Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jill Stuart Eyelash Curler and FOTD

Hi all~ I've been quite busy lately so felt really lazy to blog haha >__< but I'll do a quick entry before I head off to Melbourne! I'm so excited! I have some job interviews lined up so *fingers crossed* and wish me luck!

I recently bought the Jill Stuart eyelash curler on eBay at super jacked up price =( I didn't buy it when I was in HK cos I still had my Shiseido one and then when I asked my friend to buy it for me when he bought the JS amazonite dazzle it was out of stock! Then I lost my Shiseido eyelash curler and I was thinking man.. now I *have* to buy one!  I was deciding between Shu Uemura or Jill Stuart and JS won in the end because again I got sucked in by the packaging and the good reviews! I think this year I'm on some kind of unhealthy JS obsession >__<

Don't know if you can see from the photos but it's a rose colour with an adorable bling hanging off it!

I think it works pretty well! This was taken after I came back from my makeup class three and a half hour later so. As you can see my eyelashes curled pretty well =) I used the Dolly Wink volume mascara and then a bit of Dolly wink long mascara on top of that. I'm wearing apple green in Bambi/Princess mimi

I hardly ever wear mascara by itself nowadays because you can't really see my lashes anyway because they are so short but I don't know if it's because of the eyelash curler or the mascara or the eyelash serum I've been using lately but I feel like my lashes look much longer than usual here! 

Here's a photo of my full face! I'm wearing my Napoleon makeup uniform =P

In conclusion: I think all Japanese brand eyelash curlers are good - Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Kose and Jill Stuart, esp for curling asian eyelashes. I've never tried Shu or Kose but they are both highly reviewed and recommended! So since they are all equally good then why not pick the one that is the prettiest and most unique in design?

And Jill Stuart wins again! In my books anyway =P

Some photos from Saturday night! My close friend and hair dresser~ Vicki ^__^ She came over to be my model so I did her makeup *feels proud* before we went out and she did my hair =)

Love my hair that night! I think my hair colour look better with curls =D
Make up used:

Lashes: Liz Lisa (top)
             Dolly wink no. 5 (bottom)
Eyeshadow: Jill Stuart Amazonite dazzle
Base: Jill Stuart liquid foundation
          YSL Touche eclat 08
          Candy Doll powder
Blush: Candy Doll Strawberry Pink & Carrot orange
Highlight: Candy Doll highlight
Contour: Nars laguna bronzer
Lips: YSL Lipstick no. 7
Lipgloss: Candy Doll Strawberry Milk
Lenses: Bambi apple green
Eyebrows: Bibo eyebrow pencil

I love using new stuff!! Most of the new make up I bought recently went on my face that night lol!

Body shot~ Love my hair! ^___^ Wearing my Liz Lisa 

Also bought the Napoleon Pro Palette concealer recently 

I mainly bought it so I can use it to put makeup for other people and it's cheaper than buying three different shades of concealer, plus I get 10% off Napoleon products at my school ^__^

When I have time (probably when I'm back from Melbourne) I will be blogging about my holy grail products! My friend just told me she can get all my gyaru make up and lashes sent over from Japan by her bf's parents so I'm sooo happy don't have to pay for over priced Jap makeup anymore!!

I have a whole list I wanna get! RMK foundations, jewerich and diamond lash and canmake products!! Damn you Popteen! >___< And I recently ordered MAC makeup brushes, lashes and primer...*gulp* I'm gonna be really broke soon... >___< 

So until next time! Melbourne here I come! Can't wait to wear all my fur and winter clothes I bought in Feb cos it's going to be freezing in Melbourne! 


  1. awww you look so pretty on thos pics^^ and the curler looks so cute!
    I love your hair and the makeup you did looks nice^^

  2. your dress is super cute! :D

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  3. Thank u everyone for ur lovely comments ^.^

  4. Lovely outfit! :D


  5. I looove your blog! You are sooo pretty and cute! I love you hair color and your face. (:
    Now I'm a new follower! ♥


  6. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  7. Thanks girls I'll check out all of ur blogs when I'm back home! Thanks for following <3

  8. I was looking for jill stuart eyelash curler reviews and I found your blog! XD Thank you for the review!! I reallyy want to buy it~ >< I'm a sucker for packaging~ <3

  9. i like your face yuki so kawaii <3

  10. @mimi yepp im such a sucker for packaging as well! That's why i get sucked into a lot of jap products esppp jill stuart >_<

    @lovelykimi Thank you ^__^ <33