Friday, May 20, 2011

Nom Nom Nom Nom Sydney = Yummy city ^__^

OK guys, get your snacks on (uhh does that even make sense!? =.=) cos here is another picture heavy food post!!

The quality is not that great cos most of the photos are taken by my iPhone cos I don't really take my camera everywhere because it's so heavy. Plus it's more discreet when you are taking photos with your phone so no one is staring at you thinking..."omg.. she's one of those people that takes photos of their food and then post it on facebook/twitter going I'm eating this for dinner!" ORz

*awkward silence*

Anyway... on with the post... =D

Warning: The restaurant's I'm recommending in this post is not exactly price friendly >__<

I'm not a huge food person, more of a shopping person so every time I go on holiday I'm happy with eating whatever as long as I get my shopping done! Like my first trip to Japan I was sooo busy making the most of my 5 days in Tokyo shopping I just went to 7 Eleven and bought instant noodles and snacks for dinner cos I didn't even have time to eat because I was too busy shopping =____=

However because I hardly did any shopping in Sydne,y I spent most of my time eating! Lol!

First night in Sydney I went to some random chinese restaurant in Chinatown called Super bowl and the place looked like a very casual/cheap restaurant and then we sat down and looked at the menu we were like wtf??!?!

All the dishes was like almost 20aud and if you order vegetables it was like 16-17aud! Omgg.. crazy! And it didn't even taste that good either considering we didn't eat the whole day!

But the curry fish balls was good! It was better than the ones from Hong Kong!

tofu, mushroom, veggie and preserved veggie

I don't know the english name 梅菜扣肉

But we went back there the next morning for breakfast! Lol! Breakfast was really cheap though! This was all for under 20aud! It was nice to have traditional asian breakfast. In Perth, Chinatown restaurants only open at night -.-

Then we went and had nasi lemak and laksa at the Westfield shopping centre food court in the city. It's the place where they sell all the branded stuff like Chanel, LV, Gucci and so on. The food court is on the level where the entrance to Sydney tower is at so it's really easy to find!

The price is decent and tastes pretty decent!

Only picture of me eating in this trip hahaha

Then that night I met up with a friend from work that happened to be in Sydney at the same time and his friend took us to this AWESOME but expensive Japanese restaurant! I was kinda tipsy that night from too much wine and cocktails (cos I can't take my alcohol just sitting down and not moving around) so I completely failed to remember the name of this place =.=

Update: Toko Restaurant & Bar
490 crown street 
surry hills 
NSW australia 2010 

Toko was awesome! And they served the best cocktails!!!

Salmon sashimi! The wasabi was so good! lol

Omg I love edamame beans and these are the best I've ever had so far! It's mixed in this chilli paste with sesame oil and it tasted and smelled so good! I usually eat these just steamed but omg it tastes so good with this chilli paste thing and I ate most of it! hahaha!

Soft shell crab sushi wrapped in ginger! Best soft shell crab sushi I've ever had! >___< 

Pork Belly

Pork ribs!

The servings are super small but everything tastes so good! You have to try the lychee mojito and the fairy floss cocktail! SO good!

Then next day for lunch we went to Mamak in Chinatown which serves authentic malaysian cuisine. We decided to eat there because when we walked past there at dinner time the line was crazy long!! And this other time we walked past there it was about to open for dinner and there was a SUPER LONG queue outside already!! Crazy!

We ordered chicken satay, roti canai and nasi lemak

The roti canai was pretty good because the roti is freshly made.  It's good if you've never been to Penang and eaten the best most authentic food in Malaysia. But my bf and I have so... this was quite average for us so we didn't really see what the hype was about! But there was heaps of newspaper/magazine articles about this place stuck on the door and the the super long queues everyday so this must be really good fi you haven't been to Penang. I mean there was so many people that were willing to wait in the COLD just to eat here and the price is pretty decent so yeh go and have a try =)

Then I went for dessert! Red beans with tofu in chinatown as well.. forgot the name of the place but it tasted pretty average anyway...

Dinner that night! OMg my favourite place to eat in Sydney! Red Chill Sichuan in Chinatown! If you wondering why everywhere we ate is in Chinatown it's because we lived right next to Chinatown at Darling Harbour Holiday Inn! Lol super convenient location! 

It's so convenient when all these restaurant have their own official website and I can just direct you there without writing all the detailed stuff on how to get there etc etc!

Hot and spicy soup!

My fav food in the world! Lamb with cumin spice 孜然羊肉 omgg I love this so much! Even my bf loved it and he hates eating lamb! 

水煮魚片 fish in spicy sauce/soup?

There's is no authentic Chinese restaurants in Perth at all! All the Chinese restaurants are very HK style. That's why I loved this restaurant so much and on the last day (because we changed hotels) I walked for 45minutes from Kings cross/Potts point to here just to eat it again! That's how good it was!!! And the price is quite decent! Around 50aud for two and that includes drinks and rice and tea and the soup and two dishes! 

Next day for breakfast we ate in Chinatown again at this taiwanese restaurant

Chicken chop noodle soup.. didn't taste that great

Taiwanese style porridge..tasted average

Mince and veggie bun...tasted ok...

蔥油餅 Chinese style pancakes?

It tasted ok.. but again.. very authentic chinese style breakfast which you can't get in Perth

Last night in Sydney we changed hotels and moved to the Potts point Holiday Inn which was sooo much nicer than the Darling Harbour one but the location was not as great.

The concierge guy was super nice and recommended us to this Vietnamese restaurant nearby Bay Bua.

I don't know if there are any fine dining vietnamese restaurant in Perth because I've never been to one so I was pretty impressed by this place!

The restaurant was nice and dim and the staff was really polite!!!

Love my lychee cocktails! Yumm

Vietnamese noodle soup, this was an entree!

Softshell crab - omg this was sooo goood it literally just melted in my mouth!!

Best toblerone cocktail I've ever had seriously! It was sooo yummmy! I think it's because they blended hazelnut in it! Omg it was sooo good!

Fresh barramundi fish, this was really good! The fish looks weird because the waitress cut out the bones and everything in front of us and then cut the fish into little pieces so it looks a bit mangled... But it tasted awesome!

King prawn spring rolls

The price is not too bad for fine dining! So if you are there for holiday definitely go check it out. It may be a bit tricky to find the place but it's a place where only the locals know where to go, you won't be able to just *happen to come across it*

Last day in Sydney and we went back to that Red Chilli Sichuan place for lunch

Dan Dan mian which is suppose to be authentic sichuan dish

Again that awesome lamb we had to eat it again!!

and of course mapo tofu!

Then we went for dessert! Which is also in chinatown! Hk style dessert! 

They ran out of mango -.-; 

I had papaya instead which is yummy as well!

Black pearls and sago mmm! Don't have anything like this in Perth boohoo =(

Then I got some krispy kreme at the airport... which I didn't even finish because it was way to sweet. I'm officially not a fan of Krispy Kreme anymore.. It's seriously not that great.. anymore lol! It's like Starbucks... Because we don't have them in Perth and everyone is like gaga over it!

Moral of the story: you only love what you can't have/get =P

 And I'm leaving the best til last.....

Best sushi I've had so far in my life...not exaggerating.. 

Lion King box at Westfield city foodcourt!

It's sushi with lightly grilled salmon sashimi and avocado, crab meat and tobiko!

I bought three boxes but only ate two boxes because I left one at the hotel room when I checked out ^%&*@$

I hope this post is useful if you ever visit Sydney =P Spent so long writing up this post when I should actually be using this time to do my make up portfolio! oooops

YSL review coming up!! =)