Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Hair and Mini Shopping Haul ❤

I gone my hair done on Thursday at Studio 199

4/199 Bulwer st 
Northbridge/ West Perth
9228 1110
Hairdresser: Vicki Lin

 It's pretty much the same style as before but the colours turned out super red! As a result I got in trouble at work for it. Arrgh! But I think after a few washes the red will probably fade

I find red hair makes my skin look fairer ^__^

I'm using the Dolly Wink eyeshadow which matches my Liz Lisa top ^__^ And wearing my Hyper Huge lenses in Pink to match my hair! haha

Lashes: Melliesh 01 for top and Dollywink no. 8 Bottom

Playing with art filters on my epl2 - Pinhole

Soft focus

Lifted my hair up so you can see the colours underneath

Outfit of the day~
 Inner shirt, top and skirt is all Liz Lisa~ Weather getting colder so can finally wear my Liz Lisa that I bought in HK ^__^

Went out for lunch and then shopping~

Wen's on the phone..

Then I'm on the phone lol!

Shopping with~ with Van and Wen!

I bought white stockings from Forever New because mine ripped in the wash and I've only worn it once!

and...NARS Laguna Bronzer from MECCA!

It was pretty expensive! 72aud! But my make up lecturer recommended this for contouring and also this is super popular with a lot of make up artists so I decided to splurge!

Will do a review when I get better at contouring!

So you guys like the new hair colour? =P Thanks a lot to everyone that follows and comments on my posts! I get really happy whenever I read new comments or when there are new followers ^__^

So until next time~!