometimes go back to the old pair or you can use the old pair to stack lashes with other lashes by cutting them up and basically DIY your own lashes! There's a lot of tutorials in Popteen teaching you how to stack lashes.
I hope those tips are helpful! Sometimes in Popteen's eyelash tutorials or sections they show you photos of what the model's lashes look like at the time and a lot of them look reallly bad!! Like a LOT of glue stuck to them and are all out of shape and weird looking but I guess they still use them and end up making them look so good and perfect so I guess if you really want you can really get a LOT of use out of them!

So I hope that answered your question Katie! It's hard to get a specific number because I have so many lashes I don't keep track of how many times I use them before I decide to switch but below I'm going to show you some photos of my Dolly Winks at it's current state and their "age"

This is probably my most used up pair of Dolly Wink because it's my first pair so I've been wearing it since July 2010. However, I don't wear them that often because I actually wear fake lashes at the most once a week and I obviously don't wear the same one every week for a year because I got so many lashes so I think this pair... I've worn about 10 - 15 times? Just a very rough estimate. Because it started looking dirty so I've stopped using them already but I will still take them out and wear them on the odd occasion =)

My second most or equally as used no. 2 lashes (Top one)
Comparison - bottom one has been used once and top one used 10 -15 times

Please note I only wear these lashes when I go out clubbing/partying meaning I wear heavy eye make up with these lashes so the glue/lash band gets black quite fast. I've done a lot of glue pulling on these lashes, you can see the thick glue on the lash band =P I don't pull the glue off every time I use it. I probably do it after 2-3 uses or if I have a lot of time to do my make up then I'll sit there and pull all the glue off before using it... (Oh shit now my friends know why I'm always late cos I'm sitting at home pulling glue off my lashes!! =____=;;)

My first pair of no. 6 or what is left of it... the  remaining are somewhere in my lash boxes. The thing with individual bottom lashes is that you will probably lose 1 or 2 of them before they even get worn out! If you don't glue them on properly they will fall off etc., or even when you take them off and oops you dropped it into the carpet which is grey/black then.. goodbye lash! So I have a lot of sets of no. 6 as back up

Here I stacked no. 5 with one no. 6. Top one is my most used no. 5 where the band has gone all black. The thing with no. 5 is I think it has the shortest life cycle compared to the other lashes. Originally the band is clear so a lot of girls/models etc wear it just like that with no eyeliner or dark eyeshadow underneath to create that very natural look and that way the lash band can stay clear for longer. However, once you wear these with black eyeliner, the lash band goes black quite fast. You can still pull the glue off and preserve the "clear lash band" a bit longer but once it goes black it's very hard to achieve the clean natural bottom eyelash look because it looks like you have bottom eyeliner on

Tip from me: Have two sets, one for natural eyelash look - only wear it when you have no bottom eyeliner or dark eyeshadow colour on bottom rim of eye
other set for when you are wearing dark eyeliner so you won't care if it goes black

If you are not a dolly wink freak like me or don't feel the need, just have one set and the have one pair as "black band" and one pair as "clear band" =P

Here's my no. 7 where I pretty much only wear three strand as recommended by Tsubasa so these last ages because you can get "6 pairs" out of these but again... small individual lashes = shorter life span especially if you are a clumsy person >__<

No. 3 which I hardly wear because the lash and lash band is so thin it's quite hard to put on properly before the glue dries which is so frustrating because my glue tries really fast!!

And for some reason it doesn't stay glued on when I used this with the Dolly Wink glue! Also I destroyed one if you look at the bottom left one when I was trying to pull the glue off I pulled the whole stand off fml =___= Because the lash band and lash is so thin it's very tricky to pull the glue off on these lashes! 

I didn't show no. 4 and 8 here because I hardly wear them so there's almost no wear and tear on them yet

In conclusion, there's no set life span for any lashes, it's all up to you on how you take care of them and how badly you want them to last. Maybe they are cheap and easily accessible so you don't really care or maybe they are really rare hard to come by lashes and you want them to last forever until you can find it again or buy it at a reasonable price again. I know I want my Liz Lisa lashes to last forever or until next time I'm going to Japan and getting freakin HEAPS of them!!

Omg this is getting really long... lucky I'm dividing this into two parts -.-;;;

Dolly Wink glue review

You get one of these adorable tubes of Dolly Wink glues with every Dolly Wink eyelash set

It's the same glue from the one where you can buy in a tube below

Review: I'm not a huge fan of the Dolly Wink glue personally. I bought it because Cheesie was saying they are so good and the packaging was adorable and price was decent so of course I bought it!

The first time I used them was with the no. 3 and it was horrible because my no. 3 lashes kept falling off and it doesn't matter how much glue I use and it was super frustrating!! Then sometimes when I use these glue with other lashes they are quite good but because of my bad first experiences I don't really use the Dolly Wink glue much and I've never used my little tubes of Dolly Wink glue either and I have a LOT =P

The good thing about this glue is the glue around the opening doesn't dry up but at the same time this glue takes ages to dry -.-

Below is my holy grail eyelash glue which was recommended to me by the sales girl in Japan in Feb 2010. This is my 3rd tube since then. Absolutely love this glue to bits and pieces! Will do a proper review on this another time =P (Sorry guys but this is a Dolly Wink post lol)

DUP Eyelashes fixer EX

Ok really going to wrap this up now!!! I hope this post has been helpful and if you haven't worked it out by now my favourite Dolly Wink lashes are 1, 2, 5 and 6

I will talk about them more in detail and why they are my favourite in the part 2 post and also I'll post up photos of me wearing wearing the Dolly Winks and more information on each of the individual styles!

If you have read every single word in this entry I SUPER love you right now because the 3 hours I spent on writing up this post has been super worth it then ^__^ *mwaks mwak* Hope I answered all the reader requests regarding Dolly Winks and keep the requests coming because they give me the purpose and will to keep blogging and updating asap because I know someone is waiting for me to update *huggles katie*

So until next time


Ms. Dolly Wink obsessed.


  1. You look so cute with the Dolly Wink lashes! Love it! ♥♥♥


  2. So much dollywink :D I'm so jealous!

  3. thanks for the advice on these lashes! I'm thinking of getting a pair myself~

  4. Thanks Natalie ^__^

    @ Marion yep it's so addictive, you get one you want them all!! Btw cute giveaway~ I followed your blog and joined ur giveaway ^.^ I'm going to have another give away coming up soon when the current one finishes =P

    @Hyuna I'm glad you found it helpful =) If you don't own one yet you have try get at least one and try it! You will love it ^__^

  5. Thanks for the post. I only have Dolly Wink No4 , but i am thinking about buying a second pair *_*, but i am not sure which pair :3
    I am looking forward for your giveaway, really love your blog ~❤

  6. YUKI!! CONGRATS on 100 followers!! ❤❤❤ I think it's still a great accomplishment, go go go!! :D

    OMG I can't believe I didn't advertise your giveaway!! I'll put it in my sidebar asap, this is definitely one that shouldn't be missed! :)

    Good luck with moving, Yuki. I've never had to move before, so I can't image the stress that goes into it >< I hope you'll be able to settle in your new home quickly and comfortably ^^


    HOLY COW, she was sent the entire line!! O_O; SO lucky! I'm sure she sold this to so many girls though LOL! That's weird the shop in Hong Kong doesn't sell them! You'd think if they sell it online they sell it in stores too, yeah? Maybe they do a lot better in sales online even in Hong Kong they don't bother with in-store, but it's such a better convenience!
    HAHA you bought SO much! I'm sure it was totally worth it though, look at your collection now! ❤

    I agree, they're quite easy to apply which shocked me. I'm an eyelash noob, but applying is much easier than say Daiso brand lashes. :) I still have a bit of trouble with making them even, but overall it's okay XD
    Ohhh I think I need to pick up Pop Teen or Pop Sister magazines! HAHA just for the Dolly Wink ads I want them... LOL!

    They really do make a difference on the eyes, I love how dolly the effect is ❤ And they last all day O_O <333

    I wish I read your instructions before I applied mine again this morning!! ;___; I broke part of the lashes off near the inner corner side and lost the piece <3 HEEHEEEEEEE *huggles back* THANK YOU again for taking so much time for writing this, Yuki!! I hope I'm not making you rush though XDD; Take care of yourself and I'll be waiting patiently for your next posts love!! ❤❤❤

  7. @Choco-chan thank you sweetie ^__^ I will definitely recommend 1 or 2 depending which look you want to go for =) 1 if it's more natural look and 2 if it's more for clubbing etc =) bottom lashes would definitely recommend no. 5 and no. 6 ^__^

    @Katie Thank you so much babe~ I'm back at home living with my parents and it feels good because there's dinner on the table every night and wifi! yay =P So i'm downloading and youtubing like crazy lol! But now I have so much stuff I don't know where to store them >___<

    It was strange Sasa don't sell them but there's a lot of other store that sell them and other Jap goodies but you just need to know where to go and that's the tricky part

    Don't worry~ applying false lashes come with practice! I was put off false eyelashes for ages because I find it so hard to put on and so troublesome and now I cant live without them! Cant believe it took me so long to get into them lol! Yep omg i LOVE Popteen mag soo much! It's definitely my fav mag so far, just makes me want to buy whateva the models are wearing/using >__<

    Awww yeh it's so bad when you break ur good/expensive lashes >__< I try to be really careful with them, treat them like babies =P

    I'm glad you liked my post and found it useful =) Btw what do you think of the Dollywink eyelash glue?

  8. wahhhhh~ I love dollywink lashes! They look so cute one you~ (: You take such good care of your lashes! I always seem to rip them apart... >< hahaha~ bad bad bad ):

  9. That must be nice!! I'm always at my boyfriend's house, my mom gave my room to my little sister (I used to share with my twin sister, but she moved out). So I get to steal internet from the annoying neighbors (HAH), try to figure out what to eat, and have to haul my stuff between his room and the garage at my house LOL! XDD

    I really should check Mitsuwa again soon since they just had a sale on the lashes and eyeshadows, so I wanna see if they'll have the eyeliners and cases on sale sometime! <333 I also need to track down the limited edition pack!! I'm DYING to get my hands on it!! >3<

    It definitely does! I just don't want to use my precious Dolly Winks anymore to practice with LOL If only I didn't lose my Etude House lashes :'( I didn't even get to take pictures of them lol oh well. I need to hit up Daiso and stock up on lashes to practice with!! :DD No more ripping my Dolly Wink ;___;

    The glue is good and frustrating at the same time! I find when I get the lashes on, they stay there, no question. And removing is pretty easy, I just use a wet cotton swab and they fall off. BUT, sometimes even when I put glue on the inner corner, it refuses to stick, so I have to pull the whole lash off and start again =___= I also don't care for it being in a tube like that; first time I tried I got a HUGE glob of glue, such a waste! If they had a mini tube and wand like the Etude House lashes I think it would be much better. That's why I'm still kind of tempted at the full size once my Sasa.com order arrives... ohh if Mitsuwa can have a sale on the glue that would be awesomeeee lol!

  10. @mimi haha yeh sucks so much when you rip your fav lashes!! I always freak out and basically stop using them for a while bcos it makes me sad to just look at it.. duno if i shud throw it away or wat >__<

    @katie i 100% recommend you the DUP eyelash glue!! I'm not sure where you can buy them.. maybe have a look on ebay, I got mine from Japan and HK >__< I will do a review on them soon, they are sooo good! Glue tries super fast and really tacky but you can still pull them off easily, however I learnt not to do that it makes your eyelid have creases and goes old.... now I just use cotton pad and make up remover and dab at it gently at then eventually it melts away the glue and it just comes off without you tugging at it at all :) hope that helps ^__^ let me know if u have ne questions regarding false lashes xx

  11. Ah! I have the same problem with the eyelash glue too. I almost never use them so many are still new. Haha!

    My favourite pairs of Dolly Wink are No.1, no.2, no.4, no.5, no.8. (^^)v

    I've used my No.2 for many many times and it's still in a good condition. No lashes fell yet. (^^)

    However, another problem I am experiencing with Dolly Wink eyelashes is that they are too soft so when I put them on, it's horizontal so I can't see them like how Tsubasa has them on. But still, they're really pretty > <

  12. omgg i totally know what you mean!! My first batch of dolly winks never had that problem and then my 2nd batch had that problem!! It was really frustrating cos I cant wear them properly I dont know why =(

    But then my no 1 with some more use they become normal again

    I think it got to do with the angle where the lashes sit if that makes sense

    But now i got other lashes like eyemazing melliesh liz lisa and dup so I dont use my dolly winks as much as i used to

  13. where to get dollywink products in tokyo? :)

  14. Hey Yuki ! I read absolutely each word of your post :D Thank you again for all these info about Dolly Wink products ! Recently, I was wondering how many times lashes can last and now I've the response !! I also take good care of my stuff so my lashes will probably have a long life :)
    Besides, I think the Dolly Wink glue is really good ! I don't know if you saw it on my blog but I recently bought it and when I use it, my lashes don't fall at all. Moreover, it doesn't take so much time to dry. Maybe it's a new version ??

    1. Yayy glad you found it informative ^__^

      Yep it's the new glue, I was talking about the old one ^__^

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