Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I ❤ Dolly Wink part 2

This is going to be a pretty time consuming post so I've been kind of putting it off due to laziness but finally here it is!! Part II!! So this is basically a detailed review of the entire Dolly Wink eyelash series! I'll be talking about each of the styles, photos of me wearing it (made them extra large so you can see the lashes at work) and what's my favourite styles and what I would recommend for first time Dolly Wink users ^__^

General information and tips on Dolly Wink lashes

Dolly Wink lashes tend to be longer than most lashes out there, not the length of the actual lashes but length of the lash strip. However I definitely would advice NOT to cut them. They are suppose to make your eyes look bigger and you are suppose to purposely wear them past the natural length of your eyes to achieve the big folly eye look. If you have really small eyes or you don't like this look then I don't recommend these lashes for you.

Dolly tip: Draw your eyeliner wing longer so these “long” lashes will look more natural.

When first wearing the lashes, wrap the lashes around your finger to set the shape for easier application.

Every Dolly Wink lash comes with this message 

Every girl can become a doll! For the girl who wants to be "Otona Cawaii" (Adult-cute which translates into ageless-cute), it's a present from Tsubasa ❤

I think that is sooo sweet!! And so true for what Dolly Wink lashes stand for - to make you become a doll!! I think it's targeted for girls between 20-30 and still wants to be cute but not teeny-booper cute and these lashes will give you that otona-kawaii look ❤

No. 1 Dolly Sweet

No.1 actually looks quite natural on the eyes! I wear no.1 to occasions like going shopping, going out on a date or having dinner with the girls. It makes your eyes really pop in photos without giving a heavy makeup/exaggerated eyes look. 

From the diagram, Tsubasa suggests to first attach the lash on the centre then secure both ends. It’s really important you are generous with the glue on the ends, especially the inner corner ends because that part tends to flip up the easiest!

Here are some photos of me wearing no.1!

Out shopping in Taipei

Going out with the girls - Not wearing any lower lashes, so it looks quite natural

And a more recent photo of my wearing no. 1, going out for Karaoke

No. 2 Sweet Girly

Sweet girly are super long lashes and I pretty much only wear them for clubbing/heavy eye makeup! I think these lashes may be slightly too much for an everyday look!

Following photos are all pictures of me before going clubbing - told you I only wear these lashes for clubbing! Hahah!

Can you see the difference between no. 1 and no. 2?

No. 3 Natural Girly

These lashes were the ones I was originally most interested in because I found the style really unique! Now it became my least favourite Dolly wink lashes! I find they are really hard to put on because the strip is really thin and before I can put it in place properly, the glue has already dried -.-

Therefore I don't have any decent photos of me wearing these lashes...

This is like the only photo I have of my wearing these lashes where you can actually seem them -.-

Watching fireworks on Aussie day - It was annoying me all day because it kept coming off!! 

No. 4 Feminine Style

Tsu-chan loves wearing these lashes by themselves to add extra wing to her lashes..but that's because she already has super long gorgeous lashes!! I've never tried wearing these lashes by themselves but I don't think they will look very natural because my original lashes even with a lot of mascara is not very long.

What I do with these lashes is stack them with no. 1 (Taught by Popteen)! You can also stack them with other lashes as well to give extra wing/volume at the end! Or if you already have gorgeous long lashes, you can just wear these at the end like Tsubasa ^__^

Here's photos of me wearing no. 1 stacked with no. 4

My birthday party~

My graduation~ can you see the extra wing?

Wow it seems I wear these for super special occasions =P 

Onto bottom lashes...

Dolly Wink no. 5 - Real Nude

This is probably one of the most popular lashes in the series!

I held back from buying this at the beginning because it was sold out and then later I wasn't really keen on it because it seems a bit expensive for two thin strips of bottom lashes! However this is like the holy grail bottom lashes for ALL gyaru models!!! It's consistently one of the top ranking lashes in the magazines and I was like omg I have to try this now and I got sucked in as well... 

These lashes are really good quality and super easy to put on!! Of course if you already have long perfect bottom lashes then these are quite useless for you but for girls like me who don't have much bottom lashes, these are definitely a MUST have!!

Photos of me wearing no. 5~

I also wear these lashes stacked with one piece of no. 6 in the middle (taught by Popteen)

No. 5 X No. 6

You can't really see it in the picture because my bottom eyeliner is quite dark but if you scroll up to the first picture of me wearing no. 3 and the first picture of me wearing no. 4, I'm also wearing the stacked no. 5 X no. 6 as bottom lashes =)

No. 6 Baby Cute

Before I started using no. 5, I was abusing these lashes like crazy, meaning I wear them like all the time!! So I have heaps of photos of me wearing these lashes! Love these lashes because they really complete the gyaru look!! The troublesome part is, they are individual strands and they are all different, so if you lose one of 6 strands you can't really replace it with something from the same set like you can with no. 7 and no. 8! Furthermore, it takes a long time to put on 12 individual bottom lashes!

However, the good thing about these lashes is, you don't have to put all 6 at once! You can put 2 or 3  or however much you feel is enough. Therefore you can wear these lashes for natural looks or heavy make up! Super versatile ^__^

Here are photos of me wearing no. 6 

Three strand for natural look..

Full set for clubbing

You can wear them further from the eyes to achieve the illusion of big eyes

Wearing 4 strands which is what I usually wear because I'm too lazy to wear all 6 strands but it still achieves the same look =)

No. 7 Vivid Pop

As you can see from the picture, Tsubasa recommends to wear three strands even though one set has 6 strands. That's awesome because it's like you get 4 pairs of lashes from two pairs!

These are my go to lashes when I want to achieve a sexy mature look. I find that you can really create cat eyes with these lashes.

Photos of me wearing these lashes...

No. 8 Pure Little

I already did a review on these lashes so if you want more detailed information and review please click here!

Love these lashes for a natural look! These lashes are really versatile! 

My Favourite Dolly Winks/ My Dolly Wink recommendations

I think it's quite obvious which are my favourite Dolly Winks

Top lashes - no. 1 and no. 2
Bottom lashes - no. 5 and no. 6

If I were to pick four lashes only, it would definitely be these four lashes!

I love No. 1 and no. 2 equally because they are for two complete different looks. No. 1 is more for a natural sweet look and no. 2 is great for dramatic eyes or heavy makeup but at the same time doesn't look too over the top

No. 5 is definitely my favourite bottom lash because it’s natural and super easy to apply because it’s in one strip! These lashes may look really natural but they still give you definition under the eye! Especially for us Asians who has no lashes =( I’ve already influenced a lot of my friends into buying these lashes without even doing any advertisement =P Just by looking at my photos or me wearing these lashes in real life they were sold =P

No. 6 is really versatile because they are individual lashes! You can wear just 2-3 pieces for natural looks or the entire set for super gyaru look!

Now that I got you all sucked into Dolly Wink I'm sure a lot of you want to get your hands on them asap!

A lot of online stores that sells Japanese makeup stock these lashes but so far the cheapest option is to buy them from They ship international and if you buy more than 75USD worth then it's free shipping!! They retail for around 11-12aud which is even cheaper than buying them from Japan!! They also sell all the other products in the Dolly Wink line!

Hope you found this post useful!

Let me know if you have anymore questions on Dolly Wink and thanks for reading this super long post ❤❤