Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm in Sydney~ Quick post! Canmake + Cosmagic blushes

Hey everyone! I'm blogging from Sydney, Australia! Just doing a quick post and then I probably won't be posting anymore til I get back which is on the 14th which is the date my giveaway ends!

So this will be the last reminder for everyone! 4 days left! And I'll be announcing the winner this Sunday!

So far there's around 50 entries so if you enter now with max entries which is 5 then you have a pretty good chance of winning =P

For more details of my giveaway click here!

I don't really travel around Australia much because it cost the same for me to fly from Perth to Sydney, Melbourne or any of the East coast cities or if I fly to Singapore, Malaysia etc. So I much prefer to go overseas! Especially since everything is cheaper and shopping is better!

So it felt pretty weird leaving for the airport without my passport or large amounts of cash on me haha!

There's no photos from my trip cos I'm lazy to upload them to my comp and I didn't take much photos anyway because it feels funny taking photos and looking like a tourist in my own country.. wait.. but I am a tourist still! Hahaha!

Anyway I didn't do much on the first day because I spent most of the day sleeping but I did have dinner in China town and looked around a bit and then went to Star City

China town was pretty big! I felt like I was in... Singapore or even Hong Kong! There's chinese billboards and asians everywhere lol!

Anyway I looked at some shops with asian clothes and they were ridiculously priced 100+aud for one item (same as Melbourne) so I don't think I will do much shopping here in Sydney.

I came across this pretty big shop with a LOT of Gyaru make up and imported Japanese make up and skin care and also a lot of items from Queens (女人我最大).

There's Tsubaki, Kanebo even Jill Stuart! And of course Dolly Wink, Eyemazing and even cosmagic and Melliesh! However most of the stuff had no price tags and the items I did ask about was crazy expensive! For example one 220mil bottle of Tsubaki Shampoo is 15 aud!! That's crazy! They only sell it for 45hkd in HK -.-; And of course even cheaper in Japan

15aud vs 6-7aud.. that's double the price!

And the canmake powder cheek had the price tag and omg.. it was 19aud!!! That's insane because they sell for around 550yen in Japan @___@

So of course I didn't bother to ask what the rest of the stuff costs and left =.=

But yeh I'm really considering getting canmake powder cheek and cream cheek and I'm getting really sucked into Cosmagic's blush which is endorsed by Kumicky. Look at the adorable packaging! >__< I always get sucked in by packaging =(

I mean do I really need that many blushes..?! Plus there's 10 different shade each for powder cheek and cream cheek so I can't decide at all which shades I should buy =( But the packaging of cosmagic and cream cheek really gets me sucked in =( What do you think guys? Anyone used these products? Any recommendations?

I really want to buy a peachy colour but then today I mixed Candy Doll blush in Carrot orange and Strawberry pink and guess what? I got that perfect peach colour I wanted (Will blog about it later to show you guys)! So now I'm thinking umm should I even buy these? And it's really hard to pick the right blush colours if you don't try it on yourself first.

 Here's a photo of me from Saturday night before going out, too lazy to photoshop the photo =P My hair doesn't look that red in this photo huh?

Thanks for reading all my boring rant! Til next time~


  1. Hi! Nice blog! You are so cute!
    I love the gyaru style too!
    I am from Argentina and here is so dificult get Japanese makeup.

  2. ^ Jealous much? :P Can't even show your identity, what a coward... anyways, not worth our time!! <3

    I LOVE your blog! You're sooooo cute >w< I can't believe Canmake is so cheap in Japan.... *sigh* Even on G-Market the markups are ridiculous! T___T I really, really want to try Canmake, but I don't want to spend so much money on something that's supposed to be a fraction of the cost to begin with. It's definitely starting to make me want to try Dolly Wink products. My local Mitsuwa carries them, and they're not super overpriced either! Which lash set is your favorite? :D

  3. i hate that anonymous comment! get a life loser! her blog is awesome!

    check out my blog too! :)


  4. I really really recommend you Cosmagic Blushes! I have it and I'm in love with it!
    I want to try Canmake blushes now (^_^)

  5. All the negative comments by miss anonymous aka coward has been marked as spam

    Lucky I have a thick skin and lucky I have lovely readers that defend for me without me doing it myself *hugs* love u guys

    Have a sneaky feeling was the girl that asked me to email her info abt gyaru store in hk and chucked a sad cos I wudnt til she followed me lol

    So glad I didn't send her any info and good luck to her findin gyaru make up in hk esp if she can't speak canto

    Katie: yah everything is much cheaper in Japan even when yen is so strong >< cheapest canmake I can find is on eBay for arnd 12-13aud incl postage
    My fav dollywink is no.1,2,5,6,8 def recommend them!!

    Becky: yah I'm Gona get it soon since everyone is raving abt them esp seeing them in like the last 3 issues of popteen >.< gasp

    And thank u everyone for ur lovely comments!

    Ps to miss coward dun bother wasting ur time posting nasty comments cos they will get deleted anyway and it jus makes u look bad not me

  6. Maybe you should have comments moderated so she can't even get these stupid comments to show up. :3

  7. I need to save money to go to Japan, not on buying ridiculously marked up imports! >:D WOW that's a lot of favorites LOL! How many lashes are there total? XD

  8. Yeh I will look into that when I get back home

    If u havnt been to Japan yet I will highly recommend u to go cos it's my fav place to travel truly shoppin haven! But make sure u save up lots before u go! Cos u will want to buy everything!

    There r 8 styles in total and I pretty much love them all >.< but now I'm starting to use other eyelashes as well like melliesh and eyemazing which is just as good will do a post on it later =]

  9. Hi, I live in Syd too, and I am always purchases Japanese make-up from here- www.sasa.com it’s from HK.

    They are the exactly same products they sell in the places that you have mentioned, but definitely cheaper. Specially, the currency exchange rate is $1 AUD = $8.2 HKD. Also when you purchases over US $75 is free for shipping, but takes at least 2 weeks to receive the products. Fair enough!

    Hopefully, that helps you! ^^*

  10. Thanks dear for the info I get all my dollywink from sasa when I need to restock but it's other brands that they dun sell that's hard to find

    Jewerich, eyemazing, canmake, diamond lash etc

    But my fren super nice n said she will order for me and then her bfs dad will send it out to us from Japan so I dun hafta pay the ridiculous prices so I'm quite happy ^.^